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The Dustin-Mizer is a lightweight yet tough solution to applying powdered Diatomaceous Earth to your gardens, lawn, or animal areas.  This is great for tight spaces, places powder in difficult to reach areas saving you time and effort.  The convenient hand crank helps distribute an even flow of the dust from the 16-inch tube rather than a fine tip nozzle like our pest pistol has.  This light dusting spreads very evenly and saves you so much time!  The hopper holds 1 pound of powder, depending on density, and the rate of application will depend on the speed you turn the crank.  At 72 RPM, the device will produce 35 cubic feet of air per minute.  This enables swift yet controlled application of any powdered product.  The 1/8” screen also allows small seeds such as lettuce, spinach, and some flowers to be broadcast over wider areas.  You can control the area of distribution with the deflector extension included for preceise application and the speed of turning the crank.  The duster is made of sturdy plastic and steel.  For minimal clogging, turn upside down and use light puffs to reduce clogging.

Dustin-Mizer Powder Duster

SKU: Dustin-Mizer
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