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Diatomaceous Earth for pets is being used widely by pet owners all over the world and it is no wonder as it is “dirt” cheap, pun intended.  Whether it is finding a benefit internally as used externally on an animal, diatomaceous earth for pets can help you save some money and time with your animal.  Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is non-toxic and is natures ultimate alternative to helping to rid external and internal parasites.  Nothing more than the fossilized remains of freshwater diatoms, diatomaceous earth under a microscope looks like this:

Be sure what you are using is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and not filter grade or any other grade.  Food grade is safe enough for animals and humans to ingest and recently our food grade diatomaceous earth has been deemed OMRI organic and NON-GMO.   Which is a plus when thinking of using this stuff internally or even externally.   The whole point of using food grade diatomaceous is to avoid chemical products altogether so be sure to check your label to be 100% satisfied with it being 100% pure.

What Is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is comprised of the fossilized remains of a single-celled plant called a diatom.  A diatom spends its life synthesizing the water bodies mineral content.  In a two week span the diatom has died and will sink to the bottom of the water body, forming a diatom layer on the floor.  Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth has a very high silica content and this has to do with the amount of the natural mineral silica that was present in the water body.  Our product’s origin from the United States from a fresh water body, loaded with silica and over 20 other trace minerals.  When this product reaches the manufacturer, it is crushed into a flour-like consistency using food grade equipment and then ran through many strict tests to be sure it is pure and contains no toxins like mold, bacteria, high levels of arsenic, or dioxin.  Be sure to not inhale this product in excess as it is a very fine dust and any dust in excess is bad for your lungs.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Fleas, Worms, and Other Parasites

Diatomaceous is super effective at causing a physical death to insects and parasites by dehydration, rather than a chemical poisoning them and eventually yourself and children.  For example, you can line the outside foundation of your home with this product to the point that it is just visible.  This “barrier” is very effective in the warm months for preventing and wiping out different insects like ants and silverfish.  An ant will crawl through the powder and the powder gets stuck on the waxy coating surrounding the exoskeleton of the insect.  This waxy coating helps bring it and let out moisture, so when it becomes compromised by the diatomaceous earth, the insect loses the ability to hold in its moisture and the diatomaceous earth will suck the body fluids from it, causing a death in as little as 4 hours, depending on how much the insect moves.

Internally this stuff will create an environment in the digestive tract that will make it unstable for bacterias, fungus, and even worms that will infect the digestive tract of an animal like a cat or dog.  Along with creating this environment, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is helping to cut off the gestational cycle of a worm called the pinworm, which is very common in children and families with pets.  Pinworms have a cycle of the digestive tract to lungs and back an forth as more eggs develop.

Same would apply for an external parsite like the flea!  We recommend massaging the powder into fur coat of the animal along with dusting some around food dishes, water dishes, bedding, and litter boxes.  Basically, the powder will help to dehydrate and kill off the adult fleas before they can lay more eggs and also mate.  Cutting off the gestational cycle of the flea is most important and chemicals are for 1 not working fast enough and 2, not effective in cutting that gestational period.  Check out this video on how to apply to a pet and also how to apply around the house to kill fleas and also visit our About DE section of the website for further information on how to apply to kill fleas!

How Pets Can Eat Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Yes, pets can eat food grade diatomaceous earth and it is super healthy for multiple bodily systems like their digestion, connective tissue like skin, hair, and joints, and even the eyes!  Feel free to hop on our pets and animals section of the website to be sure you know how much to feed and them!  Silica plays an important part in stabilizing healthy connective tissue and many pet owners have reported a better-looking fur coat along with a more mobile and happy pet.  This tells us that silica can help greatly and super fast as most animals are not getting any silica at all!  Check out these testimonials we have gotten from a few pet owners and you may also view the testimonials section of our website here!

  • Dogs Are Now WORM FREE!!
    Our oldest dog he was hobbling around so bad in his back legs that he could hardly get around and he was constantly chewing on himself and whining and yelping but when he was put on the “dirt” his chewing and whining and yelping stopped and he gets around now with no trouble in his back legs at all just like he was a new dog…what a relief,,,and he gets the “dirt’ in his food and water now and so do all the other dogs…the two pups , male and female..started giving it to them in their food and water ,,,and gollee!!! I didnt know that they had worms that bad,,the female on the 2nd day she was trying to pass what i thought was elastic,,,it was nasty,,but they were worms and I had to get toilet paper and help her get them out,,,they were one big long glob stringy mess,,,I had never seen that in a dog before,,and the male had worms but not bad as her but he passed them in one big blob and today is the 3 day and they are worm free…which is a relief,,at first their little bellies were so big,,I thought that it was because they were eating so much but it was because of the worms,,,,and the two outside dogs are also benefiting from the dirt also..it is put in their food and to be sure that they are worm free,,but they do come in at night… but all the dogs are so full of energy now and they just run all over the house and play….so here is another testimonial for you to publish when you want to …thank you for your time and kindness..hope to hear from you soon,,,take care God bless you and your loved ones——Cassie in Maryland
  • Several Dogs More Active!
    This stuff is great!! It has helped me in so many ways, and my cat that for 6 years had a limp and a lot of pain. He could only walk 10 to 20 steps and then have to sit or lay down for a bit, then go again. Now he chases our little ferril cat arount the house! She also takes DE–they are both very healthy now. His name is Jake, hers is pepper. I also told my best friend about this wonderful stuff–she has a sheep dog named fancy. Fancy could hardly get up when she sits or lays down and was on meds that cost 100 dollars each month! Fancy has been on DE since the 1st of Oct. and now chases birds and runs through the house. After seeing how Fancy was not in pain anymore, her husband said to order more of that “dirt”–we never want to run out!! Thank you for this wonderful stuff!——–Pam in Nebraska
  • Works Great on Horses!
    I have horses of my own that I have been giving DE to for approx. a year now and the transformation is amazing, I have not had to worm them with conventional wormer since giving DE and they have had no worms. Their coat and hoofs are in super shape. I have two horses that are older-one is in its 20s and he shows no body ache even after we ride for 7 to 8 hours. We also use it on our chickens for mites and it works great.——Alison in Virginia

Earthworks Health LLC offers the Purest Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth available on the net and anywhere in the world.  We are happy to answer your questions Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST by simply calling us at 1-800-228-5836 or by visiting Contact Us at earthworkshealth.com.

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