Firstly, please enjoy and listen to our radio interviews we have done with these Radio Personalities.  Furthermore, lots of tips and tricks and information are found within these radio interviews, regarding Diatomaceous Earth and its uses!

 Diatomaceous Earth Radio Interviews

Erin Dakins Radio Interviews

My name is Erin Dakins.  I am the host of a nationally syndicated talk radio show called The Truth Traveler in which I do cover natural alternatives to health, and have been known to disdain allopathic medicine. I began my journey into diatomaceous (DE) earth a year ago this month (March of 2015). We have been using DE on our small farm for many years to de-mite/lice and deworm our chickens. BUT, it wasn’t until the day my husband Brad came back up from the barn after worming the horses and stated, jokingly, “I have worms and am going to worm myself.” I laughed but the thought remained in my head for several weeks.

You see, I am a retired Registered Veterinary Technician.  Retiring early as I was researching vaccines, the pharmaceutical medical practices, and realizing that I was, in fact, making my patients unhealthy. No longer could I practice knowing these facts…so retirement it was.  I took classes in parasitology at Purdue for my degree and we routinely worm our animals and livestock. I knew this, I practiced this but never considered worming myself. Duh.


As a matter of fact,  remembering what Brad had said about worming himself I had the odd and very creepy thought that WOW we never worm humans! Whoa…off to the races, or I should say heavy duty research into humans and parasites. I did not like what I found. I was creeped out totally. You see, many researchers, alternative medicine doctors and some MDs believe that parasites cause many illnesses and disease in people. So then, why does no one worm themselves or their children?  Good question eh?  

Now onto the whole knock myself upside my head part…I realized I had the solution to the problem hiding in the garage. I researched DE in depth and realized not only did it help to rid the body of parasites but it also: detoxes the body of toxins, bad bacteria/viruses and heavy metals, pulls Candida out, gently cleanses the colon, regulates bowel movements, aids in joint repair and anti-inflammatory responses, adds silica to the body enabling the body to uptake not only magnesium but all the other vitamins and minerals, is anti-aging and that is not all, but you get the idea.

How We Use It

We now mix DE into our juice daily coupled with our vitamins and minerals. We put DE on our dogs and cats food daily. My son has a new puppy, as of last night, and she has a huge wormy-belly. Hmmm….ok, DE to the rescue! My son is putting DE on her food (about a teaspoon a day) and the belly has gone down by half just over night. 

Be aware however, that your body is most likely full of parasites and toxins so when you begin using DE you may experience a healing crisis. A healing crisis is the body’s way of getting the toxins out and can make you feel worse for a few days before beginning to feel better. Drink LOTS of water as you begin your own healing journey. DE is a huge piece of the puzzle in forming a picture of health.

DE is one of those products that I will NEVER be without!  The mere thought of being out in public, where hardly anyone worms themselves or their children and how easily they are spread makes me cringe!  By taking the DE everyday I feel good realizing that if I pick up parasite eggs while out and about, the DE will kill them!  Ah, piece of mind in a crazy world where keeping you sick seems to be the name of the game so that doctors and pharmaceutical companies can make money off of illness.

Erin Dakins

April 17th, 2015 – Hour 1


April 17th, 2015 – Hour 2

May 29th, 2015 – Hour 1

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Jan. 22nd, 2016 – Hour 1

Vincent Finelli Radio Interviews

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Laura Phares-Wilson Radio Interviews

Laura Phares-Wilson is Host of FLASH POINT, a LIVE  international radio talk show and Host of THE HIGHLAND PERSPECTIVE.  Both of which air on Laura is a graduate of Spartan College of Aeronautics and has worked as an aerospace inspector as well as a certified weld inspector in manufacturing, underground utilities locating and an assistant to a Master Herbalist prior to becoming a reporter in independent media since 2009.

Currently, Laura is working on her first book with the goal of being published by the summer of 2017 and is submitting an invention for patent as well as working with Global Health Ministries in building and opening Ascendant Ranch, a residential treatment facility and working organic cattle ranch/organic farm for the healing of acute and chronic Post Tramatic Stress Disorder victims.  Laura and her husband live on rural acreage in eastern Colorado and have two adult children and two precious grandchildren.




Earthworks Health’s Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is an absolute staple in our household. Living on rural property, our animals roam the property freely by day and come inside at night. We mix Earthworks Health’s Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth into every bag of grain-free Cat crunchy and Dog crunchy food that we feed our pets to supplement their diets. The humans in our household mix the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth into our daily nutrition shakes and smoothies. The animals and humans in our household are healthy and parasite free. We rub the Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth into the coats of our cats and dogs and this results in our animals not suffering from fleas or mites.

In the garden, we dust our vegetation with Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth to prevent larvae and insects from destroying our crops and it is the perfect natural alternative to toxic insecticides. We consider Earthworks Health’s Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth & Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth to be the very finest quality of Diatomaceous Earth available and it is an important part of our personal preparedness stock. Truly, Earthworks Health’s Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth & Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth is a miraculous natural product and we could not imagine having to live without it.

Jan. 19th, 2017