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Organic Pest Control Testimonials

Here's where we put the feedback we've received from YOU about the benefits you have seen using both Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for human and pet health and Crawling Insect Control DE for all your insect control needs.  Please share your experiences with us via e-mail at with what these wonderful products have done for you!

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All of these testimonials are backed up by a physical e-mail from the person giving the testimonial.

Sieglinde from Gulfport

I have used Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth from this company in the past, and just reordered some today. My testimony is for the control of fleas and other insects in the yard, house (carpets) and porches. While this seems to be the main reason people use it overall, I can't say enough about it, as I have tried soaps, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, vegetable based garden oils, diluted bug spray, you name it, and nothing takes away the flea problem like Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous earth. I have 16 cats, and a big yard with grass and trees and it has kept them bug free. As I live in Florida, aka "bug country" this is no small challenge. My cats are relaxed, never scratching and I tell everyone I know. I have also shopped for price, and this company seems to be the most reasonable.

Sieglinde from Gulfport

Bugs GONE!

Sheila Gilbert 1 month ago I just got two more huge bags. I LOVE IT! I have used it for over two years now, and not one bug. I'm in an apartment, and it has killed the millions and millions of ants that were driving me crazy. So bad, they were in all our food and coming in every window. ALL GONE NOW! 3 years of chemicals and it took crawling insect control DE to get rid of them. I use it in my garden too, and your right! it doesn't hurt the worms either! I was worried about that, and it's great to know they will be ok. Thank you so much !

Bed Bugs are GONE!!

Bed Bugs GONE!!! Thank heavens! The first time I saw a bed bug, my son had slept over at a friend's house and when he came home, he threw his overnight bag in front of my washing machine as I was throwing in a load. I took some of his clothes out of the bag and a bug fell out onto the floor of our laundry room. I thought it was a tick. I squashed it and didn't think any more about it. A couple of weeks later, he started to itch every time he was in bed. I thought maybe he was allergic to the detergent I was using so I switched. I started using a dye free, fragrance free detergent. It only got worse. I started noticing the bumps on his skin and because we have 2 cats, I thought maybe we may had fleas. I then went out and got Frontline Plus for the cats and I got some flea bombs for the house. Still even more bumps and now my other children, in an adjacent room started to get the same bites. My cousin was visiting one day, and she had a bedbug infestation in the past. She was laying on my son's bed and she saw a bedbug! I lost it!! I'm not a dirty person and keep a very clean and organized home!! She showed me the bug and it hit me!! It was a bedbug that fell onto the laundry room floor that day!! Light bulb moment!! I knew where they came from. I called my son's friend's house and talked to his mother who told me that she is losing her mind trying EVERYTHING to get rid of them but nothing has worked! I immediately went online and saw that Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous earth was a good way to get rid of them. I went to the hardware store and got some from there but it was not food grade and it had other pesticides mixed in as well but I needed to do something TODAY!! I ordered a bag and it was on its way but I could NOT wait for it to come and just feed my kids to the bugs in the meantime. I put it EVERYWHERE! used a make up brush to work it in to the rugs and small cracks and crevices. I took all light switch and socket covers off and used a straw to blow the powder into the walls. It didn't seem to work well at all. I even conducted experiments to see if it killed them at all. I put 3-4 bedbugs in a plastic cup and put some In the cup w them. It took several days for them to die. Finally the product from EARTHWORKS arrived. Because it was safer for my children, I didnt have to be afraid that they would put it in their mouths. I just had to make sure that they were not breathing it in. I vacuumed up the old and repeated putting the powder in the walls, aliong all the walls where they meet the floor, dusted around the one bed that I kept, dusted the mattress, box spring, rugs, sofas, furniture, cracks, crevices, closets, stairs, & attic. In about a week they were totally gone!! It's been about 6 weeks since I've seen a bedbug. I do still keep putting the dust down weekly after vacuuming to prevent the little vampires from coming back fFrom what I understand, they can go dormant for about 18 months w out a meal. I think even after THAT, I will still use it to protect my home from getting re-infested. I was sooo worried that it was going to cost me thousands to get rid of them. All I needed was EARTHWORKS!! Don't get it from anywhere else because EARTHWORKS is the best!!! It's also the least expensive, believe it or not. It also works on fleas, beetles, cockroaches, ants, & any other insect with an exoskeleton. (A hard shell on the outside of their body). So in a nutshell, if you suspect you have bedbugs, order from EARTHWORKS!! It really works!

Scabbies Gone!

I contacted scabbies somehow somewhere and still do not know either! However the cream for $90.00 that the doctor gave me did nothing!!!I began to research scabbies and after hours of sitting infront of my computer crazed because the scabbies were craweling under the skin of my eye lids and under the skin of my hands, not to mention all over my back and chest,I saw "STOP SUFFERING WITH SCABIES" and wound up on your website which to me was a miricle because I am only comp. friendley and.I was ready for a looney bin. Through my tears I began reading about how Crawling insect control DE would get rid of these bugies! I mixed it as instructed with 25% DE and 75% grapseed oil and put it in a spray bottle.I rubbed it into every part of my body three times a day for three weeks and "THEY WERE GONE" I also treated my home with a mixture of 25% powder and 75% windex and sprayed my rugs,furniture,car and bed. I put the power in a salt shaker and gently shook it onto my box spring,mattress, and between my sheets and between the pillows and pillowcases.I also shook it all over my house and I can tell you that my house and bed and skin is SCABBIES FREE.I want to share this story because I know that there are other people desperate for help.I want to stress that it is very important to treat the home invirerment and wash all articles in very hot water. Store anything that is not washable in the machine in vacume bags for three weeks. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR PEOPLE.READ WHAT OTHERS HAVE EXPERIECCED WITH THIS DE SO YOU CAN BENEFIT TOO.

Results in less than two weeks!

I came across the EarthworksHealth website after trying to find an alternative to store bought chemicals for fleas. I've got 3 cats, Dusty, the newest one was abandoned on my property in June and the he was of course infested with fleas. Sookie has got very sensitive skin. We can't use topical chemical pesticides on her because she will either break out or lick the solution off and start to foam at the mouth! Taz has got intestinal worms in addition to fleas (I would find what looked like white threads in his stools) and the store bought remedies don't work either. So after a few days of researching, I read through dozens of reviews I decided to give it a try. If it didn't work on the fleas, I figured I'll use it in the garden & on the ants that I can't seem to keep out of the kitchen. After dusting the cats, couches, rugs, any crack, crevice, hidey hole I could find, I left it down for a few (2) days and then went back and vacuumed. Not only were there less fleas in the canister, but the ones I could find were dead. After 2 days hardly an ant in the kitchen, they are just gone. Every 3-4 days or so I'll redust the cats (and everything else) and give them a through brushing. I haven't found a live flea in almost a week. After today's grooming only one dead flea came off the big fluffy male. After an through vacuuming, I haven't found any more bugs in the canister either. I am seriously impressed and so glad I found this wonderful product. I even started to take it in the morning myself to help with my own health, namely my nails which are very brittle and peel. I'm hoping I experience as good results as my cats have! Krista Corey EHT,NJ

No More Fleas!!

NO MORE FLEAS. I have 7 dogs and 3 cats. I had been using your product as a wormer and loved it. But never tried it as a Flea controler. Each year I would buy the spot on treatments and spend the whole season still having LOTS and LOTS of Fleas. Then one day it hit me to use the crawling insect control DE I already had. I dusted everyone down and dusted the main yard where the dogs mainly hang out. In less than 2 days I had a big drop in fleas. Now after using it for about 4 weeks or so NO MORE FLEAS. NO MORE ITCHY DOGS AND CATS. Next stop my garden. THANKS SO MUCH I AM NOW A LIFE LONG USER A.J. OF WISCONSIN

Bed Bugs Gone!!

Hello Earth Works Health, I am writing you to tell you about my experiences with bedbugs, roaches in hopes that it will help others, along with making your business more prosperous. My name is Chris, my families name is Sianis. Presently I am staying in an apartment bldg and for the last 5+ years, I have taken care of a disabled woman, Theresa M. Within the last 2-3 years we have had a bad roach infestation in the kitchen, and the bathroom, along with a few straggler's in area's of the apt. I have tried boric acid, Harris Roach pills, both with very limited success. More on this later.. About a month ago, I noticed the first bedbug on my bed while I was changing my sheets. Theresa noticed her first bed bug on her bed about this time as well. Upon waking many mornings I'd notice the little b@stard$ crawling around on my bed, along with multiple blood stains on my pillow and other various places on my bed. It got to the point that I had to wear a hooded wind breaker to bed along with long john's and long thick socks, and we're talking early May in warm Omaha Nebraska! It wasn't pleasant! While I would wear these clothes to bed I had one occasion that I woke in early morning and I had dried blood at the corner of my mouth, along with a huge blood stain on my pillow! About this time, Theresa started being invaded in her sleep as well, that is when Theresa and I decided to go online looking for a remedy. Theresa came across a variety of things and one was your product, along with the testimonials about it's use on bedbugs. After telling her of my horrors in bed involving the little b@stard$, she immediately ordered the crawling insect control DE! The product came within 2 days, but not before our most horrifying experience! It happened early on a friday morning. I awoke around 4am in fear of being eaten alive...again. I awoke to find a handful of bedbugs on my bed. I then went into the living room with a sheet to cover me as I tried to go back to sleep on a recliner. I figured I was safe. I was wrong. Around 5am Theresa turned her light on to find that she was being eaten alive by bedbugs! I immediately stripped the sheet off of her bed to discover the horror of (at least) 20-30 bedbugs crawling all over her mattress! I then decided to check the top of the sheet that I used to cover my recliner. It was covered in 10-20 bedbugs! I immediately rolled the sheet into a ball, threw it into a huge pot, covered it with water and proceeded to put it on the stove to boil (and kill) the bedbugs. Mind you, this horror went on from 4am-6am on a friday morning! Neither of us felt safe to sleep in our own beds. Theresa refused to go back to her bed and instead went to her PC. She noticed her order was coming from Fremont, Nebraska (about 100 miles away from Omaha,) so she decided to wait up and see fedex at the door. Around 10am fedex delivered OUR SAVING GRACE-- Our solution: First, both of us enclosed our queen sized mattress, and box springs in their own respective king sized zippered plastic mattress covers, since bedbugs live in mattresses and box springs. This prevented them from getting out as well as suffocating them. We did the same with our pillows using zippered plastic pillow protectors. I then put it in a small strainer and sifted the power in the following manner: I put a thin layer of power completely covering the entire area under my bed, ESPECIALLY AROUND THE LEGS OF THE BED! I also sifted a thin layer of dust along the foot of my bed, the far side of my bed, and the head of the bed. I then sifted a layer at the threshold inside my room at each door way of my room. I put a sifted layer of powder on Theresa's bare mattress, I then put the fitted sheet back on her mattress. I then anointed the top of her bed as I had done mine. I then sifted it all over the small area of carpet in the apt. One thing very important, these little b@stard$ are carpet crawlers. They migrate across the floor and across the walls, dust your floors well! Within 2-3 weeks, there were 99% gone. It's now 3 1/2 weeks later, and we would have to look for a single bedbug just to find one, and yes I did reapply the powder to the top of our beds every 3-4 days, but I only treated the carpet once. Imo the mattress and box spring covers was a partial solution, but not a complete one. Theresa sez the covers were about 30% of her solution, and the crawling insect control DE was the remaining 70%. Theresa sez that when she finds a stray crawling around, she picks it up and puts it in a jar with the powder and it dies within seconds! Roaches. I did the same in the kitchen and I found the roach populace went down immensely. The powder is an excellent roach repellant, as well as an effective roach killer. At night I use to turn on the lights in the kitchen and immediately sprinkle some powder on whatever little b@stard$ I could find scurrying around. I turned it into a sport of sorts. lol.. It is an EXCELLENT roach repellant, and when they get the powder on them it DOES kill them and fairly quickly. It has worked better than boric acid, and Harris Roach pills. I am more satisfied with how it solved our bedbug problem, but still, our roach infestation has gone down by probably 90%. The powder is a bit messy to work with but it DOES work. You have an excellent product for pest control and we will keep it on hand for many-y years to come! Thank you for such a great product and at a very reasonable price! Chris Sianis, Omaha, Nebraska

Flea Control

I put the product down monday or tuesday left it down and closed doors opened windows and left the fans on....I put your product to the test..told my husband to take his shoes and socks off and go his amasment no fleas...nothing jumped on him. He sat down there waiting and nothing!!!!! I vaccines the mattdresses and wiped dressors and nite stands leaving this in the rug as long as we can stand it!!!!! Im thankful I found your product.

No More Bed Bugs!!

Posted on You Tube 9/20/11 after seeing this video about a year and a half ago i purchased Crawling Insect Control DE off your site for a growing bed bug problem i had in my house. in a matter of a week or two we were 100% bed bug free. just wanted to say thanks Larry for ending our nightmare!! he's not lying de works great for just about all insects---oh yeah............and i only used 3 pounds for my entire 3 bedroom 2 story house! great product, never needed to call a pest control company since!

Flea infestation gone!

Thank you again- Crawling Insect Control DE is the ONLY thing that would work for a flea infestation in my shop. I tried just about EVERYTHING available (even used commercial chemicals) and still got re-infestation when the eggs hatched. I dusted ONCE and a few days later---GONE!!!


I have just placed my second order. We couldn't be happier with the results. Two years ago, all of the plants I brought in for the winter had BUGS on them. I tried numerous sprays and chemicals to get rid of these nasty bugs. We use it on our carpets prior to vacuuming and dust the dogs with it AS WELL. I also dust my strawberry patch for natural pest control. Works like a charm and provides a natural, healthy, alternative to chemical pesticides. Thank you for a great product at a great price! Felicia

Bed Bugs Gone!!

I was a little skeptical about your claims, but in two weeks my bed beg problem was solved by your product. I went from total panic when I found out I had bed bugs to extreme happiness and relief. Thank you so much!

Fleas Gone!

Hello, I just want everyone to know some of the wonderful effects I have experienced in using Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth. I learned about it by accident. It was while I was on a dedicated search to discover a flea powder for my kitty, that is NOT toxic in any way. I had all but given up, but had just ordered a brand that advertised itself as being non-toxic. I learned than in fact it's VERY toxic. Not dispairing, I ordered. It seemed to me that they must be being honest, as how could something made from the ground-up shells of diatoms contain anything toxic? Sure enough, it came through on that score.

Fleas gone!

After reading several testimonials from others I wanted to add that my battle with fleas in the past was horrible. I had five kitties then... and spent over $200 on products over the counter. All these chemicals... and I believe my precious cat Gabby died because of them (Kidney disease was the verdict). If I had only KNOWN about your product! And as others have noted, feces smell is minimal, and sedentary animals suddenly recharge!My 'fat cat' Mergi, for example is much more energetic and losing weight. I noticed her energy but now I know why! Powdering her to get rid of fleas... and a cat licking herself... My other two have nice smooth fur coats.

Fleas Gone!

Dear Ones: I could NoT be more elated!!!!! For some unknown reason, my house cats developed fleas. I ordered and received your crawling insect DE less than two months ago. It arrived promptly and I started 'powdering' my kitties every other day with it. I also sprinkled furniture, rugs and bedding. Tonight I used the flea comb on my cats and... NO FLEAS!!!!! Your product also killed pesky bugs that snuck into the house. You can use testimonial on your web site; I'm a believer!

Gets Rid of the Bugs!!

I ordered from you Larry and I am glad I did. I use this stuff to kill roaches. I dusted everything! I dusted under my stove, fridge, under my sink and this was only a week ago, i have not seen any bugs. This stuff is awesome, thanks for it. I recommend to all of my friends. Funny the National Media, is not talking about this. It is totally natural, inexpensive and it actually works. I hate the media they are such liars.

No More Bed Bugs!!

Crawling Insect Control DE got rid of the bedbug problem in less that 2 weeks! I will recommend you guys to any of my friends or family with pest control problems. Thanks a million!

Roaches Gone!

I use it to get rid of roaches. I spent $500 on pest management, but it didn't work. I put some of this down and roach problem was gone in a week. This stuff is so great it should be in everyone's home!!

No More Fleas!

You have a wonderful product and I have been telling everyone about it! I live in the mountains in the country and this is the first summer that my dogs are flea free! Last summer I tried everything and nothing worked! It is the only product that has worked 100%! Georgia

Bugs are Gone!

I am a new customer to this product and I give Crawling Insect Control DE 5 Stars for effectiveness. It got rid of the ants under the patio and I sprinkled it around the cracks around the house. The bugs went away. My chihuahuas hair has started to grow back, the fleas have all left the outside pets. This is Fantastic.

Japanese Ladybeetles Dead

And that's only part of the good news I'd like to share with you. The second part comes as no surprise to me... as a gardener, I've heard of and run into crawling insect control diatomaceous earth before, used as an organic pest control product. But I wasn't sure it would work as it's a very fine substance. We live in an older home, and have an infestation of the Japanese Ladybeetles that have been sweeping the nation. They somehow squeeze in through the window frames and other cracks in the house, and they congregate around the window areas... by the hundreds! They bite, and are very annoying. Anyway, I spread a little of the powder on the windowsill, and lo and behold, it does work! All I have to do now is vacuum up the dead bugs! It's working very effectively as an organic pest control! May your God continue to Bless you all.

No More Fleas!

I rescued 2 dogs that were abandoned and left to starve. They had flea's and no appetite. My sister has 12 dogs and she orders the Crawling Insect Control DE for her dogs from your company. She gave me some to start the dogs on right away. I dust the dogs daily-- Wow....what a difference this has made the flea's are gone, and I don't see any more worms. I am so amazed that this product is so effective and good for the dogs, I will never be with out it. Wanted to let you know so this can be passed along to help others. Thanks!! David From Tallahassee, Fl

Veterinary Naturopaths Love DE

Our work is based on natural, preventive care for animals so of course we are always on the lookout for good, quality NATURAL products to help our clients and our listening audience that won't break the bank. We've long been proponents of Crawling Insect Control DE as a natural pest control for external use on animals. Earth Works Health has provided both the high quality and affordability in their product that we look for in our own personal use as well as for our clients Drs. Kim Bloomer & Jeannie Thomason

Controls Harmful Insects

When I lived in Phoenix, AZ, as a breeder of Champion Dogs, it was very important for me to be able to keep my pets safe from any harmful pest that crawl around on the ground and onto my pets, or into their food and water bowls. Our most common problems were, ticks, fleas, scorpions, ants, and roaches. Within 1 wk of applying Crawling Insect Control DE to my kennel area, front and back yard, I was so amazed at the quick end results! I never had to worry about another bug crawling on my dogs again, or getting into their food or water. The added bonus to using this is that once applied to the area it seemed to have an ever lasting affect, we had hard rains that year, gusty winds, not to mention the daily rinsing of the kennels and daily watered grass area where they lay and play. I didn't see another ant or roach again! Tucson, AZ

Fire Ants!

Let me tell you, Crawling Insect Control DE is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! It isgetting the ants under control in our yard!! Those darned fire ants are a bit stubborn and we do have to keep adding to some of the hills, but each day they are less and less. In a yard 1/2 acre big, we only had 6 hills that had some very resistant ants in it, and our guess is that those are the ones that came from way deep inside a hill, or traveled from the neighbors yard over. Vicki

It Works!

We recently bought Crawling Insect Control DE and an atomizer from your company. We have a 1-year old peach tree that shows signs of peach leaf curl, and info I read said it cannot be managed once started - just spray earlier next spring. I misted it on the leaves, and all new leaves are completely normal with no more signs of curling/browning. Hmmm.

Kills even Tiny Mites

About a year and a half ago, I picked up some kind of mite from my little poodle, who slept on my bed at night. I was so miserable I thought I would die! They were in my hair, in my skin, in my eyes, etc. I was covered and ended up getting prescriptions of permethrin to treat it. The permethrin worked for a short period of time, but they came right back. Then I started dusting myself and my bed nightly with Crawling Insect Control DE. I did that for around 5 months, and it has rid me of this horrible parasite. My poodle also has stopped chewing his paws and scratching---no more swollen, red , scabby paws. I couldn't believe that it worked after all else failed. I will never be without it again, weather dusting myself, my dog, or my henhouse with it. Thank God for Crawling Insect Control--a natural, miracle product. Thank you also, for letting me know that it kills something as small as a microscopic mite. Carolyn from LA

From Martha Stewart Magazine

In the "Good Things" section: SHAKE AWAY PESTS! Put a kitchen shaker to work in your garden; it's a great way for dispensing Crawling Insect Control diatomaceous earth. This is a nontoxic pesticide which has sharp edges that kill slugs and bugs without chemicals. Use the shaker to dust an even ring on soil around plants.

Works Great on Ants!

I have used diatomaceous earth from Earth Works Health for years and suggested it to thousands of my customers. I found you when I was looking for a way to get rid of an ant infestation. Every spring I woke up to hundreds of ants in my kitchen. They were coming in through the foundation at the front of my house. After trying every non-toxic product around, I tried Earthworks Health Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth. And it worked the first time! I sprinkled the Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous earth around the foundation on the outside of the house. Then, on the inside, I sprinkled it in front of the baseboards and used my hair dryer on low (I also wore a dust mask so I wouldn't breathe it) to make sure it went into the wall. The next day I had no ants and I haven't had any since then. Every spring I put a little DE around the baseboards and I do not have any bugs, including ants, in my house. I also put it around the attic walls and in the attic opening, to control spiders.

Ants Are Gone!

I live in the country and both my horses' feed can and my cat's feed dish were attacked last summer by ants. I tried a lot of remedies but the best one was to place a circle of crawling insect control DE around the dish and the feed can. The ants were gone in a day. Moreover I saw no additional ant trails in my house or barn for the remaining 6 weeks of summer!

Bed Bugs Gone!

I awoke today without a single bed bug bite! I have been using your product for about a month and a half and am thrilled with the results. I will be completely honest, I only did one application and still all my bedbugs are gone! I have been recommending your product to anyone with a pest control problem. Great product!!! Alma

Deadly To Bugs

Okay, so my friend found this product to help with a flea problem. Their cat could not tolerate any chemically based flea products and would re-infest the dogs, so they needed something organic. It worked! I bought it for the same reason, fleas. It also took out spiders, Japanese beetles, and those creepy stink bugs. Make sure and just puff a light dusting when you treat the home. I found a dry pesticide applicator at the local hardware store. When the powder came out too heavy, I put a little restrictor (safety pin) in the end of the tube. Now it comes out in a fine puff, it should almost resemble smoke. I?m truly amazed! Vonnie Bench

Thankful Bed Bugs are GONE

I dealt with bed bugs for 2 years. Had professionals treat more then 7 times. I even moved and threw out all my furniture beds clothes etc....and wasted more then $4000 because of this. I ordered this product and was skeptical figuring like all else this would most likely fail me. I WAS WRONG. I received my order back in July 2013. I had bites first few weeks. But i can officially say this is not a joke or a scam. My children and i have not been bit since. This is the ONLY product that has worked. I cried because i was so thankful i found a real solution and my sanity!!! Take my word this works!! Thank u so much !! Joy

Bed bugs gone!

I dealt with bed bugs for 2 years. Had professionals treat my home more than 7 times. I even moved and threw out all my furniture, beds, clothes, etc.....and wasted more than $4,000.00 because of this. I ordered this product and was skeptical figuring like all else this would most likely fail me. I WAS WRONG. I received my order back in July of 2013. I had bites the first few weeks. But I can officially say this isn't a joke or scam. My children and I have not been bit since. This is the ONLY product that has worked. I cried because I was so thankful I found a real solution and my sanity!! Take my word this works!!

Cat is much happier!!

Just wanted to let you know that the Crawling Insect Control Diatomacious Earth, passed a state mandated inspection for bed bugs. I bought it for a heavy flea infestation. I have been a professional pet groomer, so I know weather has a lot to do with flea population and we have had very unusually wet weather this year. Keeping fleas (and oyher insects) out of my apartment is nearly impossible because we are at ground level and my cat is an indoor/outdoor cat. I dusted every floor in the house, heavily and left it for 48 hours, then swept most of the excess up and stored it for use on the floors again. I dusted the cat and let him lick it out of his fur, because he has worms from the fleas. Now, there are NO fleas in my home, except as Baby brings them in, and he seems generally flea AND worm free. He's a much happier cat, and so am I. However, in places he generally doesn't go, like under t he funiture, I left it down. Now, I live in controlled housing and we get "the bug guy" out about once a month, and our town has recently seen an outbreak of bedbugs. We were warned to clean up ANY "pesticide". I didn't budge and the Specialist with his "BED BUG SNIFFING DOG" told me, and my manager, that it was alright! I have kept it on my deck and no longer have a problem with slugs or spiders, either! I give my "Baby" a teaspoon once a month to keep him parasite free. He doesn't even notice it, and he's a VERY finiky eater. Thank you for a great product at a VERY reasonable cost!