What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized remains of ancient single-celled plants called diatoms.  These diatoms have about a two-week life-span and are still occurring on the planet today and are a huge part of the food chain.  During their life-span of two weeks, they synthesize the water through their single cell and use the minerals and metals to form a shell around their cell membrane.  They then sink to the bottom of the water body, where over millions of years, and you are left with trillions of diatoms built up on top of each other and fossilized.  Perma-Guard and other companies will mine this as it looks like a big white rock and then send it to milling facilities where food grade equipment is used to crush, powder, and test the product before it is bagged or put into totes.

Diatomaceous Earth is used widely nowadays for health reasons in humans and pretty much any four legged creature you have on the farm or in your home.  Individuals will also use this product to reduce chemicals in the home as it has some fantastic household uses and is also used to kill crawling insects by a physical action rather than chemicals.  This naturally occurring product is NON-GMO, Organic, Kosher, and has been given a title of being non-allergen as the facilities that mill this do not use any other product at all in their warehouses or production floors.  Check out the many products available to you at our website by clicking this link!  We have cosmetic products, food grade diatomaceous earth, and crawling insect control diatomaceous for an alternative to killing insects without the chemicals!

diatomaceous earth fleas
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Benefits of using Diatomaceous Earth with Pets and Animals

If you are a pet owner you know how costly it is everytime you go to the vet or even worse when a farmer raising livestock gets a visit from a vet for a health problem.  It is so cost prohibitive sometimes but we do what we have to to keep our animals healthy and happy!  Diatomaceous Earth is used now by individuals that are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on chemicals to treat internal and external parasites and insects.  For example, your dog gets fleas and the first thing we do is go to the vet, spend the fee and then spend the money to get the chemicals to treat them.  These chemicals keep getting stronger and stronger and will eventually really harm our animals more so than they already are.  Cattle that get internal parasites is another example.  Farmers will spend lots of money to mix in certain chemicals to the animals feed to treat the worms and this monetary loss and chemicals can be avoided by feeding the diatomaceous earth to them.  Your vet would not approve as they are losing out on the service and sale.  This is a reason why you have not heard of the product more than likely. to learn more about the feeding rates for animals, livestock, and pets, please click this link to be directed to our pets and animals section of our website.

Based on customer testimonial and a few studies here are some of the many benefits to animals that use and ingest this product:

  • Better Skeletal System
  • Less inflammation (Hip dysplasia)
  • Better looking teeth and gums
  • Fewer Parasites
  • Better looking Fur
  • Eye Health
  • Control of Worms
  • Relief from Fatty Tumors
  • Weight Control
  • Fly Control
  • Odor Control

Here are some of the benefits of applying Diatomaceous Earth to your pets and animals:

  • Control of External Parasites like Fleas and Mites
  • Reduction of Odors and unwanted moisture that could cause skin infections
  • Application to Pet Bedding is Stables or Barns helps to reduce odors, fly eggs, and many other external parasites attracted to feces.

In Conclusion

A quick visit to earthworkshealth.com and you will have a wealth of knowledge about what diatomaceous earth does for animals and even what it does for you as a human.  We strive to help individuals reduce costs, reduce pesticides, and to live healthier and more productive lives.  We know your pets will enjoy this product as much as you and your wallet will when you realize how much this can replace in your home!

We sell the purest food grade diatomaceous on the planet and I strive for a personal touch if you ever want to give us a call for information or to place an order!  Call us today at 1-800-228-5836 and we are happy to help you!

Andrew Hemmer

Sales Manager


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