Improving Skin With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Improving Skin With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Improving Skin With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Silica, and the Relationship With Skin

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth -- 2.5Lb Jug

Firstly, Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized remains of ancient single-celled plants called diatoms.  Diatoms naturally occur in all water bodies on this planet.  The diatom synthesizes the water and uses the minerals that it gathers to form a mineral shell around its cell membrane.  Food grade diatomaceous earth is loaded with silica, which means the diatom was in a fresh water body where silica was the majority mineral within the water body.  Remember that food grade is a safe and naturally organic substance that can be used by humans and animals for health reasons.  In this blog post, we will be looking at how diatomaceous earth can help improve and maintain healthy skin in ANY area of the body.

What is Silica?

Secondly, Silica is a mineral found in the earth, made from a common type of mineral called quartz.  Silica is naturally present in our bodies as we acquire a good amount while we grow in our Mother’s womb.  These silica levels are even higher than other minerals like iron, but as people grow older, the amount of silica present in their tissues begins to decrease.

 Silica is an essential mineral that our body needs, supplying our cells with more nutrients and more oxygen.  Silica is vital for the sufficient binding of water in our cells.  No other substance can bind 300 times its weight in water, something extremely crucial in anti-aging-skin care.  Being short of silica can present problems and the most notable symptoms of silica deficiency are as follows:

  • Loose weak connective tissue
  • Skin Impurities
  • Itchy Skin
  • Dull, split hair
  • Hair loss
  • Cracked nails
  • Problems with Gums and Teeth
  • Weak or Damaged Tendons and Ligaments
  • Pronounced Premature Wrinkles

How Can Silica and Diatomaceous Earth Help With Improving Skin?

Lastly, Through trial and error, Earthworks Health has developed a protocol for using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth on any area of the skin and also internally for detoxification purposes.  Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth applies two ways for this:

Internally – Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth not only provides silica to our bodies but also detoxifies our digestive tract.  All the good foods and supplements we take doesn’t properly absorb as we have toxins lined on our digestive tract walls prohibiting proper absorption.  In turn, the lack of nutrients causing premature aging and deterioration of connective tissues like skin and also leads to inflammation.  So ingesting Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth can and will make your digestive tract cleaner.  This may maintain a proper nutrient absorption in the digestive tract, making more nutrients and fats to improve the look and complexion of skin.  Please ingest 1 Tablespoon a day in a beverage of choice for proper amounts of silica and a proper detox of your digestive tract.

Externally – Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth made into a paste to use as a skin mask. Helps with acne, blemishes, and rough skin.  Use 2 Tablespoons of this product with however much water is needed to make a mud-like consistency.  Apply to the skin (other than sensitive areas) and leave until completely dry and please rinse and pat dry.  Love that Shine!  Use only once per week on an area of skin.

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Andrew Hemmer

Sales Manager/Customer Service Manager