Using Diatomaceous Earth against Aphids

Aphid Control

If you are an avid gardener or farmer, you know full well what aphids can do to your plants.  If left untreated aphids can eat your plants in a matter of days to weeks, completely stopping any harvest from happening.  Aphids come in a variety of colors but all do the same, eat your plants!  Many individuals will use chemical pesticides to kill the aphid population but what they do not realize is the pesticide will not be forever in the fruit of the plant.  Now, no one wants that for dinner!  We do offer Diatomaceous Earth as an organic and NON-GMO solution to killing your aphid infestation on any plant whether indoors or outdoors, in the ground or in a container.  This is the ultimate aphid control and let us explain how to use it against them!


How to Apply Diatomaceous Earth For Aphid Control

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  1. Be sure to put on a dust mask and goggles to protect your eyes and lungs while applying.
  2. For aphid control, Using our plastic Dispenser, apply diatomaceous earth liberally to the top sides of leaves and around the ground around the plant or if growing in a container, apply to plant and then to the soil and around the container where it is sitting.
  3.   Taking our Pest Pistol Powder Duster, puff the product onto the undersides of the leaves where aphids may want to lay eggs
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 every few days or after every rain or watering to prevent further infestations.

*In dry and arid climates please mix 1 cup diatomaceous earth with 1 gallon of water to spray apply the product to plants.  Again be sure to reapply if not visible or after every rain or watering.