Flu Season & Diatomaceous Earth

diatomaceous earth flu season

Flu Season

The coughing, sneezing, sinus pressure, and sluggishness.  So horrible and although not too serious, it can lead to many negatives in our lives including time spent with family.  Plus it is -10F outside and the only thing you want is some fresh air!

We spend a lot of time outside when it is warm but changes when it gets cold.  Everyone stays inside and the bacteria, germs, and viruses are able to infect us easier as we are living right next to them for the long period we stay inside when it is cold outside.

Many people are getting flu shots, taking Vitamin-C products, disinfecting their homes, and other means to keep it clean, our families are still getting sick!  Let me introduce a NON-GMO and organic product called diatomaceous earth.  This product contains a wide trace mineral content, mainly being silica.  Silica helps to maintain healthy connective tissue, ie your lungs.

Basically it is helping to increase oxygen in our cells, thus reducing the amount of inflammation that is within our airways.  This can help to keep our lungs functioning properly as when your cold, those airways shrink.  Another reason to look into this product is that it detoxifies your digestive tract.  Now this brings up another subject!


Detox and the Fight Against the Flu and Colds

Many miss the mark when it comes to protecting themselves against the flu and colds.  The one thing we miss is a digestive tract detox.  Think of all those toxins built up along your digestive tract walls, prohibiting absorption of key anti-oxidants and anti –viral nutrients that your body uses constantly to fight foreign invaders from reaching our organs.  Now with a good detox from this product many notice that their absorption of things has gotten back to normal or has improved dramatically and they can actually feel it!  Would you rather battle a cold with a dirty digestive tract or a clean one?  Answer is really simple and I even take the product when I have the cold or flu, if I ever get them, to help clean out phlegm from my digestive tract.  The phlegm is what gets me every time as it remains in the body, spreads to other areas, and causes secondary infections.


Keeping a Healthy Stock of Nutrition

Along with all of our great NON-GMO and Organic foods, supplements, vitamins, and good non-toxic health products, you need to have a stock of food grade diatomaceous earth in your medicine chest.  We offer this product for next to nothing and it is worth the money to keep yourselves healthy and active this winter.  We can start knocking out chemical means to get rid of disease just by keeping up on solid nutrition.  Feel free to click this link to be redirected to our informational pages to learn more about what DE is doing in our digestive tracts!  BE sure to be safe this winter and God Bless!

We offer food grade diatomaceous earth at wholesale prices with FREE Shipping to everyone in the USA!  Feel free to contact our customer service at 1-800-228-5836 and they are happy to help you!

Kind Regards,

Andrew Hemmer

Sales/Customer Service Manager