This product is an all natural deodorant that replaces chemical deodorants bought at big box stores!  This deodorant is almost 2oz of pure BO killing power.  You don’t need much to enjoy the benefits of not being stinky.


Diatomaceous Earth Deodorant is a 100% natural deodorant made with a wholesome blend of arrowroot powder, magnesium, coconut oil, odor absorbing diatomaceous earth and clays, minerals, and vegan wax which help you win the battle against B.O. with 24/7 protection au naturally.
This easy-to-use deodorant comes in a 100% biodegradable and plastic-free kraft push-up tube.



  • Gentle yet effective magnesium formula
  • 24/7 B.O protection
  • Glides on easily and absorbs into skin without any residue
  • NO NASTIES! – no artificial ingredients, aluminum, baking soda, alcohol,
    or toxic synthetic fragrance.