Crawling Insect Pest Control Bundle


Economical Bundle

Great Starter Kit

EPA Approved

Effective Against Crawling Insects



Crawling Insect Pest Control Bundle

Crawling Insect Pest Control Bundle is a great starter size that is Non-GMO and organic pest control for the house or small garden. Covers roughly 500 square feet in two applications, depending on how light or thick you apply it.  This Home Pest Control Bundle is EPA labeled which ensures it is safe and effective.  Very safe for humans or animals, but deadly for crawling insects like bed bugs, fleas, ants, or garden variety insects that might want to eat your plants or invade your home.  Comes with both the Pest Pistol Powder Duster and the Plastic Dispenser to aid you in applying.  Defend your home and garden with this simple to use and economical pest control bundle, from a company you can trust.  Purchase this bundle and receive these items for a discounted price.  Finally, Crawling Insect Control is EPA labeled.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 6 in

Earthworks Health



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