Diatomaceous Earth For Acne

Diatomaceous earth acne

Acne is such a bad term and in our society can be a matter of popularity or ridicule.  Women and Men alike are horrified to see it just like I am.  Nothing worse than seeing toxins pushed out from under your skin to form a nice blackhead or whitehead.  While others have to battle cystic acne, that develops and stays under the skin.

Diatomaceous Earth For Acne

Why Acne is a problem for the winter months

Acne can become worse in the winter months for the sole reason of not getting sunlight and the dryness that occurs during the season.  We are also more inclined to stay inside which will cause more contact with the germs, bacteria, and dirt that we DO NOT want on our face.

Diatomaceous Earth Helping Acne when ingesting it

Many have claimed relief from teenager acne, all the way up to adult acne in all its forms.  One would take a simple maintenance dose once a day.  For adults we recommend 1 level tablespoon per day in a beverage of choice and for teenagers we recommend 1 level teaspoon in a beverage of choice.

When ingesting Food grade Diatomaceous Earth the silica within the product helps to promote healthy collagen and the proper disposal of bad cells in connective tissue (ie skin).  Many of our customers and users of diatomaceous earth report smoother skin, better complexion, and a tight feel to their skin.

Another benefit to your skin when taking diatomaceous earth comes from the detox it gives your digestive tract.  When your digestive tract (second brain) is clean and free of toxins, your skin and every other major function of the body is improved.

You may notice someone that is the same sex, size, and shape eating very healthy compared to another that is not.  More than likely the person eating healthy will have a better complexion and less acne compared to the person eating bad because there is less toxin in the digestive tract.  So take your Diatomaceous Earth every day to be sure those toxins are not building up in your gut, making your look not so refreshing.

Diatomaceous Earth Helping With Acne Topically

Washing your face with fossilized plants may not be the coolest idea in someone’s mind but the gentle yet effective topical use of this product has left even the most seasoned beauty freaks, speechless.  Take Courtney Leiva for example.  She is a nationally renowned beauty expert, blogger, and trial user.  She used diatomaceous earth topically for 7 days and by day 7 she had this to say, “To put my Diatomaceous Earth creation to the final test, I washed with a regular store bought cleanser to see if it could compare to my diatomaceous earth wash.  While I was expecting nothing major to occur, I was surprised when I noticed pimples forming on my face after cleansing with a drugstore favorite.  Of course, this could be from the hot and humid summertime temperatures, but the slick and slippery residue on my face post-washing made me think otherwise.

To conclude I will say that I am pretty enamored with using my diatomaceous earth cleanser daily.  My face feels very clean without any residue, and my overall texture is smooth as a baby’s bottom.  A slight natural shine and no breakouts is something that made me eager to use this going forward”.

How do I use Diatomaceous Earth topically on my Skin?

Take a couple of tablespoons of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and mix with water until you reach that mud like consistency you need.  Apply the diatomaceous earth mask in a circular motion always directing the paste up toward the heavens and never in a downward motion.  Please leave on face until completely dry and wash and pat dry.  You may use this as a daily cleanser or you may use a couple times a week to help exfoliate your skin from toxins.  We have also developed a new face mask named Natures Face Mask which is a blend of over 10 different ingredients along with food grade diatomaceous earth!  Click here to check out our Diatomaceous Earth cosmetic products!

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