Diatomaceous Earth 50lb Bags


Diatomaceous Earth is widely used in multiple industries including but not limited to pest control, filtration, agriculture, cleaning products, and cosmetic products.  This category of our store is just our diatomaceous earth 50lb bags.


You will find two types of diatomaceous earth here.  One being the ever popular food grade diatomaceous earth and then our EPA labeled and approved crawling insect control diatomaceous earth.  Both products are 100% non toxic and do the job for what you need them for.


Crawling insect control is specifically used for killing insects in a safe fashion.  The EPA wants all pest control related products to contain labeling identifying it as a pesticide.  So we have here a fully approved and legal form of diatomaceous earth that is used specifically for killing crawling insects.


Food grade diatomaceous earth is used for any other reason other than killing insects as it is not approved by the EPA to do so.  Food grade can be used in the house for cleaning, given to pets and livestock for nutrition, and can be used to pick up spills and help deodorize things like shoes, your fridge, and your trash can.


Both types of diatomaceous earth that we sell are 100% identically the same as in composition, but differ in how they are labeled and registered with our government.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 1-800-228-5836 or email us at info@earthworkshealth.com.  Try these bulk sizes for all your household and insect killing needs!

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