How Safe is it?

Firstly, we have been getting many customers and visitors completely petrified by rumors of how this product can hurt someone and is dangerous and watch out…really?  So we should forget the fact that food grade diatomaceous earth is replacing hundreds of pounds of pesticides every year?  As you can see above I want to make a firm statement about the safety and effectiveness of diatomaceous earth.  Ya, my kids found my bag and got into it.  If this were chemical pesticides, they would be dead or still in the hospital.


Diatomaceous Earth is Safe!

What Happened?

diatomaceous earth dangers
Many families have a time or two when their little ones get into the markers, or peanut butter, everyone has seen the video with the kids
and the paints.  What my kids got was get a ladder and climbed up a shelf and found my bag of diatomaceous earth.  They unbound the zip tie and lofted the stuff all over the basement play room. (See below).


 is diatomaceous earth toxic?End Result

Furthermore, the boys lofted the product into the air, on the floor, on most of their toys, and this was in a matter of 10 minutes time while myself and my wife were upstairs doing dishes.  So not only were they covered in it but this stuff was in the air in mass quantities. (See below).  So my boys came upstairs and were COVERED in the DE (See below) from head to toe and they had been inhaling it for about 10 minutes.

Thankful for Safety

They came upstairs and simply said “Big mess!”.  Being a good parent I quickly put them in a bath and had my wife do that while I ran downstairs to find the mess and thanked the Lord that it was just diatomaceous earth safediatomaceous earth.  I know for a hard fact that this product is 100% non toxic, NON-GMO, NON Allergen, and OMRI organic.  Literally, my kids got covered in it, inhaled some, and ate some.

My kids’ only complaint is that they stated they had “itchy eyes”.  Now with any powder that gets into the eyes, that will happen.  Through all of that my kids are perfectly fine and again I am super thankful that I had diatomaceous earth in the house and not some crazy chemical because I am sorry to say it folks but if your kids get into a chemical, you will not see a priceless picture like this one but more of a hospital bed or coffin.  Diatomaceous Earth IS NOT TOXIC and this proves it!  Click that link to be directed to our products page!