Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

How to Ingest Diatomaceous Earth & The Best Time

Benefits of diatomaceous earth – silica being an important component of ligaments, cartilage, bones, hair, nails, and muscular structure.  This exclusive record makes the product one of the most important and unheard of substances.  It’s also one of the cheapest and most useful products on the market today.  Benefits of diatomaceous earth are many and this blog describes some of them in detail.


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Ingesting Diatomaceous Earth

Benefits of diatomaceous earth

When ingested, diatomaceous earth can be something great (1) for moving unneeded things out of the digestive tract and (2) for hair, skin, nails, and joints.  The benefits of diatomaceous earth surprise us every day!


How to get benefits of diatomaceous earth in your body

Take diatomaceous earth on either an empty stomach or during a meal as there is no risk of it sweeping out nutrients from your body.  We do recommend you start with a small dose, like a teaspoon and work your way up week by week until you reach 1 level tablespoon once per day.  Mix your dose into any beverage whether hot or cold or even a soft food.  Most individuals, including ourselves, take our Diatomaceous Earth in the morning hours.


There is a gritty feel to it but not gross by any means with a slight earthy flavor.  Instead of water, you can try adding it to juices, smoothies, and even yogurt to mask it.  Some people claim a mild flu like symptom for a couple of days.  This is a side effect of toxins leaving your body called a herx-heimer and not a side effect of taking the product itself.  To limit this effect try to start towards the end of the week, get plenty of sleep, no eating processed or boxed foods, and keep a positive attitude.  All of those things are reduce or limit the effect of the herx-heimer side effect.


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coconut smoothie


Take a look at some smoothie recipes and baking recipes that all include diatomaceous earth!

The benefits externally

diatomaceous earth for health

Since you know how to take diatomaceous earth, let us explain some of the benefits of diatomaceous earth.  As stated above, diatomaceous earth has profound effects on hair, skin, nails, bones, joints, and our gastrointestinal tract.



Silica is the main mineral within diatomaceous earth and has excellent effects on hair health and growth.  Many users report it helping to improve strength of hair, less split ends, race car fast growth, and a more full look.  Silica is the main ingredient in many over the counter supplements sold for hair and hair health.  Testimonials tell us this helps regrow hair that has been lost or even thinned out from stress or disease.  Hereditary balding slows down by supplementing silica in your diet from diatomaceous earth.



Collagen, the basic but important building block of our bodies, is an important part of good connective tissue, i.e. SKIN.  The presence of silica within the blood stream does not grow collagen but rather helps support it and increase the health of already produces collagen.  You’re never to young or old to help improve this massive organ from damage and fast aging.  Many users report smooth skin along with less dryness and a certain improvement in overall complexion.



Diatomaceous Earth as a facial mask?  When used this way it will be your newest and most improved exfoliator, hands down. Making it the perfect addition or replacement to many of your skin care products.  Take a few tablespoons of DE and mix with water until you create a mud-like consistency.  Apply to face in a circular motion always going up towards the heavens and never down towards your feet.  Apply and let dry (around 20 mins).  Clean with fresh water and pat dry your face.  Use once or twice a week for best results.

Take a look at this wonderful testimonial about using the diatomaceous earth for facial skin from a world-renowned cosmetic reviewer.



Silica has such a great impact on the health of collagen and connective tissue that even our nails benefit from it.  Do you have brittle, cracked, or unhealthy nails?  Overall, diatomaceous earth reports from customers, help grow nails fast and efficiently while maintaining the strength they need along with a new healthy look.  So if your nails need something, take diatomaceous earth for a month and tell us how they look!


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The benefits internally


Diatomaceous earth not only helps with external things but how do those external things improve?  They improve because of internal improvements! So here are some more benefits of diatomaceous earth!  Over the last 12 years, we have gathered a wide range of customers and reviews from those customers and we would like to bring the highlights to attention for all that have questions or have wondered about this product.


Increased bowel movements

Touchy subject yes, but needed to be touched on.  Many of us have elimination problems, whether it be something wrong with the digestive tract or from the foods we eat every day.  How many of us eat healthy and the recommended amounts of everything needed for our bodies?  Very slim numbers is what the answer is.  Taking diatomaceous earth can help move the stuff out of our bowels faster and with more that comes out.  Many have reported an increase in the amount of times they have a bowel movement, to the consistency of it, to the amount of it.  This increase in elimination can keep our colons healthier, lead to better absorption of nutrients, and help keep our bellies slimmer.


More energy

Many know what is like to work a full day and then finally have a chance to sit down at home.  What happens is we fall asleep without completing necessary tasks at home and not to mention spending time with our loved ones.  We personally think having a cleaner and healthier colon, enables us to enjoy a properly functioning colon.  This, we think, leads to increased energy and better mood overall.


Joint pain relief

Customers and ourselves experience and have experienced joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, and workout inflammation.  Silica plays such an important part in reducing inflammation in the body, thus reducing the amount of pain and stress on our joints.  Hundreds of testimonials come from our customers and over 70% of them have to do with reducing joint pain and stress.  This leads to a more full life for the individuals that may be suffering from debilitating joint pain.  Who wants to wake up or go to sleep with sore joints?  Take your dose of diatomaceous earth every day and feel that stress go away.


Weight loss

Wanting to lose some weight?  Collagen helps support healthy metabolism and when your collagen is healthy, your metabolism flies!  Combine diatomaceous earth with a healthy diet and a good exercise every day and watch those lbs and inches melt off!


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What is diatomaceous earth?


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth forms by diatoms absorbing the mineral content within a water body.   This forms a shell around their cell membrane.  These diatoms in this particular case absorbed a high amount of silica and low amount of metals. Around Reno, NV to be exact.  Over millions of years, these diatoms build up on top of each other forming a huge fossilized deposit.  Literally, these diatoms formed when dinosaurs roamed the earth!  Now the diatom itself is a particular one called the Aulacoseira diatoms created in the Miocene Epoch

Amorphous Silica


The shell formed around the diatom’s cell is considered to be primarily amorphous silica.  Its shape and hardness have everything to do with how it works.  It hardness keeps it from dissolving like other hard minerals.  The diatom’s tubular shape and holes along the diatom’s wall allow it to absorb moisture, hence its use as an anti-caking agent!  The tubular shape of the diatom gives it more surface area than other shaped diatoms.  This means it has greater absorptive capacity with the holes that open to the center.  This allows the diatom to absorb unwanted fungus and bacteria within the gut!   Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth does not swell in the stomach. Nor does it have the physical or chemical capability to absorb nutrients, medicines, or herbs.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is almost all silica at 89%.  Its pure white to off-white in color, shows the purity.  There are other mines of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth here in the US and world.  You will find that other mines have products almost grey or red in color.  Since it has a higher amount of metals like iron or even clays that are not meant to be ingested.  Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is OMRI organic and is Generally Regarded as Safe (G.R.A.S.) for human consumption by the USDA and FDA.  Benefits of diatomaceous earth are reported by tens of thousands of users every day throughout the vastness of the internet on blogs and websites.


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How do we know diatomaceous earth is safe?

benefits of diatomacoeus


In this unique resume’, I am referring to food grade diatomaceous earth and only that.  The FDA classifies this product, GRAS (Generally regarded as safe).  It is NOT the industrial grade most commonly referred to as “DE”, “Pool Grade Diatomaceous Earth”, or “filter grade diatomaceous earth”.  The industrial grade is used as a pool filtration agent and many other industrial uses.  This product is VERY toxic to humans and event the miners working to pull it from the ground.  Food grade diatomaceous earth is misunderstood very commonly with filter grade diatomaceous earth.  This stems from the filter grade and how it’s said to have these benefits.


 Food grade diatomaceous earth is purified and amorphous, not crystalline.  Being inert and harmless (as long as you are not an insect with an exoskeleton)



In conclusion, we are not doctors and we don’t play them on the phone or the internet.  Diatomaceous Earth (food grade), recognized as safe by the FDA, NOT intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any disease.  The benefits of diatomaceous earth are many and please do your research on this.