When it comes to home pest infestation few things are worse than bed bugs. You can’t see them, but you know they’re there when you wake up with dozens of itchy red dots all over your body.  It’s a very unnerving experience. After they’ve arrived they can be difficult to get rid of. Once they’re in your home your infestation can rapidly grow – a female bed bug can lay up to five eggs per day, and 500 in her lifetime.

“a female bed bug can lay up to five eggs per day, and 500 in her lifetime.”

The good news is you don’t have to use chemical sprays or fumigation to get rid of bed bugs. Diatomaceous earth is a 100% natural mineral that kills bed bugs on contact. It’s human and pet safe, and is used in a variety of different applications including skin and beauty products.  

How Do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs?

The first sign will likely be a cluster of bites on different parts of your body when you wake up.  Bed bugs will feed on any exposed area of skin including your face, arms, and legs. If you do happen to see a bed bug you’ll notice they are flat and reddish brown. They resemble apple seeds in appearance and size.

Bedbug bites on arm

How to Naturally Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Photo of diatomaceous earth to demonstrate the fine powder texture.

Diatomaceous earth is the best natural remedy for a bed bug infestation. Diatomaceous earth particles are deadly to a bed bug. The particles attach themselves to the bed bug’s body and physically “scratches and dehydrates them to death.” They cannot become immune to it like other chemicals. Because diatomaceous earth is a mineral, once you apply it to an area it stays there and keeps working.

6 Steps to Killing Bed Bugs with Diatomaceous Earth

  1. Wash Your Sheets and Bedding

    Wash all of your bedding and clothes in hot water. Dry in the dryer on the highest heat setting. Seal all clothing and bedding you’re not using and keep them out of the contaminated area. Use a steam cleaner on your mattress, box spring, and furniture cushions.

  2. Move Furniture Away From Walls

    Bed bugs cannot fly, so make sure your bed is away from the wall and there is no bedding touching the floor. Move dressers and shelves away from the walls. Make sure there is no skirting or anything other than the 4 legs of the furniture or bed touching the floor.

  3. Apply Diatomaceous Earth to Your Bed

    With your hands, or using an applicator, dust some diatomaceous earth in a light and visible application to your mattress, box spring, and ridges along both.

  4. Apply Diatomaceous Earth to Your Funiture

    Apply diatomaceous earth to other furniture in the area like chairs and couches. Make sure to apply under cushions and the cushion ridges. Apply it to the inside of the furniture and down the sides.

  5. Apply Diatomaceous Earth to Your Baseboards

    Apply to the front of your baseboards or mop boards in all rooms. Maintain an even and light application – not more than 1/8th of an inch thick. Make sure not to leave any gaps in you application.

  6. Vacuum or Sweep after 7 Days

    Keep the application down for seven days, then clean up with a broom or vacuum. Reapply the diatomaceous earth until the bedbugs are gone. It’s a good idea to leave the diatomaceous earth in the frame of your bed and around baseboards for long term prevention.


You don’t have to treat bed bugs with chemicals. Diatomaceous earth is a natural non-toxic mineral that can be used as a very effective pest control tool. It can eradicate a bed bug infestation, and act as a preventive measure. It’s affordable, and you can feel safe about using it in your home if you have small children or pets.

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