Diatomaceous Earth For Health

diatomaceous earth for health

Diatomaceous Earth For Health

In this blog post, Diatomaceous Earth For Health, we want to let our visitors and current users know of some things that may help them or family.  Over the years we have attained hundreds of testimonials from every corner of the globe!  As we recategorize our testimonial section we want to share some of our testimonials regarding how it helps.  Of all the things Diatomaceous Earth is good for, we know the top 4 ailments it is good for and we do have some bonus uses to help save money and time.


Aches, Pains, Arthritis

Diatomaceous Earth & Arthritis

Young and especially older ages seem to get more stiff, ache more, and get arthritis.  We believe that the lack of silica plays an important role in the development of arthritis and having aches and pains as we do the things that make us human. In a link we give below we will help you understand why silica is so important in battling silica, just another reason why Diatomaceous Earth for Health is important.  Silica plays an important role in increasing oxygen in cells, thus reducing the amount of inflammation that develops.  In the event you have some arthritis it’s a good idea to incorporate this into your diet.  Firstly for the silica and what it does for inflammation and also for the fact that it cleans your digestive tract.  DE does a great job of detoxing your colon of toxins ranging from parasites to an overload of heavy metals.  If you have a clean digestive tract, you have an improved absorption of nutrients that go directly to areas of need.  Check out our section on arthritis at earthworkshealth.com by clicking this link.


Energy and Stamina

weight loss using diatomaceous earth

Need your cup of morning joe or that pick me up energy drink for the afternoon?  Does it feel like you have nothing left for your family at the end of the day?  You more than likely need some silica in your life along with a good detox from diatomaceous earth.  Inflammation plays such an important role in the develop of disease and stress nowadays.  Silica really helps to remove inflammation in the body and helps increase oxygen in our cells.  These two actions from the silica help increase overall energy.  Now with stamina, I firmly believe that a lot of issues with it have to do with our toxin load in our colon and large intestine.  The development of fungus, yeast, fungus, and metals can make it so we are not absorbing key nutrients correctly and efficiently, thus leading to a lack of stamina.  We hear about and even experience the energy this really gives and the stamina we have left for the rest of the day.  If you want to know more about how detox can help your energy, click here!


Hair, Skin, and Nails

Improving Skin With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Every phone call or email I take from a caller or customer, I do ask them if they are interested in the cosmetic benefits of taking Diatomaceous Earth.  Diatomaceous Earth for Health explains why customers perk up so much when asked.  My fiance has never experienced such nail growth and strength in them by taking Diatomaceous Earth.  She also swears that DE has caused her hair to grow way faster and I myself can actually see it happening.  We also hear of it helping with acne in young and old individuals battling with that skin condition.  Silica really helps to maintain healthy collagen.  Collagen is an important component of cartilage, tendons, and other connective tissues. When you supplement with silica, you give your body the raw materials to repair and heal collagen-related issues. More silica in the blood means support for collagen, thus reducing the amount of pain arthritis sufferers go through.  For more information regarding what DE can do for you cosmetically, click here!


IBS and Colitis

Another we here a lot about is how this helped with anything from IBS to loose stool to even constipation.  Again as stated above, individuals and ourselves have used this product to help detoxify the digestive tract of many different toxins that may help develop things like colitis and IBS issues.  We do have a direct testimonial from the owner of cureforulcerativecolitis.com and is just another example of the detoxing power of diatomaceous and how it has helped so many with digestive tract disorders and just plain old stopping diarrhea.  She really explains why diatomaceous earth for health is so important for our digestive tract health.  Click here to see the section we have regarding colitis and digestive tract disorders


Diatomaceous Earth – Household Uses

Some of the other uses really have to do with how you can eliminate toxic and expensive facial products, cleaning products, and deodorizing products.  Check These Tips Out and you can always view them by clicking here to be directed to our site.

So again Diatomaceous Earth for Health is something to look into and we hope you enjoy these new tips and do some research on your own time to help you understand why silica is so important and how this can save you time and money!


Metal Cleaner:

Make a paste with diatomaceous earth food grade and water to make a metal polish. Diatomaceous Earth food grade also makes a very inexpensive soft scrub for the shower, sink, and faucets.


Face Mask and Cleanser:

Mix diatomaceous earth food grade and water together until you have made a paste. Apply to the face with circular scrubbing motion until face is fully covered. Leave on face for approx. 2 min. and then wash off with warm water. Your face will be fully exfoliated and toned for pennies!! Mix diatomaceous earth food grade with your favorite cleanser and you will have cleaner, smoother skin.

Teeth Cleaner:

Sprinkle a small amount on your favorite brand of toothpaste and brush as you normally would. You will notice that your teeth look and feel “Just went to the dentist” clean.

Garage/Driveway Oil Stains:

To remove oil stains from garage floor or driveway: Make sure area is dry and completely cover the stain with diatomaceous earth food grade. Let the powder soak up the oil for 24 hours. Remove the excess with a metal spatula or paint scraper and dispose of.


Refrigerator/Freezer Odors:

Diatomaceous Earth food grade can be used in the same way as baking soda to banish odors. Leave an open box or jar of diatomaceous earth food grade in the refrigerator and freezer. Replace with fresh DE every week or so.


Foot Odor:

For fresh smelling footwear use diatomaceous earth.   Place some diatomaceous earth food grade into the ends of two knee-high nylon stockings and tie a knot the top. Place the stockings inside shoes or boots. Leave until used again.


Carpet Stains:

To remove stains from carpets, cover the stain with diatomaceous earth food grade and lightly work into the stain. Let sit for at least 2 hours and vacuum up.


Garbage Can Odor:

Deodorize a garbage can with diatomaceous earth food grade.  Sprinkle a cup or so of diatomaceous earth food grade in the bottom of the garbage can. Will deodorize and absorb moisture.