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(CRAWLING INSECT CONTROL is Perma-Guards EPA approved diatomaceous earth used when doing pest control on any type of insect.  EPA Reg. No. 73729-1-67197)

 (Both Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth are  100% Organic.  The Crawling Insect Control DE has the approved EPA label on it for killing insects.)




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Diatomaceous Earth FAQ:


EPA REG. NO. 73729-1-67197   EPA ESTABLISHMENT NO. 67197-UT-001







1.  Apply diatomaceous earth fleas to the pet's entire fur coat making sure to rub it down to the skin.  Do this for a period for two weeks, every day.  Make sure not to miss the legs, belly, or hind quarters.


2.  During this two weeks period take the product and apply in a light and visible coat to pet bedding indoors, flooring around the bedding, rugs, and upholstery.  Leave for the first week, clean, and then reapply for the next week in the same fashion.


3.  Clean thoroughly indoors and see where you stand.  In most cases this eliminates the population and cuts off the gestational period.  We do understand that in some cases fleas can get out of hand and we ask if you still notice some to reapply for another week or two both to your pet indoors.





1.  Apply diatomaceous earth fleas in the same fashion to your pet's entire fur coat every couple of days to ensure a good preventative measure.


2.  Apply diatomaceous earth fleas also around the perimeter of kennels, cages, perimeter of your house and make sure it is light visible.  BE sure to reapply to the perimeter and other areas if it rains.


3.  Repeat steps 1 & 2 all summer to ensure the proper protection


4. (Optional) Florida is one of that states that has sand fleas and they are in huge numbers so some choose to apply to the entire lawn a few times to kill off a majority of the population.  Mix 1/2 Lawn Sand & 1/2 Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth in a fertilizer spreader to ensure the product falls correctly and evenly.  Product is very fine so be sure not to open the spreader too much.  Play with it to get the right application rate.  Make sure the application is light and visible and re-apply after every rain (*Rule of Thumb...If it rains and you are unable to see the application it is time to re-apply).  For example, try to apply to the lawn when you have a stretch of sunny and clear weather to avoid the product being washed away the next day if it rains.

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