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Human Use Testimonials

Here's where we put the feedback we've received from YOU about the benefits you have seen using both Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for human and pet health and Crawling Insect Control DE for all your insect control needs.  Please share your experiences with us via e-mail at with what these wonderful products have done for you!

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All of these testimonials are backed up by a physical e-mail from the person giving the testimonial.

It Works!

In the process of placing my second order, I wanted to send an email regarding how Diatomaceous Earth worked for me. I am no longer awakened in the middle of the night with hip pain, but the first thing my husband and I noticed was not being tired all the time. Having energy throughout the day, and not crashing midafternoon equals more projects, activities etc accomplished at the end of the day. We have shared this product with some friends. One of our friends is a painter by trade. He has (had) arthritic pain in his pinky finger which he could not bend to touch his palm without excrutiating pain, making it hard to work . After taking DE for about 11/2 weeks-he can now bend it with much, much less pain. Another friend who is balding on top, went to his barber. As the barber was giving him his usual flattop haircut he asked him what he's been doing becau se his hair was growing! Needless to say our friend is very excited about this product, which is why I am about to order 50lbs. ! Thank you for offering this product and for keeping it so very affordable!!

M. Novinsky - L.I., NY

A "miracle" in my life

I have to tell you that Diatomaceous Earth is a 'miracle' in my life. For the past 5 years or so, my whole right side has been in pain. The last few weeks, the pain was excruciating. I had never contemplated hip replacement surgery, but the pain was so bad I would have had to do something if the DE had not started relieving the pain. I walked with a complete limp on the right side and could not bend down nor lift my right leg up to put on a shoe. After only 7 days, my husband and family can not believe what DE has done for me. Looking forward to continued healing the next several weeks.


Thanks for being there!

Now, about my DE. Been on a rounded tablespoon a day for 3 weeks this Friday. And I can already say, "Where have you been all my life"?! My back ache was gone in 3 days, been bad for about 3 weeks prior. Dry skin in now shiny, no flakes. And had trouble all this year with right knee locking up and very painful, down on knees working in my gardens, well, that has stopped, too!!! Fantastic stuff!! Thanks for being there!



I want to thank you for selling such an excellent product. I have been using diatomaceous earth for at least 6 months and have noticed a tremendous change in my health. I am an athletic person and go to the gym 5 days per week in addition to my daily cardio routine. I am 56 and haven't felt this good in 5 years. I have arthritis in my shoulders, hands and feet. I no longer feel pain in any of those joints when I weight lift. I seem to have more energy during the day which has enabled me to extend my workout time. I've also noticed my hair and nails growing faster and fatty nodules have disappeared. This product works for me and I am so grateful to the company.

Thank you!
Ralph in Florida

Stunned by the results

Dear Friends,

After less than two weeks of taking "earth," I'm stunned by the results. My sister said to take it slow. I took one treatment daily for three days and then increased it to two treatments daily. I try to take it earlier in the day as it gives me too much energy before bedtime.

Two days ago, I awoke in the middle of the night and noticed something. I had been suffering with severe pain in the bottoms of my heels. It was so severe that I couldn't put any weight on it. People would have to help me up and down stairs so I wouldn't fall. I realized in the middle of the night that I didn't have anymore pain in my heels. Unbelieveable, because I have been suffering with this heel condition for two years or more.

Thanks so much. I'll be telling my friends.


Andy Berard - Denver, Co.

Dear Earthworks,

I do have a personal testimony to the awesome effects that DE has provided me. I have suffered from hip pain due to severe arthritis and the recommendation from my doctor was hip replacement surgery. I am 51 years old and lead a very active and physical lifestyle up until two years ago. Golf and tennis were no longer possible due to the pain I received during that type of activity. I finally gave in and scheduled my hip replacement surgery back in October for December 27th 2007.
At the time of scheduling my surgery my son-in -law told me that he had family in New Mexico that suffered from severe arthritis and that Diatomaceous Earth had cured them. Of course being the huge skeptic that I am , I decided to research everything about DE and came to the educated conclusion , " What the hell do I have to loose". I started in October taking what I call the "DIRT" twice daily and within 2 weeks I started noticing a difference in how I felt. More energy. less pain in my joints and in my hip. Within 4 weeks I was 90% pain free. I called my doctor and postponed the surgery just in case this was a fluke because I had a huge golf trip planned for Arizona on Jan 18, 2007. Living in Colorado didn't provide any opportunity's to golf so the true test would be to see how my hip would do with 5 rounds scheduled for 3 days. Now, I am 51 years old and we are talking 90 holes of golf in three days. I haven't golfed that many holes in the past two years because it hurt so much. We'll we just got back from a beautiful weekend in Scottsdale, Az and I golfed like a rock star. I hung in there with the best of our group and I was "PAIN FREE". The true test for the effects of DE were absolutely incredible. Needless to say I told my doctor to shove it and he won't be operating on me and "THE DIRT " and I are best friends. I hope you include this real testimony as to the Miracle of Mother Nature.(Diatomaceous Earth).

C.G., Pagosa Springs, CO

I am writing this in hopes that someone will read this and be helped like I am. I tried diatomaceous earth, using about 3 heaping tablespoons in a cup of water, to appease my husband. He said it would be good for my hair. It doesn't taste bad, it actually is good. However a week later we were driving to the store; I looked down and noticed I had nails. I have bitten my nails since I can remember. I went out and bought polish. I could not believe how fast they were growing and the urge to bite them was no longer there. My hair was also thinning in front and it is now filled in. When my 25-year old sister was pregnant, she craved chalk. Her husband would actually go to the store and buy her chalk to eat. I gave her some of the diatomaceous earth and she loved it. She quit eating chalk and took the diatomaceous earth every day."

Trip to another country

In September I went to Croatia. I experienced extreme sleepiness during and after my trip. I thought I had contracted a parasite, since I was drinking the water and later found out the water was not that clean. It was the same sleepiness I had experienced on my trip to Russia and I figured I had contracted Giardia, a parasite common in Russia. When I came home I began an aggressive herbal de-worming program, which is the same program I offered my clients. This program consisted of taking cloves, black walnut, wormwood combination and a product balled Rascal. I stayed on this treatment faithfully for three full weeks and even did higher dosages than was recommended in the directions. I figured I was relieved of any critters hanging on to my intestines. Right? WRONG! Two months later I went to a clinic and had live blood cell analysis to determine my condition. I was shocked to discover parasites in the blood. How could this be? I was following a program that was offered by some of the top parasatologists in the country. An angel came into my life recently. She was a client doing my supervised fasting retreat I offer in my residence. Bonnie GAVE me a container of Diatomaceous Earth and said "try it for you and your dogs". What have I got to lose but a few wigglies, right? Hopefully! Guess what? After only 5 days of taking the recommended dose I passed a 5 inch creature determined by lab analysis to be a round worm. Not me! Not beautiful, charming, squeaky clean diet Millan! Yes. I guess they are right when they say 90 to 95 percent of us have parasites and worms. You see, they are usually a-symptomatic, so you could have them for years and never know it!

Kari - Nebraska

I just got back from the Doctor and he could not believe how much my cholerterol had went down!! No drugs--did it all naturally!! The Doctor even wrote down Diatomaceous Earth so he could do some research on it. My high blood pressure was also down. I do not like to take any medication, so I was very excited about my "natural" results. Also--for the 1st time in years I have fingernails!!! I can't believe how fast and strong they are growing. My complexion has also cleared up. Never have had a really bad face, but always a zit here and there---but now----smooth!!! I also love the way it makes my teeth feel when I dip my toothbrush in it.

Joyce - Nebraska

I have been taking a tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earth every day for the last 3 weeks and I have noticed the 2 dime size age spots on the right side of my face have disapeared!

Pam - Nebraska

A little over 4 years ago I was involved in a bad car accident. My head hit the windshield and I was in the hospital for several days. Even after countless tests and "suggestions" the medical field has not been able to give me any relief to my daily headaches. I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that this was something I would endure my whole life. 3 week ago I started taking Diatomaceous Earth. After the 1st week, I noticed my headaches were GONE!!! I don't know how it works---I don't even care---all I know is that I can go through the day now pain free. I was so excited that I took some over to my ageing mom and had her start taking it. I went back about a week later and the 1st thing she said to me was "listen to this" she breathed in a deep breath from her nose and then let it out through her nose. She was also very excited as she has had blocked sinus for years. She also noticed that the skin sores by her bra line on her back were gone. I then took some over to my daughter who has acne. Her face is better now than it ever has been. I am a believer in Diatomaceous Earth!!!

Terry - Nebraska

What I really notice is that the joints in my feet and knees do not hurt anymore---that is exciting---but what really has me amaized is that hair is starting to grow back on my bald spot!!! This stuff is GREAT!!!

Leann - Nebraska

I am a natural skeptic about "cure all" products like this, but was given a free jug of it if I would just try it. I suffer from arthritis all over my body and figured I had nothing to lose. After just 2 weeks of taking it every day, I am a believer!!! Not only do my joints not hurt anymore, but they have even stopped popping every time I bend them. I just generally feel better all over!! My Cholesterol has went from close to 500 down to 160!! I no longer take lipitor at all. I have gotten several of my co-workers taking Diatomaceous Earth now and they all love it also!!

Tom - Nebraska date, in addition to enhanced "regularity", the most noticeable effect, since I've been taking the DE, is a significant decrease in joint and/or muscle/ligament pain in and around the joints, including areas where I have arthritis.

Anne - Nebraska

I am a registered esthetician in Nebraska. I have been amazed at how DE improves the quality of skin. Both my sister and I have noticed hom much better our complexions are since using DE. I give out samples to all my clients to use as a cleanser---so far everyone really likes it!!

Louie - Nebraska

I have been taking DE for 3 weeks now. I had my blood pressure checked today and was very pleasently suprised how far down it was. I actually cannot remember the last time it was so low. My brother has high blood pressure also, I'll be sharing DE with him tomorrow!!

Mrs Acklie - Nebraska

My arthritis in my back had gotten so bad, that when I got on the floor, I had to crawl over to a chair to pull myself back up. After 6 weeks of DE, I noticed I was feeling better, but was I pleasently suprised the other day when I was on the floor playing with my grandchild. He darted away and without realizing it, I jumped up and started chasing Him!! No Pain!! Thanks DE!!

Karen - Nebraska

1st of all, my cholesterol is down --- in fact, I cut my lipitor in half!! I introduced DE to my Sister and she loves it!! She says she just feels better! Last week She got the surprise of Her life. She has osteoporosis and gets her bone mass checked every few months. When she went in last week, her bone mass had actually increased!! She also noticed that all the age spots on her arm had disappeared.

Mrs. Jensen - Nebraska

I live on a farm and have to feed calves with a bottle. The arthritis in my hands had gotten so bad, that after feeding 3 calves, my hands hurt so bad I would literally cry!! After only 1 month of DE, I could feed all 7 or 8 calves without any pain!!

Problems are GONE!!

I was bitten twice over the summer by black widows. Foe three months, I have been battling anxiety, alternating high blood pressure or low blood pressure, heart palpitations, migraines, light headedness, dizziness, major fatigue, muscle weakness, diarrhea, constipation, numb/tingly /pins/needles sensations throughout my entire body and not wanting to be around people. And still no answers as to why I still feel this way. Several blood tests, blood cultures and a brain cat scan show nothing. So I am left with doctors telling me I have an anxiety disorder and neuropathy . Really? I never had those problems before the bite??? Now I am in the process of further testing for Lupus, MS or other possible auto immune diseases. I started using DE for two weeks now. I am up to 2 or 3 Tablespoons per day. I am absolutely in awe! I am completely FREE OF ALL THE SYMPTOMS LISTED ABOVE! I am scheduled to have a neurology appointment next week....but I don't feel the need to go. I feel so good! I feel better than I did before I was bit with neurotoxins. Unbelievable. Thank you so much!!! I am telling all of my friends!

Boost to Immune System!

My testimony is this: I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome 2 years ago, which as an allergic reaction to a flu shot I received a few week earlier. During my recovery it was recommended from a friend to use DE to boost my immune system and ward off any virus in the future. I have been using it ever since and have also not gotten sick, not a virus or cold, in these 2 years. I take 1 heaping tablespoon every morning and find that I have more energy, better bowl movements, better absorption of nutrients, a healthier colon and an overall sense of well being...great stuff...thank you...blessings

Has Done So Much for Me!

I've been taking DE for about a month now. I have more energy. My skin is soooo soft. My nails are in the best condition they have ever been in. I have more energy. I'm giving it to my dogs and my cat. It's a great appetite suppressant. I can't say enough good stuff about it.

No More Dry Eyes!!

I worked out in the desert for years. Hot and dry, I was unable to make tears. After taking DE for a week or so, my husband and I were on a coaster ride in San Diego. I started laughing as we bobbed around and all of a sudden, my tear ducts burst free a huge amount of tears. They wet my face, I'm sure the DE cleared out the gunk in ducts and I haven't a dry eye since. Lots of other good things have happened to me that others have testified about, just thought I'd add the new one!

Both Parents Benefit!!

My Dad has Parkinson's Disease, my Mother has fibromyalgia. I purchased this in hopes of giving them some relief, but the results are amazing! After 2 weeks, my Dad is no longer having to take huge amounts of Parkinson's medication, stopped prostate meds, and can walk a straight line, jump on one foot, and not falling! My Mom has lost the "cement" feeling in her body, not having to nap throughout the day, and can go up and down her steps to her laundry area; which was quite painful! My husband and I have started it as of 5 days ago. I'm not wanting that mid-day nap on my days off, and stomach is noticeably flatter (Score). Hoping for great effects for my husband as he has constant knee pain and is needing them both replaced. Any relief in that area would be wonderful for him! I highly recommend this to my friends. Will be sharing some more of it this week!

Sinuses Cleared!

My sinuses cleared out after four weeks of two tablespoons a day back in January. More impressive is that this is the first summer of my life that I have not had to take any allergy medicine! I used to have to go on zyrtec, flonase and get steroid shots to get through the allergy season!

Helped Parkinson's and More!

My Dad has Parkinson's Disease, my Mother has fibromyalgia. I purchased this in hopes of giving them some relief, but the results are amazing! After 2 weeks, my Dad is no longer having to take huge amounts of Parkinson's medication, stopped prostate meds, and can walk a straight line, jump on one foot, and not falling! My Mom has lost the "cement" feeling in her body, not having to nap throughout the day, and can go up and down her steps to her laundry area; which was quite painful! My husband and I have started it as of 5 days ago. I'm not wanting that mid-day nap on my days off, and stomach is noticeably flatter (Score). Hoping for great effects for my husband as he has constant knee pain and is needing them both replaced. Any relief in that area would be wonderful for him! I highly recommend this to my friends. Will be sharing some more of it this week!

Lowered Cholesterol to Normal!

DE Testimony My name is Nicole and I am 22 years old. At age 19 I was informed that I had unhealthy Cholesterol levels in the mid-200s. As a healthy, active, young female this was a shock and after realizing it was a genetic trait I began trying many things to try to help lower this level. After deciding to do a zero-cholesterol diet for two months, which was extremely difficult on a college campus with resident hall food, and exercising every day during this time I was discouraged to find my levels only lower by 8-10 points. My doctor suggested beginning Cholesterol medications but this was not something I was interested in being so young. So I dealt with the tiredness, tried to watch, what I ate, and continued to exercise but still had high levels. After taking 1-2 tablespoons of DE food grade each morning for a month my Cholesterol levels dropped almost 20 points! This is twice the amount that my extreme dieting and exercise had done. Feeling more alert and better in the altogether I continued taking DE each morning and after using it for almost 8 months now my levels are within normal limits, meaning they have dropped nearly 40 points! This product has helped me feel better each day and will continue to help me live my life without worrying about effects later on! I would suggest anyone struggling with similar issues to try DE and see how much better you feel each day. Thank you DE food grade!

Lower Cholesterol and Arthritis Improvement!

I bought this stuff directly from earthworks after reading about all the benefits of taking this natural supplement. I specifically bought it for my mother who is on cholesterol medicine as well as other statin medication which i know damage her system. She also has severe arthritis which have practically deformed my moms hands. She has been taking this for a full year and I have to say results were so great, i now take this and give it to my pets as well. Her hands look normal again, she can walk comfortably and the coolest part is the doctor congratulated her for her great results in lowering her cholesterol, high blood pressure and her diabetes. So good in fact the doctor requested she take the tests over as he thought they were a mistake. She is slowly weaning off of her statin drugs thank goodness to no joy of her doctor.

Boost Your Immune System!

My testimony is this: I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome 2 years ago, which as an allergic reaction to a flu shot I received a few week earlier. During my recovery it was recommended from a friend to use DE to boost my immune system and ward off any virus in the future. I have been using it ever since and have also not gotten sick, not a virus or cold, in these 2 years. I take 1 heaping tablespoon every morning and find that I have more energy, better bowl movements, better absorption of nutrients, a healthier colon and an overall sense of well being...great stuff...thank you...blessings

Has Done So Much for Me and My Pets!

"I've been searching for a product like this since I was 39 years old (that's nearly 30 years) and now that I have found it, I no longer have the physical problems I once had; nor do my two dogs and my "antique" ocicat! This stuff is a MAJOR factor in remaining physically young for all animals. If you haven't tried Diatomaceous Earth, for your own health and/or the health and extended life of your family and pets, you are missing out on a wonderful NATURAL component of true health! I'm talking lowered cholesterol, disappeared age spots, absolutely clean digestive tract and much, much more. Don't pay your pharmacist or your "health provider" for imitations that don't work. Please, at least TRY DE. You will see how much better your life is after just a few weeks. Yes, I'm passionate about this all natural, simple gift from Our Creator to us in order to experience longer life and more joy from a healthy body. DE is amazingly inexpensive, so try it and get everyone you know to get away from the "health-care providers" and use Nature's own gift to become a picture of health and vitality, no matter what number your age says. God helps them who help themselves, you know. .... ."

I have my own nails now!!

"I wore fake nails for almost 20 years and had no strength in my own nails. I have been on my dirt for about a year now and now I have my own nails that I have to trim regularly because they get too long. Thanks Earthworks Health Diatomaceous Earth (food grade)"

Changed My Life!

I am so elated about this product and this company. I got really sick and by the end of 2012, I thought I was going to die. In my research I came across this product and made a purchase. I was reluctant to use it and held onto it for a few months prior. February of 2013 I started taking this product and I feel like my self again. No longer waking up lethargic and able to get in and out of my truck with ease. Never in my wildest dreams or imagination did i think i would need a product like this and now refuse to be without. Just purchased my second 2.5 container before i run out and purchased one for my mom. I hope she will give it a try and get the results of feeling healthier again.

Wow-after just 5 days!

"Wow!!! 5 days into using DE I have noticed better bowel movements and a flat stomach. I could feel it working in my upper intestine. I feel great and seem to have more energy. I don't feel sluggish anymore. DE was recommended to me by the nurse at my doctor's office. She gave me a small amount in a zip lock bag and my husband and I tried it and loved it so now I'm going to recommend it to everyone. I placed my order yesterday and can't wait to get it."

Changed My Life!!

"I have been on permanent disability for 7 years, due to severe endometriosis, candida, fibromyalgia, RA, 3 sleep disorders, CFS, and chronic pain. 5 days ago, I bought some food grade DE at the health food store after researching it extensively on the web and reading a book about it by a nutritionist, and all of its benefits for the human body. Since I am on 9 medications, 4 supplements, and wear a fentanyl patch 24/7, I have tried almost every medication out there for my conditions but each one had horrible side effects and the only ones I could tolerate were the ones I currently took. I say 'took' because one of them, 'Norco' which is a type of hydrocodone narcotic pain reliever, I had increased the dose through the years to relieve the breakthrough pain I felt, to 6-8 pills per day, especially before my monthly cycle started. I also took straight oral morphine, 4mg, besides the Norco, on the severe pain days and spent about 80% of my time in bed. I had to ride in the back seat of my car while my husband would drive me to appointments because it hurt to sit up straight. I have had a weak immune system my whole life and get very sick if someone even sneezes in my direction. After the first 2 days of taking DE, I noticed that the pain had decreased so much that I only needed to take Norco and the oral morphine pills for breakthrough pain 1 time! This is a miracle because it is the week before my monthly and I usually would be in bed sleeping most of the time!! After 3 more days, I didn't take any Norco or the morphine tablets at all on day 5, and have taken a total of 3 pills in the past 4 days!!! My normal amount would have been 32 pills!!! This is amazing stuff, I have had so much energy that my hubby and son can't believe I am actually cooking a full dinner, not something fast in the microwave, and I am eating more, not just an apple or nothing like I usually do!! I am very underweight because I have always felt full, but with the DE, I can eat like I used to, and have this peaceful feeling in my stomach and muscles. I don't know how else to describe it!! Thank God for DE, I wish I would have found this dirt sooner but I am totally enjoying it now and am able to live life to the fullest!! I hope that it keeps getting better to the point where I am able to eventually go off the patch! My skin is super soft, and I have no RA pain in my hips, like I would usually. My husband is taking it too, for his high cholesterol, and he has had a lot more energy too!! My brother in law was in so much pain that he couldn't even walk up the stairs to leave his home on the side of a mountain until 2 days ago when he started taking DE!! He stopped taking his pain pills too and doesn't think he will need the hip replacement surgery that his orthopedic surgeon had scheduled for him!! I will keep everyone posted on the great news about this wonderful natural product!! It is truly a gift from God."

"Got on the Scale and Almost Fell Over!"

Clara Sovereign posted on Earthworks Health Diatomaceous Earth (food grade)'s timeline "I started taking Diatomaceous Earth a week and a half ago for food allergies. I hadn't paid attention to everything physically wrong with me, but just a week and a half taking the Diatomaceous Earth two things yesterday shocked me. 1st I kept pulling up my pants, Thinking they were stretched out and needed washed, I put on another pair and the same thing. I got on the scale and almost fell over... I LOST 20lbs in a week and a half without trying!!!! I dropped a whole pant size!!! 2nd even cooler, my crippled hands I was losing use of and unable to straighten are now 99% better!!! I can straighten and most of the swelling is gone!!!"

Helped myself and husband with HAIR, NAILS, PAIN,

Ken (my husband) and I have been on the dirt for a year now. I was skeptical when I was first told about it. But let me tell you, I have zero leg cramps, nails hard as steel, no joint pain, and both Ken and my PH is 8.0! Ken's bald spot is filling in, we both have so much more energy at the end of the day. Thank you so much for this product. We will never stop taking it. We have our son and daughter on it and many friends.

No more joint pain and Shiny, Thick hair!

Hello Folks, Testimonial Within a week of starting DE I was able to sleep on my side, something I hadn't been able to do for a good 2 years because of the pain. When speaking to my brother on the phone about the benefits of DE I'd hardly got started when he said he'd try some. I continued to talk to make sure he was fully convinced! Afterwards he said my voice sounded completely different. I put it down to the weight of tiredness that had lifted from me and I felt younger and rejuvenated. Gradually over the weeks the pain left my joints until about 5 months later my right knee stopped locking. My hair is thicker and shinier, nails very strong and fast growing, then one day I noticed my formally long and sparse eyelashes were now thick and shorter. How did that happen without me noticing?! Also my elderly mother who had a bad problem with her painful fingers locking and having to release them with her other hand, is now pain free and has no problems with her fingers locking since being on DE for about 1 year. I've been taking DE for over 14 months.


I recently discovered DE and read through commentary to decide if it worked for me. I am experiencing many difficulties. 1.) I quit smoking on January 2, 2010. I gained 30lbs by August. I got pregnant in August; at the age of 41. I gained even more weight. I had a cesarean and still don't feel right. 2.) I got hit with menopause so bad that I was hospitalized because I was getting my cycle every 15 days, which means that as soon as it stopped it started the next day! I was having 10-15 hotflashes per day! I was having severe mood swings! I was having some anxiety too, which always followed with a hotflash. 4.) I was constantly starving! Constantly eating! Blowing up like a balloon by the end of the day. Always feeling swollen. Tired! Exhausted! No energy! Never felt refreshed after 10 hours of sleep. Extremely constipated! Then I felt like I was pregnant and something was moving. I asked my doctor about it, I even made a gynecologist appointment to make sure. I'm not pregnant but I either had gas that felt like a moving fetus, or I may have worms. I started by taking 1 tbsp. 3 times a day for 3 days. Not a single hotflash or mood swing! My hunger has faded. I have lost a few lbs. and I have more energy. I feel rested when I wake up. My bones and joints don't hurt. My fogbrain has lifted. And I haven't vowed to kick anyone's butt since! Further my nasal passages aren't inflamed and I am no longer congested! I can actually blow my nose! That was the first sign that DE was working! I even felt an amazing tingle in the roots of my teeth! I don't have high blood pressure or cholesterol, but I had hyper-tension really bad! That is gone! I scaled back the amount I was taking to 1tsp per day because I was super dehydrated! Its been 2 full weeks and I'm still feeling the benefits of this amazing miracle. I have been giving it to my dogs too! They know what it is and sit waiting for it every morning! I give them 1/2 tsp. per day. Ill probably scale it back to a 1/4 tsp. dose per day after the first freeze.

"Took 20 Years off my Age!!"

I started taking diatomaceous earth. I take about a rounded tablespoon in the morning in oatmeal, grits, ice cream, etc.. It has helped with my joints, not nearly as much pain. My left lung was almost useless, and hurt all the time. After taking DE for about two weeks I was able to cough up all the crud in my lung, and could breath much better. I felt like it took 20 years off my age. My face is clearer and smother. I highly recommend this product.

Ankle Swelling Gone!

Greetings, After healing from a scary heart episode, four years ago, I still had swollen ankles every night, especially the left one. If I allowed myself to gain weight, it became worse, as in swollen feet, ankles and legs. The Diatomaceous Earth must gravitate to where it is most critically needed. The organism, (me) must know where to direct it first, as I could not believe my eyes, when I looked and actually saw my ankle bone defined and revealed, because of the absence of the swelling. This much progress after less than a week! I know my heart and circulation are being rescued. Blessings.

DE Cured My Food Intolerances!!

To my new favorite people, A couple of months ago I very suddenly became allergic to EVERYTHING! I was losing around half a pound a day and was basically starving to death. I could only tolerate lamb, carrots, beets and a certain brand of imported spring water. Even those things I would sometimes react to. After multiple ER visits, a frustrating visit to an allergist (where I at least got an epi-pen) and no answers from any of the doctors I was in contact with, I started researching causes online. For awhile it seemed like Histamine Intolerance was my problem, along with a severe (anaphylaxis) reaction to any sulfites or sulfurous foods or supplements - though there were high histamine foods I didn't react to, and low histamine foods that I did. I tried supplementing with vitamins and minerals, but nothing was helping. I found information about DE and read everything I could find about it. Since so many of the issues DE addresses (parasites, candida, heavy metal and pesticide toxicity, infections, etc) were on the list of things that could cause a sudden onset of intolerances, I ordered some right away. My only regret is that I waited for almost a week before starting it. I had a severe reaction that had us driving to the nearest ER 18 miles away on a Sunday night around midnight (I hadn't even eat anything!), and the next morning I started taking the DE - just a teaspoon, first thing on an empty stomach. It's been almost 2 weeks now and I haven't had a reaction since taking it. I worked up to a heaping tablespoon within a few days and the horrific colors and textures that were "flushed" out of me in that first week were truly disturbing. I can now eat and drink anything I want to with no reaction - I can't believe it actually worked, and SO QUICKLY!!! You can't imagine my relief, not to mention my husband's, that I'm able to eat and function normally again! I'm a food blogger and recipe developer so food is not only my love, but also my livelihood! Thank you so much for this amazing product! I'm telling everybody I know about it, and already have friends and family ordering it for its amazing health benefits! I am so grateful to you and your product - I had read all of the testimonials before buying it but I still wouldn't believe it if I hadn't experienced it myself! I will be a loyal customer for life! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!

Less Bloating!

I have been using diatomaceous earth just a week and have had great results. 5 years ago I had a mass discovered in the lower left quadrant of my colon and had many tests and seen many doctors with no results. The pain and bloating had been so bad here in recent weeks that I could not tolerate it. My abdominal bloating was about 4 times the size that it should be and now after 7 short days it has decreased to half the size it was.I would like to thank you and your company for doing what doctors and medication could not. I have also started to see many other benefits too many to list that have greatly helped with my overall health and wellbeing. Thank you so much and I will be and already have been sending customers to your site so they too can discover this wonderful product and company like myself. I have also stopped using my prostate medication and no longer need catheters due to this great product. If only I had discovered this sooner I would have saved much money and ti me and been enjoying life instead of being enslaved to my bed.

Amazing Weight Loss!

Nabila wrote: "Well, I posted earlier in this comments thread and came back because I wanted you all to know how I did! Taking Diatomaceous Earth daily, I lost 45 lbs in 5 weeks and am keeping it off. The results speak for themselves. This product is life-changing - thank you!!

Knee Pain Gone!

I have been using DE for about eight weeks. I had arthroscopic surgery nine months ago for a torn meniscus. I have had severe pain and stiffness in both knees prior to taking D.E. for the past several weeks my knees Have been pain free and I no longer have stiffness. I am so thrilled with D.E that many of my friends and relatives are taking it. I have also noticed my hair and nails are growing exponentially. Thank you for making this product available.

Candida Control

You need to add another benefit of DE. Candida I have been fighting this for months until I started using DE no more flare up at all. I love this stuff I put it in my morning smoothies everyday. Thank you for making this available it has made my life livable again.

Praise God for the "dirt"

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! God made dirt, and dirt don't hurt. Thank you Larry and the Earthworkshealth family. Yesterday, January 10, 2013, is the third time I've placed an order for the box of four 2.5 gallon jugs of Diatomaceous Earth (DEarth) since my first order in early November 2012. The reason for this is as I've shared the testimonials, and known benefits of DEarth as well as my results with family, friends and co-workers, I've given away jugs and or sandwich bags of the product. I have taken DEarth everyday since receiving my first order back in November 2012. Yesterday, January 10, 2013 will have made 12 weeks of my consuming DEarth. In these few weeks, the following changes have taken place: Increase bowel movements > My skin is as soft as a baby's bottom > My hair feels so soft and silky > Strong fingernails > Clear and frequent urine flow > Joint pain in fingers and knees GONE! > My energy level has increase tremendously, as I was one who was always tired > Lastly, I educated myself on the importance of Silica and t How vital it is to the human body. My family and friends here in NJ, and in other states are now using DEarth. One of my brothers reported that he now takes half the dosage of his blood pressure medication after using DEarth for one month. My mom stated she can't do the two Tbs a day because the energy is too much for her, one dosage does her well. my nephew loves the energy because it allows him to do more with his work out routine. A friend in VA stated, she sees hair growing in her bold spot. Another says her hair which never seemed to grow is now growing along with her fingernails. Members of my church are taking it. One eliminated a parasite after the second day of usage. Another who is accustom to having sever menstrual cramps reported very little pain during menstrual cycle after only two weeks of using DEarth. The biggest testimony comes from a lady who was diagnosed with rheumatoid artists on over 85% of her body. Often during the winter months she'd walk as though she was crippled or we'd not see her at all. Today, January 11, 2013 makes twelve weeks of her consuming 1Tbs DEarth twice a day, the results are absolutely amazing. DEarth was introduced to me by a co-worker. I researched, ordered and began using the product. Four weeks into my usage, I reported my results to two co-workers. One, did the same as I, researched, read testimonials and purchased the same evening. She's stated her joint pain, gone and her husband has lost 12 lbs. The other co-worker forgot about it but, in conversation that same week her memory was triggered by something someone said and she mentioned to others in her work area that i told her about this stuff i was taking and what i said it had done for me so far. Together they researched, and made a collective purchase. To date, there are 10-12 of my co-workers consuming DEarth along with family and friends they've mentioned the product to. One woman is purchasing the box of four 2.5lbs jugs to send to family in Puerto Rico. Thank you for your wholesale pricing and thank you for distribution of one of God's earthen remedies for the body.

No More Migraines

I can not even begin to express how HAPPY I am that my friend told me about Diatomaceous Earth!!! I have suffered from migraine headaches since I was a teenager. I just figured it was from hormonal changes throughout the years with "becoming a woman" and then having children and now the hormonal changes of turning 40. My headaches were to the point where I would literally have to ask my husband to take me to the ER so they could give me instant medication to get rid of the pain. Before I turned 40 I had a procedure done that I thought would help with my menstrual cycles and also then in turn help with reducing my headaches during that time of the month (not the only time I would get migraines though, by the way). Well, it did help for about 2 years and then my headaches started to come back in full force and I would have a headache 4 days out of each week. Well, when my girlfriend heard that I was having so many headaches again she told me about your product. She said she was told by her doctor to use it for some other medical issues and she found that one of the extra things it helped with was her headaches. She told me she would give me a sample to use. I said, "hey, if it works for you then I am just going to order my own". So I did. I ordered a 10# bag to start out with. I figured I would give it a shot and if it didn?t help my headaches then I could use it around the outside of the house for other reasons. I had my order within 3 days of ordering it and I started taking it right away on November 13, 2012 (1 day before my 43rd birthday) and I have NOT HAD A HEADACHE since!!!! It has been a full 2 months without a headache. You have no idea how much this has truly changed my life. I can enjoy my kids and my grandchild more now. I have not had to take any Advil, or Ibuprofen or Aleve at all. It is simply amazing. I have told so many people about this product already and have given some of mine to friends to try for their headaches and fibromyalgia pains. I will continue to take this as long as it is working for me. I have also found that my teeth have gotten a little whiter since taking the "Dirt" and that my hair grows even faster than it did before. I have not however seen any weight loss like some people have which I was also hoping I would see, but that is ok. I can lose the weight on my own?.I couldn't get rid of the headaches on my own. THANK YOU!!!! For basically giving me a new outlook on my life. Amy

My Life Has Changed!

"My life has changed since taking daily "DE" in the mornings!For example: My bones are stronger, my skin softer, my hair and nails healthy and strong. I have no more headaches, I focus more, better memory, I feel more emotionally stable, without the need to eat all the time, and I finally feel rejuvenated in progress. To mention some benefits!!! Thanks to all who are promoting such a noble and valuable product!!!"

Many, Many Results!

"We've been on it since the 1st of September and it took about 2 months to get the full results. We started feeling the increase in energy around the 2nd full week. My restless legs and cramps got better around the 2nd month. My blood pressure has gone way down (about 1 month). Hopefully when I go back to the doctor next month it will be was 135/75 last time I went down from 195/100. I also have lost around 10 pounds (without trying) since i've been on it. I know it's the "dirt""

Makes me Feel Better!

I have been taking for ten days one tablespoon every morning. I don't know how to explain it but it makes me feel a sense of well being. I have a growth on my eye and it seems to be shrinking. My son is autistic and non verbal, I have been giving him 1 tablespoon every morning with orange juice. I see a improvement in him but I would l like to give it to him for at least a-month before I tell you what area I see the improvements and it is not my imagination. I just bought two ten pound bags; I have shared both bags with families and friends at work. So you should be getting orders from Hanford, CA. Thank you and God Bless you and your family


Arica wrote: "Thats awesome!!! I give it to all 5 of my kids everyday as well. My youngest just turned 6 on Sunday and my oldest is 11 and they all get 3-4 tablespoons a night and I cant even begin to tell you the improvements I've witnessed in their behavior! Specifically, my youngest son was extremely defiant and uncooperative but the change was so dramatic in his behavior after only the 2nd week he started drinking the DE I still cant believe it! I recommend this to everyone because its only going to improve your health but anyone dealing with a child with autism or behavioral issues needs to find a way to get this in their kids bodies! The miracle I assume is the DE is chelating metal buildup while remineralizing! And so important, its killing parasites, which it is estimated that 95% of humanity is infested at any given time!!! We just mix it in half a cup of water and drink it down. I tell everyone I know to get this stuff! I gave some to my sister a few weeks ago and 3 days afterwards she texted me that she passed a long parasite! This stuff is just necessary! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! THANK YOU GUYS for selling this :) I could literally go on about personal benefits I consistently experience but just know anyone reading this, this stuff does exactly what it claims to do!!!!! I've been taking it just over a year but results start to manifest in mere days!"

Changed my Life!!

Hi there, This may be kind of a long testimonial, I feel the need to thank you for this wonderful life saving product. I am 54 years old and I have a really long list of health problems that the "Dirt" has helped me with in a most significant way. I have Plantarfaciatis in both heel's of my feet with 2 spurs in each heel, I have spurs on both knee caps, Horrible Arthritis in both shoulders which required Injections on a regular schedule, I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrist and a cyst on my right wrist, a bunion on my left foot, Asthma, L-5 Disc tear which required Epidural's several times per year, Degenerative disc in neck (very painful), profuse sweating from head and face, white noise in left ear, fingernails splitting and cracking, acid reflux and arthritis in right index finger. I am very happy to inform you that I am now completely pain free for the 1st time in over 15 years! I can even walk around barefoot on concrete now if I want fingernails are growing, my hair is growing back and I can ride my horses again also....I am so much better thanks to this Diatomaceous Earth....I love it....wonderful product....I have given samples of it to my my family and friends and they are all having the same great results that I have.....thank you for making me, my family and friends so happy! I am so glad I bought the 50 pound bag...I put it in my dogs water bowl and they no longer have bad 12 year old Chihuahua is even playing and running all over again like she was a puppy! I wore a pair of high heels for the 1st time in 15 years and was on my feet for 5 and 1/2 hours in pain! I just add the dirt to a glass of water every morning and drink it straight easy to take. I just wish I would have known about this many years ago! Again many, many thanks! I am sincerely a happy customer

Softer Hair!

I've been eating this stuff ever sense I saw the you tube video in 2010, and it works, my hiar is softer, skin is even better than when I was using cocoa butter lotion. My doctor asked me if I took something for the parasites human commonly have, because I had very little. I love this stuff.

Whole Family Seen results!

Our family purchased some D.E. back in the spring and have been using it daily ever since. We have noticed some really great benefits! My wife notice that many symptoms of parasite activity diminsihed greatly. We both noticed more consistent and regular bowel movements and one of our daughters, who has chronic bad breath has seen a very pleasant change in her breath. The most powerful benefit I have noticed is with my teeth. I have very weak teeth that are falling apart and often I have great sensitivity to even drinking water. Since taking the D.E. regularly my teeth feel stronger and I have almost no pain ever. I know that teeth problems are a closely linked to poor digestion and the D.E. is the only change I have made to our health regimen. Thank you for selling a good wholesome product at a very low price that has helped our entire family.

More Energy!

I have been using DE for six months now and am a fitness buff. I have more energy and my body feels better than ever-I will be 60yrs old in oct 18! I play rackeball and twisted a nerve , usually it takes a month to recover from that but I was back in the racketball court in 4 days, this is a wonderfull product thank you.

Numbers all Lower!!

I want to add my testimony....I was pretty sure when I got DE that I would be doing this. THIS STUFF is wonderful. I just got back from my Wellness Screening we have every year...Last year, my Cholesterol was high, my Tryglyserides were high and I have diabetes in my family. THIS YEAR....everything was GREAT AND I AM 62!!!! My mother lives with me and we both take it every night before bed b/c we sleep so well. We mix it with Coconut water!!!! ....GET IT...IT'S GREAT AND DOES SO much stuff to make you healthy!!!!

Hair is Coming Back!

Hi Larry,,,just wanted to get back with you and to let you know that it has now been 3 months tomorrow since l started taking the diatomaceous earth and l have got eye brows growing back in,,they were thinning and sparse in spots,,and also my husband and people at church have remarked at how long my hair is getting,,which is a blessing,,,and got tiny hairs all over my scalp now sticking up all over,,,thank you for such a wonderful product,,l am going to place another order with your company today,,thank you for your time and kindness,,take care God bless you and your loved ones.

Smarter Kids!

Myself and my 5 kids ages 5-11 take 3 heaping tablespoons EVERY single night! On top of all the known cures of DE I have to say without doubt that my children's intelligence and behavior have improved incredibly! I don't know if its the minerals or the heavy metals being erradicted from their bodys but I am just amazed, we don't miss a night of taking it! And without question, my hair is growing at least twice as fast as it ever has! I've been taking DE for a solid year and will continue for life!

Doctor said "WOW"

Hi! I have been taking it for about a year now. I am 49 years old. Grew some of my hair back, liver results were normal, finger nails are stronger, keeps my blood pressure in check, and better eye sight up close. Eye Doctor was on the wow side of my results cause its supposed to get worse, however it's better. My wife just got her bone density test and the doctor was shocked for sure. It was better. Told her that whatever you are doing, keep it up. OH, also skin looks better...IT WORKS!!!!!!! Thanks Homer

Bowel Movements and More!

Hello, I just wanted to say I am so glad I came upon your website and found out about DE. For 4 years now I've had irregular Bowel Movements, at times only every 2-3 days. Which a result of that, I had a constant pain on my lower right side (I'm assuming of too much BM build up) and from the 1st day (July 5,2012) I started taking DE (1tsp) a day to start I was able to use the restroom normal. It has been 3 weeks now on DE (today is July 27,2012) now i take 2 tbls a day and I have a bowel movement 2 times a day for sure and sometimes even 3 times. My hair is growing and my nails are stronger than ever. The pain I had on my right side is completely gone as of today July 27. I started to give my kids some in their cereal or juice and one thing they notice is they had a mild acne on their arms and that has completely dissappeared and that's that they dont take it on a regualr basis as i do. My husband immediately noticed the back pain he has had for more than 8 years minimized t remendously to the point now that he dosent have to stretch at night anymore before he gets in bed. But I wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I have recommneded DE to all my family and friends and send them directly to your website. As a matter of fact my mother in law just go her order in this Wednesday and she is already referring people as well.

So Much More Energy!

Hi,,I am writing to order the 50 lb bag of Diatomaceous Earth,,,it is a very good product!! I have been on it for a little over a month now. I first noticed the brown blotches on the sides of my face and neck disappearing,because of menopausal stages ...I am sleeping great and get up in the mornings without any pain and got plenty of energy thru out the day to do my housework,,where before I had to make myself do the housework and had to stop and rest in between---Thank-You DE!!

Dramatical change in Skin, Nails and Hair!!

I just want to let you guys know this product is amazing! I have been taking DE for 2 almost 3 months now, what a difference! I feel soooooo good! My hair, nail and skin have changed dramatically! I had some blood work done after being on the product for only a few weeks and the doctors office called me to let me know my blood work was "great"! I have been telling ladies at my church and most of them have already ordered their "wonder dirt". I will never stop taking the DE!!! Even have my little dog on it!!! The uses the DE has is unbelievable. My daughter was making some bread and didn't have enough flour so she used the DE! Said the bread was really good! I have to admit the first DE I ordered I did use another company, but I didn't know of you until I did even more research. I will from now on be giving you my business! Thank you sooo much and have a Blessed Day!

No More Dry Eyes!

l no longer have red, dry, gritty feeling eyes,,they have cleared up..for the first time in years l no longer have dry eyes and dont look like l have been on a "drunk" the night before,,which means a lot to me since l am a church going lady...l found your product thru a site that is subscribe to called thrifty fun and they mentioned using the diatomaceous earth to get rid of fleas and such so l looked it up and saw the benefits that it would do for a person ,,,also there are sisters in the church that are on diatomaceous earth since i emailed you last also as a result of my testimonials to them about the diatomaceous earth..and they are also well pleased with the results...sure there are skeptics out there that are just that skeptics,but l know that "God's Miracle Dirt" does perform miracles.!!!l am living proof ...and plan on keeping on taking diatomaceous earth,,before l started taking this..l used to sit and think "Is this all there is to getting old, sitting around hurting all the time and getting old and wrinkled and not amounting to much of anything besides sitting around and doing nothing" Now l feel great and got energy that l never knew that l had and l am enjoying life that the Good Lord has given me and look forward to the new day every morning, instead of getting up every morning and hurting...what a great product that you have! l will report back to you when my hair does start growing back in ...thank you for your time and kindness,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie

Several Pains Gone!

Since taking DE, the pain in my left shoulder has disappeared. My gums which had become painful and sore over the last few years got better. I had a pain on the side of my leg from when I was hit by a car last year that has gone. Also, I have really dry skin which itches badly when I shower and a lot of creams (even prescription ones) didn't work. My skin is now much better. Plus DE also gives me energy and I sleep more deeply. Lastly, I should probably mention that I started using DE last year and started noticing results within days, but in the case of my gums the improvement was noticeable overnight! On and I've been experimenting with 'dosages' and I currently take one tablespoon a day. Lastly, their customer service is great (a big thanks to Jim) and they're always so helpful in providing delivery quotes to the UK. Thanks again Tricia (London, UK)

Craving for Sweets Gone!

Hi Earthworks,,just wanted to let you know that l received the diatomaceous earth this past Thursday,,and l was so anxious to try it and did just as soon as l could open it....and from the first day l took it,,,my craving for sweets and other foods and to eat all day long ceased,,,a box of sweets usually lasted around our house two days,,now a box is still in the house and that was Friday when they were bought and only one pack has been eaten from it and this is now Monday, 5 days later..also,,,l no longer have cold hands and feet for the first time in 6 years since my stroke,,they stayed ice cold day and night 24-7,,,now they are warm all day long even in air conditioned rooms and vehicles,,,and on day 4 l realized that l no longer have to struggle with turning over in the bed because my spine felt like bone on bone grinding together when l turned over,,now the pain is gone, where also before l had to sit on the side of the bed before l would rise up, the pain was so severe! Also l have knots on the side of my feet near my big toe and it has hurt for years so bad that l would lie awake for hours after l went to bed, now the pain is also gone! I used to cough all the time thru-out the night due to my asthma,,,now there is no coughing at night and few in the day and the coughs are no longer dry,,but moist and leave my system faster and l have not used the inhaler for 5 days! Hot flashes,,,they were very severe, so severe that l made my own hand fan to use ,,l carried that fan with me the store,,,to church,,,doctors offices, name the place,,,l had to have that fan,,,now they are down to maybe 1-3 a day,,where before l had them all day long...l also use the diatomaceous earth for facials as it leaves my skin so soft and silky and not tight,and l wash my hair in it and it leaves my hair so soft and silky and shiny, where before my shampoo left my hair coarse and stiff..what a difference "God's miracle dirt" has made in just 5 days!!! l never would have thought that it would work so quick,,I am now waiting for the time to report back to you when my hair starts growing back where it no longer grows and gets thick and long again..l have been praying for the Lord to perform a whole body miracle on both me and my husband,,and it looks like it is starting to happen. l told a sister in the church about your product and l gave her a jar of what l had and she started on it yesterday (Sunday) and also told my Pastor about it and he is anxious to try it also..thank you for your time and kindness for reading my email..this is the real truth,,,l was a skeptic at first til l tried it and it is really working for me,,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,Cassie

Eyebrows Growing Back!

Dear Friends: I wasn't really serious about using your product for myself until about six months ago. Now I'm discovering the great benefits of your product. I learned that I needed to take two heaping tablespoons with a calcium product (I use soy milk... but low-fat or reg milk will do). I used to take the powder with fruit juice, but evidently wasn't getting enough calcium in my diet to enhance the healing powers of DE. Faithfully now, I take the powder with my milk... my eyebrows were sparse and I've been told they'd never grow back, due to over plucking. My hair was lackluster also, and now it has a beautiful shine and is very soft (okay... I do use hair products but never had these results with them in the past). I kinda think it's like: 'physician, heal thyself' because I've been promoting your product to friends for a long time. I didn't have evidence to show them then, but now I DO! I'm a forever believer in DE! Mary, Grand Rapids, MI

Candida Gone!


Wow---Great Stuff!!

HELLO. MY MOM, HUSBAND AND MYSELF WAS INTRODUCED TO DE WHILE IN Memphis Tenn in April 2012 during our family vacation through my 1st cousin Earl Wilson Jr. He had previously bought his mom and 50ib bag of DE. So, we took a round bucket and brought some back home to Los Angeles, California with us! Oh! Boy! Let me tell you-everyone in my house has benefited from it! My middle son- who is 15 years old had stated getting what we called teenage ACNE all over his face. It was really starting to get bad. I felt as though it was because of the junk food his was eating! Anyway, only after about a month, his face is cleared of all those ugly bumps!!! And my other 2 kids-ages 9 and 11 years old, also have been benefiting from drinking the DE in the juice daily. My mom and my husband and myself have been taking the DE WHILE we where still there on vacation in APRIL 10, 2012 AND HAVE BEEN DRINKING IT EVER SINCE! My Husband SAYS HE DOESN'T FEEL ANY PAIN FROM OR THRU HIS SHOULDERS AND LEGS ANYMORE AND HIS HIGH BLOOKD PRESSURE(WHICH HAD SHOT UP TO 209 WHEN HE HAD THE STROKE IN 2011 MAY) WHICH CAUSED HIM TO BUST A BLOOD VESSEL IN THE BACK OF HIS HEAD, IT WAS SO HIGH! I BELIEVE GOD PUT MY COUSIN UP TO SHARING WITH US ABOUT THIS DE. THANK YOU JESUS. MY HUSBAND HAD HIS CK UP AND HIS BLOOD PRESSURE WAS TOO LOW!!! WE COULDN?T BELIEVE IT!!! So after all of this PROOF! I ORDERED A 50IB BAG FOR MYSELF(AND SHARING IT WITH MY MOM AND CLOSE FRIENDS!! THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. TAMMY/ CALIFORNIA

Cholesterol Down!

A friend told me about diatomaceous earth, and gave me a printout of your website along with a sample of the DE. I am a nurse, and I was very skeptical, but after much coaxing I agreed to try it. I have taken it for about a month, and had decided that if my cholesterol wasn't significantly lower I would quit. I got my lab results yesterday at the doctor... my cholesterol is down 62 points, and my triglycerides are down 80 points. Needless to say I will continue to use this product, and I can't wait to see the rest of the results materialize. My doctor is astounded.

It Works!

IT WORKS !! my pain is all but gone, i (was) to have surgery on my left knee, complete replacment, NOT ANYMORE! i took the dirt and, in 3 days all the pain is gone, i have more engry, i have not taken any antideprsent meds, or nerve meds , dont need them now. i have been taking the dirt now for 3 weeks it has helped me so much--i have told 4 people about it, gave them your web site, hope everyone order's and get started soon. as for me i will sending in a new order very soon thank you tennessee

I have my Youth Back!

After reading all the testimonials on 3/29 and 3/30 2012 I decided and pray that the raw elements in DE could and will wake up my bones. I am 55, high risk for fracture and can not take osteoporosis drugs and also have stenosis and scoliosis in my spine. Since I only get about 9,000 a year (disabled) I can?t buy as much calcium and other things that might help me (lots of medical cuts, more comes out of pocket). I ordered some DE on March 30th. I took my first tablespoon on April 5th, the 19th was my second week. I do 2 TBS a day. I see several things happening that cause me to believe my bones will be getting stronger over time. I am a herb addict and have taken adaptogens for 12 years or more. I was not expecting changes that are this obvious. Extremely obvious! 1-My skin has become more moisture absorbent from the inside of my body and looks much healthier, it actually looks much younger. I sit and look at the skin on my very small arms due to bone loss and laugh out loud. I see supple skin that is soaking up the elementals in DE and holding moisture in the cells, arms I haven?t seen in years. I picture in my mind my bones doing the same thing. I smile and think to myself healthy bones are on the way. Bones are my bane. Due to my herbs, I shock every lab tech that does my blood work up. They and all my doctors have remarked that they have never seen anyone that makes more ?good cholesterol? than bad cholesterol. I do. My HDL is 96 and my LDL is 23. I just got my results last Thursday. I am extremely healthy except for my bones and BP. I was not expecting this major biological change inside of my body. I live in an apt building and others have noticed and remarked on it. 2-I wasn?t concerned about my wrinkles. They were not a lot or deep. But...since I do a face mask 2 or 3 times a week in last 2 weeks I look better. I do believe that some scars are getting lighter also. Others have noticed and remarked on this also. 3-I was very thin all my life 98 LBS. until mid 40?s. Until mid 40s I could eat my weight in chicken and dumplings and never gain an ounce. Super charged metabolism. Actually I look better with some weight on me. It is disappearing so fast it is hard to believe. Yes! I weighed on the 13th when I had the blood taken for labs. 129 LBS.. On the 19th I weighed 118 and a half. I have so much energy I am sitting here and burning fuel just like in the days of yore. I love it! I even sleep less now. I feel and am starting to look like the old me I spent 45 years inside of. I just hope I do not go back to 98 LBS. soaking wet. But I will welcome with open arms that energy I had back then. My sister is going to go insane. She has been dieting since she was 2. lol All these biological and physiological changes on the inside in just a mere two weeks cause me to expect thicker bones. I wasn?t seeking the above results just bone health. This is truly a precious gift. I was 5.3 10 years ago. I have lost quarter of an inch every 3 years since 06. I believe I may, God willing, get that half an inch back! God led me to the adaptogens and other herbs that have kept me healthy in spite of the chemtrails, but no energy or bones improving with them. The Lord has blessed me and answer those 2 issues through you. I believe I will be able to drop some of the herbs, I am keeping the adaptogens, especially drop the one I am taking for colon support. The plumbing is super good. But I believe my cup of mud everyday will be an able replacement. Only downside is that it is working like a diuretic on me. I spent lots more time tinkling than ever before. I know it is flushing out the toxins. I hope this ends soon! Maybe I need to cut back a TBS. I am drinking a cup of mud as I type this. Thank you Jesus! God bless you and yours, Deborah

I Feel NORMAL Again!!

I am a "brittle diabetic" and arthritic and hadn't felt anywhere near normal for some time. I had no energy and lived with constant dizziness, head fog, and pain that would awaken me at night. I hate taking toxic meds so I was suffering a great deal. I prayed for an answer and after investigation, found your site. What a difference a few days of DE makes! Unbelievable! After just a few days, my night pain was gone and my head was clear! I didn't feel normal - I felt BETTER THAN NORMAL! Not only that, but after about a week and a half, I passed what could only be a tape worm and smaller parasites! No telling how long they had been there! Needless to say, I am a convert to the benefits of DE and have been passing on the information to all I see. This stuff literally saved my life. I thank the Lord for answering my prayers and leading me to the knowledge of this amazing stuff.

Allergies Much Improved!

I received my very first shipment of Earthworks DE this past Saturday, March 24th. On Saturday, Sunday & Monday my dogs and cat received the recommended dosage. As of yet, I have not seen any changes in their behavior. However, I have had unusual side effects from my first dosage -- a very good side effect: from the past few days I have been very ill from an allergic response to the usually high level of pollen (around 12000 -- normal high 2000). After my very first dose, within 3 hours I was expelling mucus through my nose, lungs and even tear ducts. I intentionally skipped the dose on Sunday and double upped this Monday. After taking the double dose this morning, I noticed my body expelling even more mucus after making a visual inspection of my bowel movement. Is this a coincidence, I think not. I look forward to feeling better as I continue my new health regime with Earthworks Health DE! Kathleen

Great Cholesterol Results!!

I have been taking DE faithfully for 4 months now. I just had my annual blood test and I have to tell you that I was extremely surprised at my results! My total cholesterol was 158! I am 44, 5' 4" and 250 lbs. My numbers even amazed my doctor. My sugar was 70, Trig - 77, LDL - 93, and HDL-48. The only number that I needed to work on was the HDL and he said I needed to exercise more for that. Last year, my total cholesterol was 200. The only change that I've made was the DE, so I know it has worked wonders for me. Numbers aside, I had a calcium deposit problem on my elbow. It left me with unsightly red circular nasty looking bumps. Within 2 weeks they were completely gone. My eyelashes were getting very sparse and they have started growing back! I'm definitely hooked. Barb from PA

Life Changing Product!

I am ordering my first supply of de after going to florida on vacation, the most beautiful woman shared her knowledge of this product with 4 skeptical woman and myself, after sharing all she knew about this product and the remarkable health benefits I had to be the lab rat. I was not scarred as she explained how it has changed her life. I was most interested in the healing effect of the intestinal problems as when I was 2 yrs old I had 40" of my large intestines removed I have lived for 47 yrs with cramping bloating loose stools sometimes as many as 15 a day, I always had to be careful about the foods I ate as they sometimes caused excurciating pain and heartburn. I have also suffered from sinus infection and bronchitis for years. Also diagnosed several years ago with osteoporosis..I eagarly took the sample she gave us the next morning immediately my heartburn went away and my stomache stopped cramping I was having normal bowel movements within 2 days my sinus has not flarred and even a persistant cough that I have had for years has subsided. I have so much energy that I am accomplishing so much more everyday, I have an overwhelming feeling of well being, I feel GREAT!!!!! I convinced the 4 skeptical women to try this as I want my friends and family to experience the same great feeling. They also love it and have testimonials of their own we talk everyday to compare all the benefits that we are receiving from this miracle product. Our hair,fingernails,skin,teeth,arthritis,respritory,intestinal the list goes on and on. I tell everyone I meet about this life changing product and I wish we could convince the entire world to take it just think if something so simple could end all the suffering in our much sweeter life could be if everybody felt as fabulous as I do....This goes out to one special lady who I feel may have saved my life, who I know has changed my life forever....Thank you and may God bless you always.

Many Helps for Me!

Earth Works Health: Wanted to let you know what EARTH has done for me I started using your Earth product in Jan 2011 as the months went by I have felt and noticed the following aches and pains in all my joints all reduced to almost zero blood pressure dropped by 12 to 15 points hair grows like crazy nails growing fast to digestion much improved. And I had lots of pain in my shoulder joints all gone. This stuff works never would of believed it if I wouldn't tried it. I am sure my skin in general is much healthier justs looks and feels better. Will use product as long as I live Thanks Robert in CO

More Energy!!

Hi, my name is Linda and I am 62 years old. I started using Diatomacious Earth after a physic told me I should get rid of the parasites in my body. I was feeling tired and run down all the time and I was looking for something to give me a little more "pep". Well, let me tell you, I found it! After only 2 and 1/2 months of taking DE, I now feel like I did at 25! I work a second shift job and have been laid off several times in the last 10 years. Every time I returned to work, it got harder to re-adjust to the job and I felt run down all the time. Now I feel like a "spring-chicken" and can do anything a younger person can do. Also, a few years ago I experienced a torn cartilage in my right knee and that has been painful for several years. Today I am pain free and I credit that to DE also.. My first order was for 4 jars of DE, which I shared with a few of my friends and my Children. If I find something that helps me, I try to share the gift with anyone who will listen. One of my friends used DE to rid her house and cat of fleas. My grown children have celiac disease and DE has helped to clean their intestines and start the healing. The only actual cure for Celiac is a wheat free diet but the disease does do damage to your intestines, they both feel that DE has made an improvement in their digestion. So I just placed my second order for DE, a 10 pound bag this time. And I will continue to share the news with as many of my friends and relatives that are interested in feeling better. Thank you, Linda

So Many Problems Gone!

I have extremely ill for almost 8 years. Numerous stomach illnesses, high blood pressure, Reflex Sympathic Dystrophy in my right arm, arthritis, chronic broncitis, depression and list list goes on and on. I was told about DE from a friend that I had recently made in the last 2 months. I started taking it immediately and I cannot believe the ENORMOUS improvement in my health in just 6 weeks. It is God's Dirt and I'm so glad my friend has informed me about it. I take some on a daily basis with juice and my energy level and pains and other symptons have almost vanished. THANK YOU for this product. I have just ordered some of my own and I intend on making it a daily supplement. P.S. I ordered some doggie treats for my pet Daschshund also, I'm sure she'll be pleased also. Plus I have spread the word to customer's and friends because they have asked what have I been doing, they can see the improvement also. God Bless the Earth and DE.

Shoulder Pail Gone!

I just had to write you my Testimonial.....For 3 months I couldnt sleep on my left side as my shoulder was bothering me and I couldn't lift my arm in a vertical way over my head. I stopped working out for a good month hoping it would heal, but to my disappointment it did not. I talked things over with the mother of my Child and decided I was going to visit the Dr. to have them look at it as it was persistent! The next day her order came in of the Earthworks and said "Try this!"; I read the uses and decided...Why not?...WEll, the very next day the pain was GONE! No problems sleeping, no problems lifting my arm...100% gone! I am not back lifting weights and I am sold 100% and will be recommending this to all my clients!! THANK YOU!

Say goodbye to age spots, hello to radiant skin!!

I began taking DE 5 weeks ago. I was contemplating a $500 round of photo facials to remove ugly raised age spots on my face and neck. I am only 47 years old but have a heredity to this skin condition on both sides of my family. About 3 weeks into the daily DE they started to get flaky and fall off. I am very happy to say that after 5 weeks, they are GONE! My skin on my entire body looks radiant. Great news since I am a Cosmetologist and sell skin care as well. Haha now my clients must know about DE as well. Licenced Cosmetologist, Phoenix, Arizona

It Works!

Oct 29 2011 I started taking DE into my food 1 heaping tablespoon every day, 1 week later I feel much better, my stool is larger then ever in my life, so it's cleaning out my colon. I have Diabetes neropathy in my hands and feet, I noticed the tingeling sensation is now gone. My blood pressure is going down and my hands that were cold before are now starting to warm up. My dog had fleas, they also gone after a few days. I'm a believer.

Better Health


Lipomas Shrinking!

This stuff is disolving my lipomas. They're shrinking every day. Lipomas are beningn tumors made of body fat. I take 3 big spoons daily and i've drinking it on a small glass with less than a half of water. I also noticed that my hair is growing thicker and my skin is softer and less dry.

Better Skin!

I started taking diatomaceous earth after reading about the many health benefits. After just 2 weeks of taking a tablespoon a day I noticed my eczema was clearing up, my skin no longer felt dry, my nails were stronger than ever and they stopped splitting and peeling and my hair was growing faster than before! I couldn't believe that I noticed such a difference in a short time. My family even noticed my skin looked better :) After trying many different products (soaps, lotions, meds, etc) it was amazing to me that diatomaceous earth fixed what so many others could not. Thank you for selling such a great product!

Worms Gone!

Hi, I ordered your DE and have only been taking it for about 2 weeks now and I must say I am amazed. First let me start off by telling you I have had numerous health issues for the past 4 years. I believe my main problem has always been parasites. I did my first parasite clease about 2 years ago and I thought I had achieved great results until I decided to try oxygen therapy and discovered I still had parasites in me. The oxygen therapy I used was food grade hydrogen peroxide and it tastes awful but it was so worth it when I saw all the worms I had passed in my stools. Well after this I did a few liver cleanses and they expelled some more dead worms and I was thrilled. I still continued to have health issues and no Dr. could help me or tell me what my problem was. They knew very little about parasites and were glad to take my money even though. I had to take my own health in my hands and with many hours of online researching I came across DE. I thought it might help me with my breathing issues and dizziness but to my surprise, after only taking it for 4 days, I passed more worms! I couldn't believe I still had them after the oxygen therapy! So DE has been a blessing for me. I believe it's totally cleaning me out finally. As for my other health issues, since I will continue to use it daily I know I will be protected from any other parasites that might want to try and take residence and hopefully the rest of my health issues will resolve. Also, for the first time in years, my cycle surprised me. I had no idea it was coming because usually I get severe headaches and cramping/bloating when it's on it's way. So I am thrilled with DE. Other things I've noticed are, better eyesight, more bowel movements, less dizziness, stronger nails and hubby's hair is growing back where he's been practically bald to about 10 years! Thank you for your wonderful product! Angela

My Body is "Whooping for Joy!!"

As to myself, I have had a life-long condition of being allergic to milk (lactose intolerance). I did not know about this until I was about 55 (I am 63 now), and by that time a lot of damage had been done. All the milk, cheese and yoghurt I had consumed over a lifetime had packed itself, being indigestible, onto my body and plugged up my whole system. I had suffered a lot from acne in my teen years, been overweight, and had a slow metabolism. That explained it. Now taking just 1 rounded tablespoon of DE per day in the morning, has found my body whooping for joy, as a way of finally clearing out all the indigestable portion of my former milk-containing diet. I am totally convinced there is no other way this could have been accomplished. I also notice, when adding a small amount of water to it and rubbing it on my face, that I am losing the terrible enlarged pores that I so woefully acquired somewhere along the way. My aging face is starting to lose its sag, and I do appear and feel younger and more well. Also in my younger years I had begun what I now know is a nasty habit: I had started to use marijuana. Fortunately I did stop using it before too long, as it was fogging up my mind and making work difficult. However, after using the DE I am noticing residual deposits from its use, flushing out of my system. I am more sane and more alert for it! There is no substitute for that. Therefore, I want to give my personal thanks to the Earthworks Company, and my personal recommendation to anyone to buy some and give it a try!

Thank You!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! I have suffered 12 years excruciating lower back pain; it had gotten so bad that I could not put my socks on. I went to chiropractors, acupunctures, pain killers to no avail. It is so amazing I am able to sleep all night! First Time In years, also the pain has gone away in my hands and shoulders I am 73 years young and have never felt so good, I could go on forever on what Diatomaceous has done for me. Thanks again ED in AZ

So Many Fast Changes!

I am writing to tell you of the amazing changes the DE has speedily brought to me. I am an artist and have suffered for years with severe arthritis in my hands and shoulders. After a mere 3 days of taking DE, the pain and inflammation completely disappeared. Gone! I cannot believe the wonderful change! I am sleeping better, have much more energy and am even seeing moles and dark spots on my skin disappearing. Finally, I have had the most awful cracked heels for around 15 years. Nothing would help. Nothing. They would break open and bleed in the winters. After one week of the DE, they were almost healed. I haven't checked my numbers for BP and cholesterol, but I have a feeling that the doc will be quite baffled. This has been a genuine miracle and I am telling as many folks as possible. I am very grateful for this opportunity to truly recapture youth and health! Here's hoping that everyone who reads this will take a tiny leap of faith and try it. >Dana/ Georgetown, TX >14 days on the dirt!

Lower Blood Sugar for Diabetic!

I have been diagnosed a diabetic back in 2008. I started talking diatomaceous earth 2 months ago, and noticed a considerable reduction in my blood sugar stats. My stats were usually above 200, however, since taking a tablespoon daily of DE I have notice my Blood sugar is now in the 130's which is a significant improvement. I felt a need to share this as I hope others will recieve the possible benefits of DE. I have also treated a female friend of mine who suffers from severe womens hot flashes with D.E. (a tablespoon daily), and immediately she has experienced total relief from the flashes after going years with this conditon, and trying numerous medicines prescribed by doctors that never worked. This even surprised me because I know she was in a bad way with these flashes, and she couldn't find any relief, no matter what she took for it. IM spreading the good news. This stuff is a blessing. Thanks for keeping the price low.

No More Pain!

Hello, Thank you very much for this product. I have been using Diatomaceous earth for over two years every single day. I had severe painful arthritis in my quadriceps, feet, legs, neck, fingers and shoulders. I was overly athletic my whole life with over use-age of my muscles and having many injuries. After one week of using this I noticed I had no pain anywhere. I truly could not believe it and thought maybe it was just a good week with the weather, moon, etc. After 2 weeks of zero pain I was absolutely thrilled to see this arthritis was NOT wreaking havoc in my body. I will forever use this and will purchase 50 pounds at a time so I can give samples to suffering people to try. I still am pain free and am forever grateful to such a miracle fix all. I used to buy silica in tablet form and it is extremely expensive in small sized bottles. This is an excellent price and much easier to swallow in water. To all of you people lucky and smart enough to love yourselves this is the answer to good health! I will be forever a user of DE !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a ton !

Nothing Else Worked!

Good afternoon, I just wanted to let you know that I overheard my chiropractor's partner mention diatomacious earth after a visit. I had flu-like symptoms and weakness for many months, and had been on numerous rounds of antibiotics. I had been tested and treated for uninary tract infections and yeast infestions many times. Nothing was working and I felt miserable. One of the doctors suggested that I might have chronic fatigue syndrome. My chiropractor said I tested positive for parasites, and as I said, his colleague off-handedly mentioned the diatomacious earth. I took the parasite pills my chiropractor gave me, and still did not get better. Finally I remembered and ordered the D.E. and started using it and giving it to my two mini-Schnauzers on a daily basis. In a few weeks I gradually felt better. Over time, the weakness, lethargy, and flu-like symptoms have gone away. When I get a cold, instead of having it develop into bronchitis, it remains mild and goes away too. My dogs have beautiful fur, and no more scaly, flaky skin. I will be 57 years old in January, and I have started Taekwondo. I don't expect to be Bruce Lee, but I keep up very well, and love the intense workouts four times a week after work. I am not making this up, and I will be taking D.E. from now on. So will my doggies. I am very happy to be able to tell you these results, and thank you so much. Martha

Lipomas shrinking!

This thing is disolving my lipomas. They're shrinking every day. Lipomas are beningn tumors made of body fat. I take 3 big spoons daily and i've drinking it on a small glass with less than a half of water. I also noticed that my hair is growing thicker and my skin is softer and less dry.

Helped in SO MANY areas!!

I must say I was very skeptical when my sister told me about this "dirt". A friend of her husbands had been using it for several months with great affects. So they got some from him and tried it for two weeks and was already seeing some signs of it working. So we went in together and ordered a 50 lb. bag. I and my husband have been on it now for seven weeks. I have degenerative disk disorder, arthritis in hips, knees, ankles and feet. I also have been losing my hair for the past few years more and more, had dark circles and bags under my eyes and in a lot of pain for other problems and also weighed 273 lbs. AS OF LAST WEEK I HAVE LOST 14 LBS. my pain from arthritis and other pain has lessen tremendously. My hot flashes and night sweats which were horrible and down by at least 75%. (this alone was worth it too me), it has taken away my mood swings which caused me to have to stop watching my grandchildren because they got on my my nerves so much and I would get so angry with them and yell a lot. NOW I DON'T DO THAT...THANK YOU FOR THIS MARVELOUS "DIRT" we call it. My husband who has narcolypse/cataplexy has seen some improvements in some of his areas as well. We both have a lot more energy than we have had in years..WOW!...I get comments on my hair now, people saying is shines more and it is getting thicker as well and filling back in where it was thinning. The circles and bags under my eyes are gone and my complection has improved as well. I am so very pleased with this product of yours. I also have 5 more people in my church and two more family members on it as well....Just wish it was easier to get a hold of.

Helped Our Whole Family

After starting my entire family (dogs and all) on DE several months ago the results have been just amazing. Since turning 50 my energy level had plummeted and I had just resigned myself to the fact that it would always be that way. Now, I have so much more energy and just have a feeling of well-being. Also, on my last trip to the hairdresser she asked me why did I have all these two inch hairs all over my head. My hair had been thinning drastically prior to DE. Now it's all coming back. None of these compare to what it has done for my 76 year old mother. She has had type 2 diabetes for at least 20 years. She has taken insulin daily for more years than I can remember. She started on DE this past July. It wasn't long before she started having lower blood sugars and with her doctors advice started decreasing her insulin. Her average A1C's before DE were 7.3 or higher. Her latest was 6.2. She called me today to let me know she has dropped one of the two types of insulin completely and with her progress the doctor expects she will be off of insulin completely before long. This is an absolute miracle. I can't tell you what this means to me. My mother will now live a healthier happier life. Before she was worried the diabetes would take her eyesight, or her feet or legs. Now she is letting herself dream of being free of diabetes. I believe this is a true gift from God and I love to tell anyone who will listen to me all about it. Each time I send for more DE my order gets larger. My first order was four containers, then twelve, now sixteen. I want to have plenty on hand so I can sell it at my cost to others so everyone around me can have improved health. Thank you. Becky

Helping Cravings, Coughs, and More!!

As for my family and I, we have noticed having a lot more energy and not having the food cravings like we use to. My husband is a smoker and he used to cough alot a night and ever since taking the DE, he hasn't been coughing anymore at night. My nails have been growing like crazy and my skin feels softer than ever and not so dry. I was so excited about the DE, that I gave some to my brother to try (which has to take medicine for his cholesteral and high blood pressure) and my neighbor too. My neighbor has already seen a lot of changes in his health. Just to name one, he was having problems with his prostate and was having trouble urinating. He was excited to tell me that after a few months of taking it, he no longer has problems with his prostate anymore or with urinating. My husbands parents have also order from your company after sharing this information with them. They are also excited to see what wonderful things the DE will do for them. I will continue to tell everyone I know about this wonderful stuff. I am a believer in the DE and its truly a miracle from God! May God bless you and your familes.

Lower Blood Pressure and More!

For me, my blood pressure has been absolutely perfect. Not the case for many years now. My cat had a dandruff thing for years and much shedding... that stopped. Her fur is shiny and soft now - without added petting! She is acting abut 5 years younger! My skin seems less dry and calluses gone. Nails growing faster.. hair probably too. I have a sense of well being - calmer. I put some on my toothbrush and stains are diminishing. I washed my face with it and it was very soft after. I had these 2 fatty lumps under the skin and now one is gone and the other is shrinking. Don't know why - I assume it is the DE. That's all I can think of for now. But, I check my BP twice a day and am still amazed at the blood pressure

Lost 10 Pounds!

I came across your website when I was looking for help with my dog who had kidney disease. My other dog had been to the vet and had a injection for itching,loosing his hair, plus the other vaccines. He was falling down outside and having a very hard time being stable on his feet after that day. I started giving him diatomaceous earth ( 1 Teaspoon 2x's a day. ) He is like 10 years younger now. He dances in circles ready to go out side in the morning now. No more falling down. Then my husband and I started taking it. He lost 10 lbs, I have fingernails that grow over the tops of my fingers. It's great for constapation. I sent some to my sister and she now has great fingernails. Something so cheap and simple. And so natural. Nancy

Fibromyalgia Help

Dear earthworkshealth, Hi. This Diatomaceous Earth is a miracle to me. I have fibromyalgia and this DE is the ONLY thing I have ever found that helps me. But I'm worried. Is DE a common resource? Is there a chance that we will run out of DE in the next 20 years? I know this is an unusual question, but in a very real way my life depends on always having DE available and I'm worried sick that we will run out. Note from Earthworks: There is over a 100 year supply in the Perma-guard mine---plenty for our lifetime!

Gave Me My Life Back!

Less than two weeks ago I purchased your DE aka as 'dirt'. We started taking the 1 rounded tablespoon. Within 2 days my hot flashes were gone along with the helpless feeling that went with it!! I have never been so impressed with a product, it has literally given me my life back!

Many Good Things!!

DE is Great I started taking DE May 29 2010, the day I got my shipment. Now some 88 days later, good things have happened. First my blood pressure is in normal range, my hair and nails are better, my blood sugar levels are getting back in normal range after 20 years of out of range. My legs would hurt after walking, no more pain, I am sleeping better and I have more energy. The list of improvements goes on and I'm loving it. Thanks for being there and God Bless Bob from Michigan

Many Benefits!

It Works!! Can?t tell you how much your product has done for me. I?ve been on it 5 to 6 weeks now, boy I can tell a difference in my joints, sleep better at night, and have also lost some weight, which is a bonus. Thanks to my friend who told me about it and to you all for selling the product. I can?t tell enough people about it. It?s so wonderful, can?t say enough about DE. Nora in North Carolina

Pain Gone-Blood Pressure Lower!

Hi! On August 7th my husband and I began taking DE. He had been having severe pain in his one knee. Later that day he said it felt like he had less pain and I said that was ridiculous being he just started that day. But each day he seems to feel less and less pain. He's 89 years old and no one can believe it as he has been always on the go. My left foot has been so sore that at times when I would massage it, it felt like it was broken. I can barely feel any pain now. Two days ago I had an appointment with our Doctor. It is a known fact that usually people's blood pressure is higher in the doctor's office because of stress. Mine is usually around 126 over 76 (but higher in his office)with a pulse in the upper 80's but usually in the 90's. Tuesday when my blood pressure was taken, it was 110 over 70 with a pulse of 73. Shock for sure. We are hoping to see far more results, but am very thankful to you and our Lord for answered prayer.

Nausea Gone!

I actually was given a little of this from my brother who LOVES it and uses it everyday on him and his family. I decided to try it after being nauseated every day for months and months. I knew it wasn't stress related, and the doctors I saw were no help. The thought of drinking this stuff grossed me out, but I was getting desperate. I'm so glad I tried this because after 2 days of taking this I felt better! The nausea I'd had everyday for about 6 months was gone! I know it was this that fixed it because I missed taking it one day and was sick again. I've been taking it for about 2 weeks now and feel great! I have noticed my nails are stronger and my normally dry skin hasn't needed lotion everyday! I've decided since it worked so well on me I'm going to buy it for my husband, my children, and my dog (and of course I'll keep using it!)! I was skeptical at first but I'm certainly convinced now! Thanks for helping me DE! *** from Idaho

Helped Me in Many Ways!

I bought DE from you guys about 4 months ago and have been taking it consistently. I have noticed that my skin seems to be thicker, my hair grows faster and my teeth even look like they are thicker. I feel alot stronger and I am thankful for finding your product because before I started taking it I was a mess. I was in a car accident at the end of 2008 when a drunk driver hit us from behind. I was very slow at healing, but once I started to take this the pain from the whiplash has gone down almost completely now. I also use this as a toothpaste because regular toothpaste makes me gag! This stuff is so great it should be in everyone's home and I hope people start to realise that the cures for our ailments are right under our noses and come from the humblest of places-diatoms! Thanks again and god bless you all I hope your business continues to grow!

Psoraisis Cleared Up!

I ordered some DE about 12 days ago and received it shortly thereafter. I started taking it 6 days ago and my right elbow is 95% cleared of the psoraisis I had there. I have had that about 2 years. I was amazed.

Pain is GONE!!

There aren't enough words to thank your company enough for giving me my life back. I've only been using the DE for 10 days now and already feel better then I have in 20 years. I can't imagine how much better life is going to be as I continue! I am 45 and suffer from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The pain from both had become unbearable, leaving me no choice but to sit and watch my family go about their lives. After only 3 days on the DE I noticed that my hands were no longer stiff and the pain in my back and hips had decreased. At the 5 day mark I noticed that I could get up and down without pain and now at the 10 day point, i'm getting around without assistance. I'm starting to get out again,no longer in fear of the pain and stiffness causing me problems. I'm getting my life back and you can't put a price on that. THANK YOU

Hemorrhoids Gone!

My husband bought a small bag of your Diatomaceous Earth at a small health food store in Gunnison, CO, while on vacation. I have had terrible, swollen, bleeding and painful hemorrhoids for the last 12 days. I took one teaspoon dose of Diatomaceous Earth mixed in water, the next morning the hemorrhoids were 100% gone like I had never had them! I have had this problem on and off for 27 years. This is beyond what one would expect from any product. I did not use any other product externally or internally for hemorrhoids, so I know the Diatomaceous Earth gave my body what it needed to heal. My husband has had shoulder joint pain for years from injuries, he took one teaspoon and his shoulder pain is 100% gone in one shoulder and 80% in the other. Obviously our bodies are really in need of silica, we must have a silicia deficiency. I am very excited to see what other health corrections will occur. I have several autoimmune diseases, including Celiac, Hashimoto's and Igg4 food immune responses to wheat, dairy, eggs, rice and green peas. I run tests on a regular basis so I will update you with any future progress on cytokines, autoimmune, etc. I have high Tumor necrosis factor alpha and a TH1 dominant immune system. K. from Arizona

Psoriasis GONE!

It's a miracle! I ordered some of your diatomaceous earth and have taken it faithfully every day since - about 6 weeks now. I heard about it from my compounding pharmacist. They had a sheet of information and it caught my eye because it said it would help with psoriasis. I've suffered from psoriasis on my soles and palms for 14 years and nothing helped. I've been to at least 20 doctors, tried acupuncture, steroid creams and a myriad of oils and concoctions, none of which worked. At times the itching would be utterly unbearable, so I would scratch and then the skin would be raw and red and crack open. Now my palms and soles are completely healed - in only 6 weeks! The skin is pink and healthy and I am walking barefoot for the first time in years. In addition, my skin overall looks so much better. I used to have dark splotchy spots on my shins and that has cleared up as well. I've also noticed I have no more joint pain in my hips and lower back. Sometimes when you live with something for so long, you forget what it is to feel really good. And I feel like I'm 30 instead of 60! I used to hobble around for a few minutes if I had been sitting for awhile, trying to work the kinks and stiffness out. Now I just jump up like a little kid. There is no more stiffness and pain! I can easily pick up my little grandchildren. What a pleasure. Thank you for making this available. It has changed my life. I tell everyone I know about what it has done for me. God bless you and your family, Jean

female baldness gone!

Hello there. Just a quick note to let you know that DE has improved my life. In Oct 2009 I developed female pattern balness and lost 85% of my hair. I started using 1 tbs. daily of DE and in Jan 2010 my hair started growing back. Today I have as much hair as I've ever had and it's in better shape than ever. Thank you so much for your product, it has given me my life back. Sincerely M. Idaho

Life Has Been Changed!


Grow Hair!

This is a testimonial for the DE, I would like to tell you what it has done for me and my son-in-law. For him, he had a bald spot on the top of his head and he is only 38. He started taking the DE just once a day for 2 months now and he has new hair growing! Also our shoulders are very painful when we do something- he is a logger. Since taking the DE, the pain has lessened by half and we can both do things with our arms that were so very painful before.

Skin Problems

A friend said she heard it was good for skin problems. I had not heard first hand, but she said her friend who has skin problems because of allergy to the sunshine has had great results; my friend thought it would help my eczema, and it certainly has! The eczema on my neck that is common for folks in their fifties and older, is no longer sitting on the surface of my skin. It has gone below skin level, is no longer red and swollen, and 50% of the itching is gone! Yes! -I needed relief!

Miracle Powder!

I just wanted to say that I have been on your product now for about 3 months and it has been a miracle for me. I have stills disease, fibermyalgia, migraines, and narcolepsye and had been bed ridden and have never been able to make plans, I have always had to play each day by the moment. I have been on so many pain killers has I have been in terrific pain all the time. Since I have been on your product just one tablespoon a day in yogurt it has truely given me a new life, no pain and so much energy that I have not had in 25 years. I feel great and so many people tell me how great I look I am 49 years old and I feel 20 again. I is now working on limiting my migraines that I am now so thankful for. I am a perfect example of this miracle powder, it has worked wonderes for me. Thank you so much.

Quit My Meds!

Dear Friends, Just wanted to tell you I love the dirt ! I have stopped taking my medication for high blood pressure, nerves, and cholesterol. My blood pressure is 111 over 71, and everyone tells me how calm I am. An old friend keeps telling me how well I look. Thanks so much!! Lewis

Less Food Cravings

Hi, I am 53 and until a few years ago had enjoyed very good health. But I have gained over 30 extra pounds and was having issues with psoriasis, fatigue and hormonal imbalance related symptoms. I haven't been able to lose weight no matter how hard I try. Just looked on the calendar, it was "Earth Day" lol ,when I started taking your wonderful product, so that was about 2 weeks ago ! A dear friend shared some of her order with me. Within a couple of days, one of the most noticeable benefits was that my usual hunger and cravings for salty or sugary foods began to disappear. My energy level has improved, and the psoriasis is clearing up. I am also noticing a very calm contentment, or balanced feeling, not the usual shaky ~ almost a blood sugar imbalance feeling~ I was dealing with in between meals. I am feeling satisfied with smaller portions of food, and have lost a couple of pounds already and I know this will continue. In addition, I had been trying to quit drinking coffee for years, as I knew in my heart the Lord was convicting me that it was bad for my health. From about the third day of adding the DE to my morning drink (instant breakfast)or cereal, I haven't had any desire to drink coffee. Thank you so much for providing it at such a reasonable cost ! I have told several people about DE--may the Lord continue to shine His blessing on your business and lives.

Can Make a Fist!

Another testimonial. I've been adding diatomaceous earth to my orange juice for about 1 week and for the first time in several years I can actually make a fist without severe pain! And my knee feels much better too. I thought about this for about a year before I ordered, and am sure glad I gave thinking and acted. THANKS! Your u-tube video is what convinced me to give it a try.

Chronic Diarrhea Healed!

I wanted to send a testimonial in for Diatomaceous Earth and exactly what it has done for me! I have only been taking this product for two-three weeks at the most, and its results are outstanding. A brief background, I am 40 years old and for the past 22 years I have been suffering with Chronic Diarrhea 5-10 times a day and abdominal pains so bad that it would buckle me over and take my breath away! After only 2-3 weeks of taking two tablespoons a day with my Ice Tea..I am excited & thrilled to say that I no longer have Chronic Diarrhea and I have become regular. I no longer have the abdominal pains & to think I needed no DR. to heal this affliction. My other half, who only uses one Tablespoon a day, use to suffer from cramps in her legs and feet at night when she sleeps. They have virtually become non existent! This is a product I will order again and again & i have been recommending it to all my friends. Thank you for such a wonderful product! Matt

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!

I've just started using DE about a week ago.....I can't believe the results I'm getting!!! My hair is shining and hasn't done that in a long time. My age spots are disappearing. My brain is clearing...I don't feel "foggy" anymore. I've noticed that my skin, which was starting to look like "old lady skin" is starting to look a lot younger. My teeth feel so clean and in the morning don't feel "yukky". I have energy again!! My constipation has gone. I'm telling everyone about DE. I can't believe how great DE is!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

Walking Normal Again!

I?m overjoyed! I am a 60 year old man. My Achilles Tendon on my left leg had been inflamed and causing extreme pain for almost one year. I was actually becoming desperate in looking for a remedy since I had no successful results from other methods. A friend of mine called me one evening and read to me a testimonial from your web site about a similar healing that one of you users had shared. With his recommendation and the testimonial I was ready to order. I have been taking the DE for approximately three months now, and my pain is virtually gone and the large lump at the bottom of my Achilles is about 50% smaller than it had been for almost one year. I can now walk normally again, without pain. I had become so accustomed to limping that I now feel like a kid again.

No More Pain!

After reading the testimonies of others, I ordered a 50lb. bag of DE and started taking it on March 19th to see what it might do for me. I have had back pain for many years and have been in the hospital for back pain spasms and all they could do was give me drugs for pain. Then I did therapy. I always had a constant low aching back pain, never would go away, no matter what I'd do. After two weeks of taking DE, one day I realized my low back pain was gone. I couldn't believe it. I was amazed. What a Godsend this was. After being on it now for a tad over 2 months, I have noticed other changes in my health. I just plain feel better. I had RLS and believe it or not, that's gone too. I can get comfortable in bed and am sleeping better at night. I've given up taking Benefiber every day as I seem to be more regular and not so constipated. Let me tell you, I am 70 years young and this DE is wonderful. I wish I had known about it long before now. My youngest daughter has had an itching problem from the time she was in middle school until now and she is 39. When I got this DE, I told her she ought to give it a try as I read DE was good for itching. I gave her some to try and miraculously she has stopped itching and can now take a shower too, without itching. She's been on it a little less than a month. I simply can't say enough good things about DE. I love it!!!!! Jean

Eaiser Periods

My name is Sheree, I have been taken DE daily since i got it. It has been about 2 months. My cycles have always been heavy, but since using DE they are mild to almost nothing! My bowl movements are also regular now. All of the buildup is starting to come out! I know it may sound nasty but DE is helping me alot. I am also starting to lose weight as well! Thanks Earthworks!

So Many Benefits!!

I started taking Diatomaceous Earth on Valentines day of 2010 and all I can say is THANK YOU! I have been keeping a DE journal because I wanted to document every possible change that I might experience. I used to have cramping every month since I was 12 years of age, but it wasn't so bad after I had my fist child at age 18. At the age of 32 I got a tubal ligation done and the cramps from my menstrual cycle hereafter are so severe that I have to take Aleve, a pain medication in order to calm it down. Now that I am 44 year old and going through pre-menopausal symptoms, My hormones are out of whack and the pain continues to plague me. After taking the DE for 30 days the pain is gone completely. The anxiety from going through changes from my pre-menopause has subsided tremendously! I am overjoyed that I have had a stress-free painless period, and the calmness of my nerves. DE has regulated my bowel movements to everyday instead of every other day or every two days. I had not been regular in moving my bowels for years! This is the first time that I have been able to go when I should, even two times a day at times. In my stool I noticed strange things coming out, but not scary things. They kind of things that make you wonder and say "what is that!" I'd like to mention also, that my nails are growing at an alarming rate, and my hair shines much more than before. I have been getting compliments on how healthy my hair looks and how great my skin looks. Many people have told me that my skin is absolutely glowing and they want to know what am I doing. Generally, I am in good health and DE is helping me maintain that status. Thank you so very very much for this wonderful product! You can best believe I have shared my 50 lb bag with others and they have raved about the great manifestations the DE has given them. I am spreading this information along about what DE has done for me and others so can order their DE as well.

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Dear Smith Family and Earthworks Associates, I'm writing to thank you for giving me back my husband's health. Not long ago, his blood pressure and cholesterol numbers were off the charts... on the bad side! Worrisome bad! No matter what we did, what prescriptions he took, what we ate... nothing seemed to make much of a difference. And then we discovered Earthworks! Actually, a dear friend told us about your product. He's been taking it for decades, and he swears it's what gives him his health and bountiful energy. We checked out your website... and thought, why not? We ordered 10 pounds of your product, and began taking it religiously every morning with coffee. We're only a couple of months into taking it, but I can tell you that it's already having a positive effect on my husband's health! Just last month, only one month into taking the product, his bloodwork came back with astounding numbers... his cholesterol is 10 points LOWER than it was while taking the doctor prescribed medication! And our doctor said, "Well, it's probably a combination of the two things." But the truth is, he quit taking the prescription! So it's absolutely due to the diatomaceous earth! And his blood pressure is now at normal numbers, too! We go back to the doctor in two days to have more bloodwork done, so we'll see how much more of an effect the silica has had, but I honestly expect to hear good news. So, thank you... thank you for providing this product! I'm sold!

No More Sun Damage!

I have been taking one heaping tbsp. of DE in my morning juice since last fall. I wrote you shortly after starting it with an amazing healing in a wrist/thumb area with no cartilage to speak of that was finally pain free after only a few days of taking DE. My husband and I just got back from a trip to the UT/AZ border area. I have had sun allergy for going on 49 years and had to wear protective clothing at all times when I was out in the sun or my skin would look similar to alligator hide and would get water blisters as well. The itching and stinging after sun exposure was horrid and I never found anything to counteract the problem. To make a long story short, I was out in the desert sun during our vacation for hours at a time with NO SIGN of sun allergy! I actually tanned and my skin is baby soft! I also, due to allergies, had eczema outbreaks in my hair......they too are gone! I do not plan on ever running out of DE! Because of my successes, many of my friends and family are also taking DE. Thank you for making this wonderful product available and it doesn't break the bank either! Thank you again and God Bless! Evanston, WY

Helps with Food Cravings!

I purchased the 10lb bag of DE because of my knee and lower back sciatica pain. Because of the anecdotal reports I expected to gain some relief and recover some mobility and flexibility which I have. In just two days from now it will be exactly 3 weeks since I first gulped down the dirt. Yes, my knees are feeling better day by day and my lower back is much more flexible and doesn't ache anymore. This now allows me to walk my dog further which in turn increases my endurance and strength. I know it's a cycle but when that cycle is broken it's hard to start it up again. The surprise to me is what DE is doing to my food cravings. Not that I was a raging foodaholic but I could easily eat seconds when something tasted good and I am not a stranger to snacking. But not now, not since I began taking DE. Now I am only really hungry twice a day; once around noon and again around 6PM. I still love food and I have an eager desire to cook for my husband and myself but now, no matter how yummy my food is I eat only a single normal portion and sometimes even that is hard to finish. Basically, I eat whatever I want but the portions are tiny. I compare my plate to my husbands and my portions are noticeably smaller. I have always wondered what it is that makes a big eater different from someone who can leave really good food on the plate and be satisfied with that. While I still don't know what makes the difference I do know for me DE is making something change somewhere. So I guess you can say DE is helping my knees in two ways. I'll keep gulping down my DE and grapefruit juice as long as I can afford it. I believe in the miracle of the body God has given us and I guess DE is part of that miracle too. Thanks New Smyrna Beach, FL

Changed My Life

What a change in my life the DE has made.Off several meds now. Skin is glowing ,hair and nails are healthy too. In the garden is doesn't bother the worms or tiny frogs. I get everybody I know to try it and all my family is crazy about it. DE has changed my life.

No More Pain

Here's my testimonial: I started the Dirt only 2 weeks ago and already I've seen great changes! I had heel pain every day after work and had to have my husband massage my feet before bed. But now, no more pain! Not even a trace of heel pain. I did a face mask and my skin felt so soft. I love it. I drink it every morning with my orange juice and gives me a boost for the day. Wow! Fantastic product.

Severe Dry Skin GONE!

I have Psoriasis in the worse way on my hands and feet. I got it from using soap over the years I have neglected it and since spending hundreds of dollars trying to find a cure for it at the doctors office. It has been at least 15 years and 2 doctors later and the creams prescribed to me made it twice as bad. I was ashamed to use my hands when receiving change at the check out stand or to show my feet in the summer time. The skin is dry, flaky, red and sometimes bumpy and when people see it they are shocked and at times ask me what happened. I took a little of this product and mixed it with water and rubbed it into my skin and the flakes began to fall off. It improved the texture with just one use so I continued to uses it internally and externally. What I discovered after taking it two to three times daily, my skin now looks radiant, new an supple and yes youthful among other benefits. I'm 45 years old and I was beginning to see dry skin and poor elasticity on my face around my mouth and chin area-- this bothered me, but to my suprise this problem is clearing up. This product is my fountain of youth. I also have more energy and exercise more because of it. I feel great!

So many problems--GONE!

I started taking DE three weeks ago. I am taking the rounded tablespoon each morning. I had pain in my hips at night, now it is gone. I had dry cracked skin on heels, elbows and hands, now it is gone. I had a dime sized age spot on my face and a number of smaller ones on my hands, now they are gone or going. I have more energy, and sleep better. I also have Type II diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and baldness. I can?t wait until my next checkup to see what happens with the labs on those.

Night Vision and Fibromyalgia

I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth for a little over 2 months with some interesting results. Within the first month, I could tell a difference in my nightvision. It was much sharper and more clear. As I have had less than wonderful night vision my entire life, this was indeed a wonderful surprise! Also, I have had fibromyalgia since my teens. I will be 55 in January. The last four years have brought more difficulties with joints and bones with less flexibility in muscles and joints. I am very pleased to say that for the first time in years, I can lift my leg and turn my foot up to work on it with the pumice stone in the shower! In general, I seem to be experiencing less pain. My nails are shinier and seem to be growing more rapidly. I am a therapeutic massage therapist and I am recommending this product to all my clients who are open and receptive to supplemental therapies. thanks!

No more Pain!

I have been taking DE for several weeks and really didn't think I would have much to say this soon. I retired from an office job because I could no longer use my left hand to file papers two years ago. I have had constant pain from a lack of cartilage in the area at the base of my thumb making it very painful to use. Initially, not using my thumb would control the pain but during the past year nothing has been able to bring relief and I was told the the use of nSaids would only further deplete the cartilage and they didn't help that much anyway. This left me with nowhere to turn. It was at this point I began taking a daily dose of DE with my morning OJ. I had some problems with the full tablespoon dose and had to drop back a bit for a week but am back up to the full amount with no complications and feeling fine. I am AMAZED and very pleased to report that I am nearly pain free...........I can bump the area and make it hurt for a bit; but it is soooooooooooooo much better and I expect it to continue to get ever better as I continue to take the DE. What is taking place is blowing my mind. I had x-rays taken over a year ago and it was obvious that we were looking at an area that was bone on bone. An orthopedic surgeon did injections to help, but that only lasted a few short weeks at best, only lessened the pain and was pretty pricey (it was supposed to take care of it for a year at a time). I do not understand what has happened here since I have been taking DE; but I certainly understand pain relief! I wore an elastic brace to just try and keep it from getting worse and I have not had to wear that in over two weeks at this point. From my experience, I would highly recommend this product for anyone. You might want to go a bit slow for a week and maybe only take a half dose if it bothers you at all. I am so glad I did not give up; it is utterly amazing how much better I am and I have done nothing different other than the DE! I am giving everyone samples and recommending that they continue use. God Bless you...............I love what this stuff has done for me!

Works on Me also!

I am so a believer now!! I am a breeder of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs and have been usingl DE for at least 10 years to keep my dogs free of parasites. I have a now 11 year old male who had been getting stiffer over the last few years and I was not looking forward to the time when I would have put him out of his pain. Right after I started giving him the DE for internal parasites, I noticed he was not having as much trouble getting up as he used to. Over time, he got better and better, and while he is not running around like a youngster, his quality of life has improved enormously. After running across your site and learning that humans can use DE also, I started using it for my arthritis ... not really expecting any difference for a few months. After taking DE for less than 3 months, I can now walk up stairs easily without dragging myself up by the railings. I am losing weight gradually and didn't even realize it until a friend asked me what kind of diet I was on because I was so much thinner than the last time she saw me. Since I had not been dieting, but had been eating the same as in the past, I was surprised when I got on the scales and saw I had lost 11 lbs in 3 months without changing my eating regimen in any way!! And, the one thing I really like is the texture of my skin has improved drastically ... used to itch all the time ... not anymore and it feels so much softer. I just cannot say enough about DE ... I tell all my friends and, of course, I am a walking advertisement since I have changed so much and they can see the difference in me. All I can say is ... thanks so much and God bless you for making something so good affordable for those like me (I just turned 65) who are on a fixed income and cannot afford expensive arthritis meds. I don't know what I would do without you.

More Energy!

I was on the Internet searching for a de-worming medicine for our kitten when I stumbled across this site. I had never heard of Diatomaceous Earth before but once I started reading about it I couldn?t stop. I searched the Internet for a solid week finding all the information I could regarding DE. First thing I discovered was I think everyone should be taking this DE for the over-all health. The second thing I discovered was your site provides the best deal around to buy DE. I have been taking DE for 4 weeks now and I no longer need to take my anti-depressants that I was taking. I feel great when I wake up in the morning and seem to have more energy all day long. Thank you for offering DE at a great price. I will tell everyone I know about it.

Feel SO much better!

Hope you are fine. I started taking DE and I have been recommending it to all my friends, and some have already ordered it. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last July had two surgeries lumpectomy, gone thru the journey of chemo 6 rounds and 8 weeks of radiation every day, but now a 5 year pill, Aremidex started in June is killing me, so an angel knocked on my door and introduced me to your product, and I have been on it for about three weeks and I am feeling great, less joint pain, urinating better, skin looks better, moods are stable not irritable, more energy bowel movements are not so runny leg and ankle, wrist, and hip pain gone, and no more pains and tightness in chest. Thanks SO much!

Clean Colon

My husband went for a colonoscopy today. We had been doing 'dirt' (DE) for the past month. On his two prior colonoscopies dating back over the past six years, he has been suffering from ulcerative colitis. We are VERY HAPPY to report that the doctor said there is no indication of colitis!!! WE HAVE TO PICTURES TO PROVE IT!! We will keep doing ?dirt?. New York

Psoriais GONE!

I started useing d.e in august 09 and this date is nov 09. I've had the worst psoriais on my scalp for over 25 years. after useing d.e since august, its all gone! my scalp is as healthy as when I was a child. I use a tablespoon of d.e in orange juice every morning. thanks tom

No more pain!

Just wanted to say what a great product. I own a trucking business and had severe shoulder pain due to the nature of flat bed work that I do. Couldnt sleep at night and no mobility. DE gave me more energy, no pain, and finally restful nights. I have sent ziploc baggies to friends and family so they can experience my success ! Thanks Kathleen

Toenail fungus

I went to a nutritionist and he said I needed to give my 12 yr. old son diatomaceous earth for his toenail fungus and it would be gone in 60 days. I thought he was crazy, but I had trusted him on other things and so we tried it. His ugly black toenail was gone! It was truly beyond belief! I was so weary of the anti-fungal creams and oral medications, so this was an amazing alternative. I want to shout it from the roof top! - Diana

Amazing Earth

I just thought I would let you know how amazing your product is. I started taking two tablespoons once a day not thinking it would help a whole lot. You see I am a thirty year old male that works out and eats very healthy so I did not think it would do anything all that great for me. I was so wrong. After taking this for only three days I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and a small yellow bump that I have had in my left eye for over ten years was gone and the whites of my eyes were bright white no red at all. I showed my friends and family and they were just as shocked. They all thought I had it removed by a doctor. Not only that, I feel great as well. I will be telling everyone about this stuff. Thank you Larry

I Have Nails!

I go to a manicurist every two weeks to pamper my hands and since I've been taking DE, something interesting has happened. It used to be that every third visit (about six weeks), she would file my nails back because they would be too long. I spend a lot of time on a computer keyboard and need to feel the keys in order to type quickly. Since I've been religious about my DE (1 TB every morning in my morning smoothie), she has to file my nails EVERY VISIT!! She asked me what I was doing differently that made her have to work harder, lol. Not only that, but I decided to grow my hair out after having an extremely short style for about seven years, and it's growing like a weed! AND! it's rich and healthy! I am 57 years old, and far from slowing down, it's like my system got a sudden boost of youth. Go figure. The only thing that has changed has been the addition of the DE. I love sushi, and with the horror stories about parasites, I know I don't have anything to worry about. A heaping tablespoon in juice after a sushi frenzy puts my mind at ease. I'm giving a large container to a girlfriend who has RA (rheumatoid arthritis) to see if it helps her. Her current medication makes her so sick ... the DE can't hurt at all. I will write again when she reports back to me. I haven't ordered the 50 pounds yet, but I know that's coming up in the future. It's perfect! Irene

How It Helped Me


Lower Blood Pressure!

Hope you are well. As promised back on July 29, I wanted to provide some feedback on the product that you gave me. Of the approximately 40 days I could have taken it, I HAVE probably 36-37 of those days and must tell you I am very pleased with the results. I have been mixing it with Orange or Cranberry juice and there is absolutely no bad flavor which I have experienced with other products. My energy level is at an all time high, and although aches and pains, and the regular "creaks" you have in a 43 year old body have never been HUGE for me, but I can tell you that my joints have never felt better. The best part is how it affected my blood pressure. I have been battling some borderline high blood pressure for years, generally somewhere in the 135/145 over 90/95 range. Over the last week or two, it has been consistently around 132/83, which I am thrilled with. I have yet to take that physical to get some of the other numbers checked, but I am excited about that process and feel that I will see some overall improvement in things such as triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Thanks so much for the product?.You have a customer for life! Tom

Less Pain

This is a record or daily account, for what this Diatomaceous Earth has done for me. I am 71+ years old. I started taking it on Mon Jun 3-09, and on Jun 4 - 5 I noticed that my lower back on the right side the pain has stopped. On Jun 4 my nose is staying open!-- this sinus trouble I've had since I worked in a meat packing plant back when I was 21-- none of the nose, ear, and throat doctors, have been able to help me at all. Fri morning Jun 5 at 1:30 am, and I don't seem to be having any heartburns. On July 3 I noticed my skin on my face and nose was clearing up. Aug 3-09 white and brown spots on my arms seems to be getting smaller. It looks like I'm finding that, I 'm getting better each day as I go along, day by day. Its really wonderful the way this DE is working for me. Richard in Florida

Better Skin!

A co-worker told me about this as he was told by someone, so he ordered it and gave me some; it has been exactly 8 days today and I can tell you that it works! And it doesn?t take a long time to find out. Immediately, I noticed my energy level changed, I finally have some energy! But what caught my eye is my skin. I have had a little roughness since going through menopause and it left my face looking not so good, but one day this week I noticed how bright my face looked and the spots from the acne appeared to be fading. I thought, I?m going to keep my eyes on this and see if I?m imagining this or is it really happening; well it?s true, the dark spots on my face is beginning to fade. I can hardly wait to see what?s next. I started out with one rounded tablespoon, but I?m now taking it twice a day; in the morning after I brush my teeth, I have a rounded tablespoon; this is the first thing I put in my stomach; and around 3:00/p I have another. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had a small bald spot in my hair due to sickness last year, and guess what? It?s filling in! -no joke- Thanks Earthworks - Carolyn

Hot Flashes Gone!

after just one week - no weird side effects. more energy. the best news is that i am no longer having hot flashes at night/day. This is the best WOW effect - i was hoping for. now all my menopausal girlfriends want to try shell flower. also not yawning mid day any more. regulates me fine. looking forward to other benefits. ive been telling everyone to at least give it a try. Diane in MN

No More Pain!

I myself take DE and have been amazed with the changes to my own body, no more knee pain I had an Achilles heel that had been swollen for more than two years and even the doctor could not get it to go away, but after my first two month of DE the achilles heel was completely normal with no more swelling. I also suffered from pain in the bottom of my feed, especially in the morning when I would get up they would hurt for a few minutes until I walked around for a bit. I noticed that within just a few weeks of taking DE I had no more pain in my feet. Like I said I have been on DE now for approx. one year and I have not had a single flare up of any kind. I have told everyone about this product and have made believers out of everyone that has tried it. My parents use the DE themselves and for all their animals too and they love it. I am so grateful that I was introduced to DE and I will continue to pass on my amazing results to others. I would never go without taking DE again. I will take this product for as long as I live it is just AMAZING. Alison from VA

Worked Wonders for Me

Im 68. Dealing with chronic fatigue and a mosaic of health problems stemming from birth defects caused me to seek alternative things to restore my health. From not feeling good enough to get out of bed, last winter Ive gotten to where can work all day. The chronic tiredness, cravings, worst of the asthma symptoms are gone. My hair shines, my eyes are bright, Im not having skin breakouts on my back, some of the swelling is going down, the chronic diarhea Ive dealt with for almost two years, is gone. That alone is worth it all. Its awesome to feel the best Ive felt in several years. I have an artificial heart valve artificial aorta plus other health issues Im so happy to find something that makes me actually feel good. I want everyone to know how good this stuff really is.


Diatomaceous Earth immediately started to change my life and after three weeks I was starting to be amazed. It has stopped my addictive eating habits and is making eating to be much more satisfying. My food bill immediately went down because I?m not constantly craving food. I actually came out of other addictions of self destructive difficulty and imprudence when I was in my 20?s and 30?s and by the grace of God I got through it without major illness. However, I?ve been plagued by chronic health problems for years which I?ve always connected to these past problems. A simple cold always lasting 3-4 months, vocal and lung problems and constant food cravings. I?ve felt for a long time that I?ve been dealing with parasites but no doctor would entertain this. Since starting DE, I saw three times clumps of what looked like worms which I couldn?t correlate to anything I had eaten that day so I may have visibly passed worms. But I didn?t have to see any worms to know that my digestive system and whole body is feeling so much better. I had felt I REALLY needed this stuff and ordered 50 lbs. on first order and started right off doing it 3 times, sometimes 2 times daily, between meals - not with meals. Shake with ice and a tiny bit of honey and it?s actually a nice drink, but now I skip the honey and just drink it down. I love this stuff. It?s so settling and soothing to my whole system, but yet it gives me energy. I?m at week 7 and I don?t think I?m finished with the initial healing and feeling better from it and am going to be very regular with a higher end dose for over three months. Very excited. Thank you James

Helps Aches and Pains

I have been using DE for 2 years now. I'd say about 8 years ago I noticed my left hip would ache while I slept. I would avoid laying on it to prevent that. My knees always creeked when I bent down for my entire life. I have neither of these things now after taking DE. I also started experienceing like all the blood was flowing to my head when I would bend down to work. A throbing feeling. That is completely gone also. Trying it on our pets now-- There are more stories from me and friends-will report later. Roxanna

Beyond Miraculous

I recently found out about diatomaceous earth after a health-conscious friend gave me some to try. I am a 52 year old male with a history of severe allergies, sinus infections, tinnitus and ear fluid, digestive problems and low thyroid function. Once a strapping football player, wrestler and all-around athlete with no health problems, I was transformed into a sickly person after undergoing an extended course of antibiotics for what turned out to be an improperly completed root canal. From the age of 27 on I was plagued by frequent infections, colds, sore throats, "foggy" thinking and maldigestion of food. I had constant diarrhea and bowel problems lasting until very recently. Because of my sports training, I was taught at an early age to never give up, so over the years I have investigated EVERY alternative health solution to these problems - Lugol's Iodine, probiotics, colloidal silver, olive leaf, oxygen therapies, enzymes, oregano, Pau d'Arco, black walnut, cloves, wormwood. The list goes on and on. I have spent thousands of dollars, literally, in searching for a solution. Two weeks ago I began using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and was flabbergasted when I noticed my sinuses clearing within three days. This has never happend before! There has been a noticeable reduction in my tinnitus, my ears have less fluid constantly trickling in them and the chronic bowel problems I was dealing with are actually disappearing. I have also noticed I feel relaxed and much calmer. There are no words to describe what DE is doing for me. It is beyond miraculous. Twenty-five years of nagging health problems that were annoying, psychologically challenging and causing me to lose hope for the future are all falling by the wayside. If this type of resolution to so many issues were to happen to you, how would you explain the liberating feeling of it all? I don't know how to articulate it. I mix DE in iced tea with stevia, it is delicious. I also add it to yogurt and oatmeal. It actually tastes very good! It adds a nice texture to anything to which I add it. Needless to say, I have ordered a supply of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from you. Bill


Holy Cow, this stuff is amazing!!! We have been using this product for about two weeks, and today my husband, who's bald on the top, came to me and asked if it was his imagination but he thought his hair was growing back. LO and BEHOLD it was, not like all over , but in noticeable patches, talk about a happy man! That alone prompted me to write this letter. As for me, I have noticed a decrease in floaters, my Fibromyalgia pain has "dulled" in it's intensity, and the skin on my arms, which had red itchy bumps, from my sun allergy, have almost disappeared. My Chihuahua also takes it everyday in some wet dog food. It got rid of those disgusting roundworms she picked at the dog park, and I'm confident it killed other parasites that I didn't see too..YUCK! I read that Diatomaceous Earth (a silica/shell fossil) is as important to normal body function as oxygen is, and since this type of silica is lacking in most foods, taking this product as a supplement is the best thing one can do for their family's health. This is an excellent natural product with outstanding health benefits, and a great price to boot! LOVE IT! Sincerely, Ellen and family

Lyme Disease

I have had Lyme Disease for many years, plus Rocky Mtn. Spotted fever and Erlichia....I have spent YEARS in unbearable pain....I started taking DE last week, and for the first time in almost 2 years I could kneel down and get back up without seems too good to be true, but the Lord works in mysterious ways! I have been sleeping better and seem to have more energy during the day. Thanks!! Cathi


Hi there--I am so excited to tell you that DE has helped me tremendously with my chronic constipation and my pain from scoliosis---Thank you. Elaine from TX

Cholesterol Down

I started using DE at the end of Sept of this year. I had been having some sort of problem with my neck. For about 3 weeks I had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder--I couldn't turn my neck very far at all. I couldn't even look over my shoulder. I don't know if it was arthritis or what. I found your website and knew that there were several areas that I thought DE might improve in my health, so i ordered some. At first I took 2 to 3 tbsp per day and in 6 days I had full range of motion back in my neck. There was still a little twinge of pain now and then but that has since all disappeared. I give blood on a regular basis. The blood bank where I donate keeps all of your records on file where you can check your records of blood pressure and cholesterol. I had been watching my cholesterol steadily creeping up. In September it was at it's highest point 251. It was right after that that I started taking DE. Then I donated again in November. In just two months time my cholesterol went down to 235! I'm a walking salesman. I've told so many people about the wonders of DE! Thanks for being there for us! Debbie Ft Worth, TX

Helping all the Family!

Hello, just wanted to let you know I referred my cousin in Washington & Daughterin Texas to you about a month ago and both told me about the great results they are getting from this product. They are feeling so much better & giving it to their dogs as well. My daughter was having major hair fallout and took it for that and discovered she passed an unbelievably huge parasite and some smaller ones as well. I'm buying my second order from you and will keep telling everyone about it. I gave 1 lb to my boyfriend last night and my daughter has her inlaws & their dogs taking it now too! Thank-you so much for shipping to my Cousin Ron's P.O. Box, he has lost most of his large belly & is looking so much better in just a months time and has so much more energy!!! (he is 63) Annette (Please don't stop selling this wonderful "dirt')

Love the Benefits

I am loving the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth. I am now in my third week. My neck had been very tight and "creaky" on the left side and chiropractic and massage therapy hasn't really taken care of it. After 2 weeks on the D.E. it has improved considerably and there is only a little tightness left. I am confident that it is going to be 100% very soon based on what I am feeling so far. I also have seen an improvement in my hips which are also extremely tight. I know that one day in the near future, I am going to be able to cross my legs like a lady which I haven't been able to do for about a year. Thanks so much for a fabulous product!!

Bleeding Gums

Want to tell you another DE success story. I haven't gone to the dentist in 10 years. I hate my dentist for changing from one insurance carrier to another. So I pay for dental insurance and haven't ever gone. But that's another story. Anyway, I have had plaque problems and bleeding gums for year because I seldom flossed and I of course never had any cleaning done in that 10 years. So I started putting a little DE on my toothbrush before brushing. Well, after about three weeks, I don't have bleeding gums anymore. My gums are pink instead of red. My plaque is almost gone. I sometimes put some DE on my teeth, then floss (what a change!). And now there's very little plaque on my teeth. You could put dentists out of the maintenance business if everyone found out about this. Kelvin


It's past midnight, and I'm an old lady, much too old to be rejoicing in the wee hours of morning about a product that I would normally have dismissed with a shrug. I'm happy to share my experience with "Earth." I'm not even sure this is the official name for this powder. My friend told me a little bit about what a week of taking it daily did for her. I was reluctant, to say the least. Then she said that it gave her energy. That got my attention. I am a retired teacher, and I spend too much time on the computer because I don't feel like doing strenuous work.:) Now, post this powder taking, I'm cleaning house again! Anyway, I don't remember a time when I haven't awakened feeling virtually "doomed." I have depression, especially in the morning. Some days I'm really depressed. When my friend told me the multiple ways this "stuff" had helped her, I finally tried it. And, I submit to you that I have not had a single day awakening with depressed--since my very first dose. Where do I buy it, as my friend gave me enough to last a month? And to her I will be eternally grateful. Kay Smith

Many Improvements


Cholesterol Down 100 Points!

I bought a 50 lb bag this summer and I'm really glad that I did--I've given it to my chickens, calves and dog to keep them healthy but the most important reason that I love it is that I've got high cholesterol and I've been on 3 different drugs trying to get it lower--well, they did get it down but my liver enzines went way high so the drugs weren't an option for me, as which is the lesser of 2 evils--high cholesterol or damaged liver?? I started taking the diatomaceous earth every morning in my juice and when I went back to the dr she came in asking what I'd been doing the results were amazing--finally she told me that it was down over 100 points. I told her about it and she wanted the website as she also needs to lower her cholesterol. All I know is that it is a wonderful option for me and the "side effects"--longer stronger nails, thicker hair and softer skin--those I CAN LIVE WITH. I've told several others about it! Thanks Carla

Blood Pressure

This is another testimonial you can use in more recent feed-back. I started my elderly father, age 85, on your product over a month ago. He had a check-up today at his doctor's office, and his blood pressure is now excellent! Much better than it was for years. His doctor reviewed the information I was given about your product (DE) and gave it full approval. My dad's bowel movements are also more regulated. Thank you for your great product!


Last month I ordered some Diatomaceous Earth because a friend had recommended it for my wife. She had a severe case of psorisis on her elbow. After a few weeks of putting a paste made of the stuff and taking a tablespoon a day as you recommend, it has almost cleared up. Nothing else has worked. Thank You!!

Works Fast

My husband has a whole list of health problems, the most major ones are:Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, neuropathy, and arthritis. He said he could feel a difference within a few hours of taking his first dose. I thought, "yeah, right, this soon after taking something. Not even medicine works this fast." Three days after taking one tablespoon each morning, he showed me he could move his fingers on his left side as well as he could on his right side. He said he has less pain in his stomach area where we feel he may have been blocked up. We do know the DE is pushing things through his system very well each day! Something he has not experienced regularly for a good many years. I noticed last night, our third day, my eyes are more sharp while driving, especially night driving. I had been banned from driving in Oregon at night, due to night blindness. Signs that may be half a block away from each other looked like they were all on top of each other. Distance meant nothing to me at all. Over time the condition improved some, but never enough to make a true difference. Last night, I was amazed at the clear distance between signs! It is absolutely amazing! My daughter and I both have had sports injuries to our knees, creating sometimes excruciating pain when weather changes are nearing. The pain has reduced a lot. The stiffness that accompanied the pain has also diminished quite a bit. You guys have made believers out of us!!! Thank you for having this product to sell to others so we can all share the great benefits of Diatomaceous Earth! Vicki and John

More Energy

I recieved my order at my job, and was very happy to get it. I've been taking it once a day in my oatmeal or yogurt and began to wonder why I did not feel tired enough for that afternoon coffee! Also, my feet do not hurt first thing each morning and I feel less heavy. I find it hard to stop talking about it! Veronica in MA

Ear infection

I had a painful ear infection and I suffered for a whole month. Took antibiotics, anti inflammatory meds and I was still deaf in my left ear. I thought mine was from a virus but nothing helped. Then, after just two days of taking DE, I can hear again. It is amazing. Kelvin

Triglycerides Down!

I have been on DE for 6 months now and I just had my lab work done. My triglycerides have been reduced from 495 down to 203. I have so much more energy and my hair and nails are growing so much better. My husband has had HBP and since being on the dirt, his BP is now in the normal range. It has also helped with my varicose veins and I no longer have any pain from them.. Rhonda from Louisiana

Blood Sugar Down

I am a diabetic, whose diabetes has been out of control. I am on two different pills twice a day and 1 shot of Byetta twice a day, event though I am on all of this medicine my blood sugar has been running between 206 and 400--not good. I decided to try Diatomaceous Earth, I take 1 tablespoon per day and I can not believe how great I feel, my blood sugar is down to 164 (still high but much better) I have only been on Diatomaceous Earth for one week, I can not wait to see how much better I am doing after two weeks. I also have a lot more energy and with my blood sugar down I am not hot all of the time, living in Texas this is a good thing. I just want to thank you so much for your wonderful product and I hope there are more people out there ready to get started on feeling better. A. La Lone from Texas.

Less Hungry

I've purchased your product and have been taking it for about a week. I noticed a difference in how I felt almost immediately, around the third day. I just feel better, I definitely have more energy, maybe due to the minerals it provides that were lacking from my diet. I have not had any cravings and I am feeling less hungry all day. My skin is already visibly better, smoother--there's a glow to it I had not seen in a long time and the fine wrinkles I had are virtually smoothing out--disappearing.

Works on People and Pets!

After reading all in information on DE I decided to take it myself, and also to give it to our 2 German Shepperds and our cats. I also talked my wife, daughter and son into using it and it has been great. I no longer have stomach or digestive problems. My blood pressure is now normal without medication. I haven't had a headache since using it and I use to have them on a regular basis. My daughter, age 35, no longer has IBS or migraine headaches. We all feel better and have more energy. The dogs no longer have any body odor and have very healthy stools, and they also seem more active. The cats fur looks sleeker and more healthy even though both cats are getting on in years. They also seem happier and very healthy. Thanks very much,

What DE has done for me

My daughter-in-law received DE for Christmas. She passed some on to me at my request as I suffer from joint and muscle pain from rheumatoid arthritis and I am beginning menopause. I started taking 1 heaping tablespoon every morning with my orange juice. I cannot believe that in a week I have actually experienced a difference in my pain reduction. I also am not experiencing hot flashes once every hour since I began DE. What a wonderful feeling and a wonderful product. I have sent your website to friends and relatives telling them what a great product this is. Thank you, have a great day!!

Melanie Collier
Valley City, OH

Thank you for your great product!

I started my elderly father, age 85, on your product over a month ago. He had a check-up today at his doctor's office, and his blood pressure is now excellent! Much better than it has been for years. His doctor reviewed the information I was given about your product (DE) and He gave it full approval. My dad's bowel movements are also more regulated. Thank you for your great product!

Mary from Michigan


I recently ordered 10# of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from your company and checked back on your site to find if there was any tracking of my order and was clicking links and found under the "about" button and found Heaven. Well I really didn't find heaven, I already know where that is. I found the link to the plan of salvation and I am very impressed with the way that you give the gospel. I am born again and attend Bible Baptist Church in Lupton MI and was very pleased to see a business that cares so much about the souls of men that they are willing to jeopardize their own business to tell others about the Savior. If I hadn't already bought some DE I would never buy it from anyone else and I am glad that I chose your company even through ignorance. When I get my order I will share it with friends and family and direct them right to your site. I feel that we ought to do good to all men but especially them who are of the household of faith. And you certainly are. Thank you for your clear Biblical testimony and your efforts in spreading the gospel. Also I appreciate you using the KJV in your presentation of the gospel. Thank you for everything. May God richly bless your "sowing" of the "seed" as well as mine. In Christ - Gordon

Help With Weight Loss

Results Finally! I am hopeful that you will post my testimonial about food grade diatomaceous earth to share with others and I apologize for its length but I feel every word is necessary to create a true picture of food grade diatomaceous earth has helped me. I am 65 years of age (although others have told me I do not look to be year over 55). I had a very healthy childhood, was always slim, always had the best of food, had plenty of exercise outdoors, and aside from the measles, mumps, and the common cold, I was hardly sick. As an adult, I have always eaten pretty much anything I wanted since I was never considered overweight/obese. I hardly overate, had plenty of vegetables, etc. Meals were almost always balanced. I began to gain a little weight because of lack of exercise, especially after my children were born. I discovered around the year 1995 that I developed asthma and it seem I suffered worse than anyone I knew who had asthma, Horrible coughing day and night, expelling mucus constantly and draining from my sinuses from the back of my throat cause more coughing. My lungs hurt to say nothing short of how fatigued I really was. Eventually, I decided to take injections and am on maintenance now to help control my asthma. the injections seem to have reduced my symptoms quite a bit although not entirely. In addition to asthma, I also have an autoimmune condition call Graves' Disease, caused by an overactive thyroid. Eventually, due to the amount of the medications I was prescribed, my thyroid took a nose dive and went into hypothyroid mode. I also have controlled high blood pressure, although my other numbers are fine. Today, I continue to take no more than 3 of the roughly 10 medications I was prescribed for my issues. I can only attribute this to when I began taking food grade diatomaceous earth. I was determined I was going to find something natural to help control this disease and improve my overall health. I began taking 1 teaspoon a day on July 6th, 2015, every morning in an 8oz cup of water on an empty stomach. After 3 weeks, without even trying, I lost about 10 pounds noticing that my slacks were fitting much better and my once rounded stomach began to reduce, then this morning, July 29th, I stepped on the scale and have lost another 2 pounds and I still have not exercised. I am elated since everything else I tried did not work. Also, after getting thyroid disease I lost 50% of my hair and it thinned terribly. I am now wearing a wig and notice that my hair is longer shedding and I believe it has grown a bit. Although I have been quite regular, even before taking food grade diatomaceous earth but tended to constipate quite often. When I eliminate now I have more of a sense of being cleaned out which is a good feeling. Perfect movements daily now. I am the biggest skeptic, but finding food grade diatomaceous earth, something natural, has been a God send. Please, please, please share this with everyone you know who has health problems and just encourage them to give it a fair try. I have started my husband and one of my daughter on it. I cannot wait to update you on what it has done for them and continuing to do for me. Blessings to al who have found this product and have experienced positive results.

Cramps and Pain Gone!

I have not been on the Food grade diatomaceous earth very long and am on the first jar still so I cannot report much. I will say this though, I had been experiencing constant leg, thigh, and groin cramps up to an every other day frequency. After two weeks approximately, I have had a significant decrease in cramps. this alone was worth the price of the product. As I continue to use Food grade diatomaceous earth. I am hoping for the other positive attributes that others have experienced & I will keep you posted. Thank you

Excellent Company!

Excellent company & trustworthy! Corrected a shipping & handling problem immediately and fixed it at their own expense. Received corrected shipment in 2 days. Highly recommend! They care about their product, service, and their customers. Thank you

Kidney Function IMPROVED and Skin tags GONE!!

Dear Earthworks Health, Kidney transplant averted! For years, my kidney function was horrible and doctor at Kaiser said if it did not improve that I would need to get new kidneys. Bleak I may say at the least. I was around 300 on my kidney function test for creatinine/urine. So I tried Food grade diatomaceous earth for about a month and retested by Nephrologist and my values are 32 or TOTALLY NORMAL!!!!! My doctor could not believe it. Got tested again a month later and still normal levels. Also, had some really ugly skin tags, about 5 of them. After 2 months those grew to a size of a raisin and turned purple. Then they fell off and you could never tell they were even there. Thanks for the amazing product!

Lipoma GONE!

Lipoma is completely gone. I've been taking Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth since September of 2014.

Flare Up from Virus Gone!

I have been on this product for 5 days and it removed my flare up of my ebstien bar virus. I get a flare up frequently that last for 3-4 weeks. After 2 days on this stuff I had all my energy back . So grateful. I cant believe how good I feel , back to my old self. Truly amazing !!!! Erin

Pain from Chronic Lyme Disease GONE!

I LOVE your diatomaceous earth product! I was very skeptical and even afraid to try it but I"m so glad that I did. I'm recovering from chronic Lyme disease and within a month of starting your DE all of the Lyme related joint pain I had is completely gone. It is like a miracle that a product that is so inexpensive and easy to take works so well. I'm so grateful that I heard about DE and overcame my doubts to try it. I also give it to my dog and she is doing great on it. I will be on this product for life!

Better Immune System, Energy, and Joints, and BM's

I absolutely love Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth!! It works amazingly. I thank God for all he has put on earth for our needs. I take 2 to 3 tablespoons with tea or juice and gives me a great immune system, energy, joints, bowel movements, and also I take for the most important part which is oxygen and SILICA which is depleted out of our diet. People have heart problems or heart attacks worse than ever, joints and pains, football players retiring early because of problems with limbs. Because of the lack of SILICA. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE!! I myself has degenerative disc disease and I have no more pain because of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. I take also to remove metals and toxins and also for parasites. No Dr. can do for me what Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth does. I tell people and their thoughts are "ewww you drink dirt". Do not knock it till you try it. I would not replace Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for anything. Have a blessed day!!

Gout Attacks Gone!

The silica with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth has arrested my gout attacks!! Truly over 2 years now! Thank you so much!

Blockage in Left Leg Cleared!

I have been DE for about a year. I have to say that I have grown some hair on my legs that was lost due to diabetic neuropathy. The reason I bought DE was due to the chelating effects you mentioned as my cardiologist said I had a blockage in my left leg as I had lost my pulse in the leg. I am happy to say that I now have strong pulse in my leg. I wish I could say it stopped my migraines as others have mentioned but it has not. I generally take one heaping tablespoon daily in 1/2 cup of lukewarm coffee or room temp liquids as it seems to mix better. I will be a lifelong user of your product!

Nails growing, cavity healing, styes healing, stre

Thanks so much. I really love Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. I have been using it now for 12 days. My nails are growing each day. I have never been able to grow my nails out. I have a cavity healing, styes on my eyes that never healed are now healing, stretch marks are healing up, tater build up behind my retainer is going away, losing weight, for the longest time I have had black circles under my eyes which is now going away as well, and my skin is so soft. I have been recommending this to everyone I know. Your company has been great with answering any questions I may have. As I myself is a newbie to Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Better Breathing and Better Sleep!

After taking only 1 TBSP of your Food grade Diatomaceous earth on day 3, upon awakening, ?to my total surprise? I am freely breathing from my nose! My breathing from my nose was blocked while sleeping for decades. I can breathe again! What a relief!! I do not know how it works, but it works! Hallelujah! I can hardly wait to see how it works on other problems I probably have, like parasites etc. Greg California

Results with Energy and Better Eliminating of Wast

I have been taking DE for about 3 weeks now and I started having regular bowel movements and it does give me energy as well. I have also been giving some to my husband daily and we love it. I gave some to my mom on Sunday and she called me on Tuesdays and told me she felt better already. I bought the 10LB bag and next time I will purchase the 50LB bag as I do not want to run out. Thanks for this great product and it really does work differenetly for each person. Glad I researched and stumbled upon this.

Recovery from LUPUS SLE!

Dear Earthworks, Larry Smith and Family, I have LUPUS and I wanted to write a personal testimonial after I gave it some time to be on the Diatomaceous Earth or ?dirt?. Today is March 7th, 2015 and Day 29 since I began it daily. I have realized after my 20 plus months of own research that I have had LUPUS since I was at least 12 years old. I am 49 now. I was very fortunate to have had a life of very good health and not a lot of symptoms. But on April 25th, 2013 I became so ill that I had to leave my school bus route mid-morning as I became unexplainably very ill. Months of debilitating sickness, one doctor after another, 13 hospital ER visits and hospital stays. NO ANSWERS!!! Finally November 2013 I was officially diagnosed with Lupus SLE. I knew I had to detox my poisoned body as that is what is at the root of all disease as I learned from many doctors in books and internet of my own independent study. I have tried other detox methods before, but this DE by far has been the best!! The first 2 weeks I cleaned out a lot of phlegm, mucous, from all ends///sinuses, urine, and stool. I could see slimy stuff in all 3 elimination pathways. I also purged parasites and many white eggs I could see in the toilet. After 2 weeks of taking it I lost the ?bloat? in my stomach and my pants fit so much better. I also then noticed a calm, clear feeling in my chest and lungs, and so much easier to breathe too. My 6 month daily excruciating back pain is also gone, if I may have 5% of that only some days now. One thing I might add that I have not read in your testimonials before?.I took Chantix about 5-6 years ago for 2 months. Since then I have had weird and bad dreams too. When I got sick in 2013, I have had nightmares since then. But just about 2 weeks ago, I have had the nicest pleasant dreams and every night since. I was curious as to why this could be so I searched for the answer. I found it! The minerals in DE cause your body to produce more serotonin. So that might also help explain why it is that my husband who has chronic diagnosed sleep apnea many years has slept so much better now too. He has been taking it 25 days today. I could write a lot more about all the wonderful new things we are experiencing on this but that might require several pages. A little long for a testimonial I think. I believe through my deliberate prayers to God that he brought us to this. I cannot wait to see the results of my husband?s upcoming fasting blood tests in April for his cholesterol glucose and thyroid. Thank you so much for caring enough to provide this wonderful product. It is so cheap that I feel anyone can get better health taking it. I forgot to tell you that my husband has lost 10 pounds and I have lost 8 pounds and I can tell my major sugar cravings are gone too! Dee and Bill Northern Illinois

Anxiety and Pain Gone!

Hi, I just want to share a few things really quick. Might be a little long. I started taking Diatomaceous Earth at the end of Oct 2014. Started with a teaspoon. Within a weeks? time I noticed my hair was fuller. I had very thin hair. My anxiety went away. Poof, gone! I feel calm now. I have legs that throb and hurt really badly ever since 2009 when I had a DVT (blood clot). They do not throb anymore. It was so right away. I am so thankful! I have a spot on my leg where my veins are neat the surface and you can see the blue really well. The Dr. said it was not veracious veins or anything. He called it something that I did not recognize. It was the size of a half dollar and I paid &75 for an injection that was going to help the veins ?reroute? per the Dr. Well nothing happened except for a sore leg. Then the Dr said well you may need several more injections. Well sure at $75 per injection of course I will! I noticed a difference within that first week that it was shrinking in size and the blue was not as dark. It used to take me 1-2 hours to fall asleep for years. I am currently falling asleep within minutes now and I am not waking up as much through the night. 2-3 weeks in I am having bowel movements almost every day. Since I was a teen I would be lucky to go 2 times a month. Which is so toxic and terrible. As an adult now 36 I would normally go 1-2 times a week. Sometimes maybe 1-2 times every two weeks. It would just depend, so I assume it will take a few more months to really fix my system as it has been broke for so long now. I do not expect overnight results. This may be too much information for some: Let me say this was the first time in years where I didn?t have really any pain. It was amazing and mine are not nearly as bad as some women, but pain is pain. There was not any pain to really speak of and there was a slight dull annoyance on my right side where my pain usually is. NO pain medications required, NO Cramps. Just a little annoying discomfort in one small area. Felt great really besides that dullness. No Mood swings either! Now a month and a half in, my hair is growing fast now. Feels soft and looks like I am growing new hairs. I think it has grown like a half of an inch at least just since I started taking it. Nails are growing faster and better and my joints are slowly feeling better also. Remember everyone is different and it will take time to work on so much we have wrong with us. I originally bought this to try on my legs and to get rid of parasites I may have had. So all the rest has been such a blessing. I cannot wait to see what takes place over the next few months. I cannot thank you enough. I did buy 4-2.5# jugs just to be sure not to run out. I have told 4 people so far and cannot wait to spread the word. Love this product and will never be without it!

More Good News on Blood Pressure and Cholesterol L

Glad I could let people know how DE is working. Here is more good news: I recently went to the doctor to have my (non-prescription-medicated) Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels checked. Pretty Good News!! I have been taking food grade diatomaceous earth for about a month now on a regular basis @2TBSP daily. Mt Blood Pressure this time was 132/72 (it is usually 140+ just by stepping in the doctor?s office?lol, so that was a surprise), and I just got my blood panel back?cholesterol levels were all improved from previous levels. I had been off my ?absolutely mandatory? prescription meds for about 2 months prior to this visit and on regular food grade diatomaceous earth @TBSP daily for one month. RESULTS: Triglycerides were normal range (146, <150 preferred); LDL still high @144 (0-99 preferred) 176 was the last test I had HDL in normal range at 45 (>39 preferred) Overall Cholesterol (whatever that means) was still a bit high at 218 (<200 preferred, previously 244) I am interested to see what the next few months will bring :D I HAVE tried to change my eating habits but with little success, to be honest. So that is pretty much not a factor. I had a heart attack a couple of years ago and therefore I want to have PERFECT levels, but this indicates to me that I am on my way to those levels! I have to say, the taste of this stuff is not great but I find that putting it in water and downing it all at once works best for me, followed by a nice gulp of excellent coffee&#61514;. If these results are any indication, it is well worth the short-lived bad taste! Now, the BAD news is, I have actually gained about five pounds&#61516;! Maybe I can blame the holidays for the weight gain?lol. I have still got my fingers crossed on that one guys! My dog is back to chewing a little but I think that is due to annoyance. BUT his odor is not nearly as bad between baths and his overall skin condition is good. That is a great improvement! I am happy! Still not biting my nails! Yay!

Much Improvment For My Eyes!

OVERJOYED! I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth now for over a year and I wanted to write a testimonial. Wow, my bones have gotten Way stronger and my doctor even called me to see what I was doing differently! MOST IMPORTANTLY, my serious dry eye condition (sticky fluid sticking on the retina which tears it and created a macular hole in my right eye, right in the center) was happening in the left eye??? A visit to my eye surgeon was AMAZING?.the san showed ALL the sticky fluid GONE from around the eye and floaters gone too, and no threat to the eye anymore! The horror of living with the fact that my left eye could go bad was unbearable and now I am overjoyed!! My surgeon was VERY SURPRISED that this happened. He was showing his whole office the scans of my eyes. THE ONLY THING I DID DIFFERENT WAS TAKE MY DIATOMACEOUS EARTH, TWICE A DAY. I CRIED TERAS IF JOY THE WHOLE WAY HOME. Also?.a bump on the side of my nose that has been there for 20 years is completely gone now!!!!! I was going to have it burned off and now it is not there!!! My skin is so much smoother and younger looking and the first thing I noticed was that my nails were so much stronger! I TELL ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY ABOUT DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. IT IS A BLESSING TO THIS WORLD?.

Silver White Hair Getting Color Back!

I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth now for a month. I have silver white hair that is turning darker, eyebrows and lashes also. Pretty Amazing!

No More Arthritic Fingers!

Hello! My husband, our 7 month old cat, and myself have taken Diatomaceous Earth for 2 ? weeks now and I had to write you about its effects on us. For our kitten, he gets ? teaspoon in his wet food each morning. His bad breath is GONE, his coat is luxuriant and highly glossy, he drinks more water now, and his stools which were always a bit wet are firm and easy for him to pass. For me, I was experiencing frequent bladder urges and almost nothing would pass and the urine was dark in color. The frequent urge is GONE. I drink more water and the urine is a light in color and now I feel so much better. Need less sleep now and I have more energy for the day. Best part for me is my hair has always shed profusely and now almost no shedding when I wash or brush my hair! The single greatest news is about my husband, by nature he is a HIGHLY skeptical person but has had for 3 years now, terrible arthritis in his fingers and always had ?trigger finger? in his sleep. Both ring fingers were incredibly painful and swollen and clicking every morning and his thumbs were swollen and sore to the touch. He would live on ibuprofen products and they are horrible on the stomach and liver. He kept his big news secret from me but finally after just 10 days on Diatomaceous Earth, he broke the news! The trigger fingers were GONE and the swelling and pain were GONE!!! No more pills! If this is not a miracle, I just don?t know what would be! We recommend Diatomaceous Earth to everyone we know! We are so HAPPY!

Less Pain and Less Blurry Spots on Eye Test!

Thankfully, I read where I can take this product but I was skeptical. Within 2 weeks of only 1-3 teaspoons daily, I noticed my bowel movements were like when I was a teenager. Now 65, I have very bad arthritis and now I have less pain. My skin on the back of my arms is no longer bumpy and my hair is softer. My 35 years of very chronic, bloody eczema on my hands has nearly vanished by 95%. My doctor used to give me topical medicine and Kenalog 80 steroid shots. It never cleared my eczema but DE has done the job. So far within a month of taking De, my daily eye vision home test for macular degeneration has shown a lessoning of the blurry spots I see in the eye grid chart. I cannot wait for my Sept 2014 eye appointment! This proves that the things of God like Diatomaceous Earth do not have harmful side effects, but wonderful healing properties! Praise god and thank you folks for your great product.

Eddie Mansfield

I ordered Diatomaceous Earth in late March 2014. Used it for four weeks before going to my doctor for my semi-annual checkup. I took 2 tablespoons each day. I am not entirely sure that DE had a lot to do with my results but I intend to continue taking it and adjusting my cholesterol meds before my next visit. I have not adjusted my eating habits that much but am trying. I get exercise daily but something happened! My cholesterol went from 215 down to 168 and my Blood pressure dropped form mid 140?s over 95 to 130 over 80. Went to another doctor appointment yesterday and my Blood Pressure had gone down even more. It is now normal. I have always been reluctant to try, less endorse, any supplements to anybody but if I continue to improve health wise, there is only one reason. You?re Product! I am looking forward to getting completely off cholesterol medication and continuing to feel better. Will let you know in December but I am pretty sure it will be a super checkup. By the way, discussed this with my doctor and he said he could not recommend it. Wonder what he will say in December after seeing my results.

Psoriasis Gone!!

I suffer from pustule psoriasis on one foot. Although this affliction is not curable, I have found using diatomaceous earth to treat the pain and disfigurement to be compelling. When my psoriasis is active, I dust the area with Diatomaceous Earth, rub it in, and then coat the area with a cream to keep the area moist. In two weeks? time, the skin has lost its reddened color and open areas are healing. Fewer pustules have formed and I am amazed by the progress I am making, controlling the outbreaks. At night I repeat the two-step process and wrap my foot in cling wrap before bed. If you battle pustule psoriasis, this might help you too. I still take a tablespoon in a glass of water too, but have added Diatomaceous Earth as a topical treatment. Thanks!

Crohn's & Diverticulitis

I just happened to see one of your ads on my Facebook page and shared it along with my testimonial. Please feel free to use it on your site or other forms of marketing. I just wanted to give my unsolicited testimonial on and the product (Diatomaceous Earth). I suffer from Chron?s Disease and Diverticulitis. I spent weeks in the hospital and actually had part of my colon removed. After my recovery, I scoured the internet for all natural products I could use to prevent having to spend more time in the hospital and happened to run across the Earthworks Health site. I thought, what the heck, it?s only around 12 dollars plus the shipping so I will give it a shot. That was almost a year ago. Every morning, I mix a couple of spoons full in a glass of water before I have my coffee. It is just part of my routine. Now I will add that I am also taking Humira, a prescription medication, but since using Diatomaceous Earth I have had Zero symptoms of the Chrons or Diverticulitis. When I run across a product that works I tell people about it! I brag about it and promote it! I challenge you to go to their web site and spend a few minutes reading. If you think it would benefit you, take the 12 or so dollars you would have waited on McDonalds or Burger King and spend that money on something that will benefit your health, this product and this company have my support!

Blood Pressure Down, Hair Longer, Back & Joint Pai

I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth for about 8 months now. I was wondering if you have to give yourself a break from it or can you take it forever? &#61514; What I have noticed about taking it is my blood pressure has gone down a little. My hair is thicker and I no longer have back or joint pain.

Help with Migraines

After using Diatomaceous Earth for 1 ? months, I hardly ever have a headache. I used to have headaches often, sometimes resulting in migraines. I know I?ll notice more benefits as I continue to use it.

Help with Biting Nails

This may sound farfetched but after I decided to give Diatomaceous Earth a try, and only half of the usual?1 Tablespoon daily in a fruit smoothie sporadically, in only a couple of weeks I realized to my shock that I was no longer biting my nails. This may not sound like too much to many of you but I was a habitual biter and had bitten my nails for over FIFTY YEARS! I tried everything to stop since bitten nails are ugly and embarrassing and not to mention it?s a very unsanitary habit. I was also taking Biotin at the time but I had been taking that for months and it had not served to dissuade me from chewing my nails. I am now going to increase my intake of Diatomaceous Earth to the 2 tablespoon dosage and see if I can lose weight. Been trying to do this for years too! I originally started this as a means to drop my Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. Statins and Blood Pressure medications (I?ve stopped them long ago) proved to be way to damaging to my health and were creating kidney problems, back pain, myalgia, tendonitis, mental confusion, memory problems, and not to mention only a few toxic side effects. After reading more testimonials I am going to be WAY more diligent in taking the proper dose of Diatomaceous Earth and get a blood panel done to see how well that it is working for me in a few weeks. Pain overall has lessened and at least it is not so noticeable anymore. It continued even after stopping the medications 3 months ago. By the way, I stated giving this to my elderly adopted 12 year old dog who has a host of skin problems, is allergic to fleas, and chew himself, whether from habit or skin irritation, I don?t know. He also had a huge staph cyst removed from his back and has had chronic ear/skin yeast problems too. Well as long as I was giving him a ? teaspoon of Diatomaceous Earth with is meals he stopped chewing himself. But I see by his 45 LB weight I should probably give him ? Tablespoon. So now I will adjust it since I noticed he would start chewing right before his evening meal. Obviously he did not have enough in his system. In short, the effects were noticeable even at the reduced intake and he miraculously stopped chewing. He nods right off to sleep at nights, no chewing, no starching, etc. That IS amazing. Sheesh! This seems like a drug-less miracle to me. My hair is also getting thicker too (another statin/BP medication side effect = hair loss.

Helped my Husband Dramatically!

When my husband of 25 years got bladder cancer he had multiple surgeries and radiation therapy. Yet each checkup showed more cancerous tumors. This went on for almost 2 years. Finally I asked him to let me try using Diatomaceous Earth instead of what the doctor gave or prescribed. ?What it going to hurt?? Nothing the doctor did worked and he agreed. Twice daily I put it in yogurt. This was done every day ? no misses. During his next cancer exam, done via bladder cath, Pete had NO CANCER, NO POLYPS. When he told the doctor what we did he was amazed. When Pete died in 2010 the doctors found no cancer in his body at all. For myself, I use it to prevent parasites since I live with pets and am in the country. It is also helping me fight my appetite. I believe it is safer than diet pills. It is also much cheaper than pills and the advertised plans that require you to buy their foods. One thing I learned about using it is that it remains in little round balls if put in milk, juice, etc?..If put in yogurt it will thicken it. However, if placed in a hot beverage it will fully dissolve just like creamer! Finally, a friend of 18 years had and beat stomach cancer in his 20?s. Recently he had a colonoscopy. Doctor found two tumors and said his colon is lined with polyps. Surgery is Dec. 22nd. They have to remove most of his colon. Tomorrow I will him on Diatomaceous Earth and Aloe Vera juice. Hopefully he will use it and possibly it will save him from drastic surgery and maybe save his life. I will keep you posted.

Lower Blood Pressure

I saw my Dr. Thursday 4/24/14??..she wanted to have me do blood work to check my cholesterol again but I didn?t fast so I have another appointment on Wednesday 7/23/14 to have it checked. I?ve been on High Blood Pressure medications for about 17 years, I did want to advise you my blood pressure 3 months ago was 142 over 80 however on my visit to my Dr. on 4/24/14 my blood pressure was 132 over 70. I?m very happy about that. I will continue to keep you informed of my progress. Thank you for your kindness and for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth!

Kidney Disease & Cholesterol

God has put a cure on this Earth for every illness we get and this product seems to take care of so many. In Dec. 2012 I was told by my Dr. that I had stage 3 kidney disease and elevated cholesterol. He put me on Lipator. There is no treatment for kidney disease under stage 4. In March of 2014 I heard about your product and its use for cholesterol so I ordered some and my cholesterol was gone within weeks. Then I learned that kidney disease is not a disease of the kidneys, the kidneys are ok. It is the tiny blood vessels taking dirty blood into the kidneys that got clogged. So I stayed on your product and as of Sept. 16 2014 my kidneys are functioning at 100%. Barb, MI


I have ben taking DE now for over a year and I wanted to write a testimonial. WOW, my bones have gotten WAY stronger and my Doctor even called to see what I was doing differently! MOST IMPORTANTLY, my serious dry eye condition (sticky fluid sticking on the retina which tears it and created a macular hole my right eye in the center of the eye) was happening in the left eye...... A visit to my eye surgeon was AMAZING....the scan showed ALL the sticky fluid GONE from around the eye and floaters gone too, and no threat to the eye anymore! the horror of living with the fact that my left eye could go bad was unbearable and now I am overjoyed!! My surgeon was VERY SURPRISED that this happened. He was showing the whole office the scans of my eyes. THE ONLY THING I DID DIFFERENT WAS TAKE DE TWICE A DAY. I CRIED TEARS OF JOY ALL THE WAY HOME. Also....a bump on the side of my nose that has been there for 20 years is completely fone now!!! I was going to have it burnt off, and now it is not there!!!! My skin is so much smother and younger looking and the first thing I noticed was that my nails were so much stronger! I TELL ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY ABOUT DE. IT IS A BLESSING TO THIS WORLD.... Janice, CALIFORNIA

Silver hair turning darker!

I have been taking DE for a month. I have silver while hair that is turning darker, eyebrows and lashes also. Pretty Amazing!

Bed Sores Gone!

Several years ago my mother used your diatomaceous earth product for my father's bed sores. They had become ulcerated and my father was suffering. Your product had been recommended by a friend, as my Mom had tried everything to no avail. DE was the only thing that improved my father's bed sores and eventually cured them. Thank you!!

Help for our entire family!

Hello! My husband, kitten, and myself have taken DE for 2 1/2 weeks now & I had to write you about its effects on us. For our kitten, he gets 1/ tsp in his wet food each morning. His bad breath is GONE, his coat is luxuriant and highly glossy, he drinks more water now and his stools, which were always a bit wet are firm and easy for him to pass. For me, I was experiencing frequent bladder urges and almost nothing would pass and the urine was dark in color. The frequent urges are GONE, I drink more water and the urine is a light in color and now I feel so much better, NO MORE frequent urges. Need less sleep now & I have energy all day. Best part for me is my hair has always shed profusely, now almost no shedding when I wash or brush my hair! The single greatest news is about my husband. He is by nature a HIGHLY skeptical person but he has had, for three years now, terrible arthritis in his fingers and always had "trigger finger" in his sleep. Both ring fingers were swollen and sore to the touch. He would live on ibuprofen products and they are horrible for the stomach and liver. He kept his big secret form me but finally after 10 days on DE he broke his news...the trigger fingers were gone and the swelling and pain were GONE!!! No more pills!!! If this isn't a miracle, I just don't know what would be! LOL, we have recommended DE to everyone we know!! We are so happy! Pamela, BW, and Franklin Fuzzy Pants

David in IN

Thankfully I read where I can take this product but I was skeptical. Within 2 weeks of 1-3 tablespoons daily, I noticed my irritable bowel problems were over and my bowel movements were like when I was a teenager. Now 65, I have very bad arthritis and now I have less pain. My skin on the back of my arms is no longer bumpy and my hair is softer. My 35 years of very chronic, bloody eczema on my hands has nearly vanished by 95% on my hands. My doctor used to give me topical medicine and Kenalog 80 steriod shots. It never cleared my eczema but De has done the job. So far, within a month of taking DE, my daily vision home test for macular degeneration of my eyes has shown a lessoning of the blurry spots I see in the eye grid chart. I can't wait for my SEPT 2014 eye appointment! This proves that the things of God like DE do not have harmful side effects but wonderful healing properties. Praise God and thank you folks for your great product!

DE saved my life!!

On Sept. 14th, 2013 I was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma. At that time I was covered with lesions that would not heal, suffered extreme fatigue, my skin was super shiny and growing leathery, my fingers were starting to curl, my autoimmune system was shot, and internal organs were slowly succumbing to the break down of connective tissue. I was a very sick women. I did a thorough research on scleroderma and confirmed that there is no medical treatment or cure for it. In fact the medical community has absolutely no idea what causes scleroderma (it is neither a virus, bacteria, infection, nor is it genetic). Even though the condition was first identified back in the 30's and doctors have been studying it for over 70 years now. So, after I did my research and pondered my situation, I decided I would try taking DE, which I had a god supply of having used it over the years for parasite detoxing. I had nothing to lose by trying it, right? I took two heaping tablespoons every morning in a little orange juice. To my joy and amazement there was visible improvement in just four days!! (I photo journaled my progress becasue I figured no one would believe I cured myself using a natural substance. Within six months, most of my symptoms had reversed themselves, and today, now 10 months after diagnosis, I am completely free of the condition. My scars from the lesions are even fading away! It is my personal belief that the reason the DE worked for me is because scleroderma is actually caused by some little parasite. Doctors do not generally look for parasites, thus the reason they can't figure out the cause for it. I am also enjoying all of the other benefits from the DE, including youthful skin, strong nails, literally a second head of hair that is now 5 inches long. Receded gums are back to normal and a sense of vitality and well being that I have never felt before in my life. I will echo what other testimonials say here: THANK GOD FOR DE!!! P.S. I approached the Scleroderma Foundation with my photo evidence and was summarily turned away as they are not interested in non-medical treatments. I was told that the medical community believes and tells their patients that silica actually triggers scleroderma.....That's criminal in my mind.

Moving and out in the Yard again!

Based on my testimony of having read your website thoroughly, my sister believed that the earth I have her would help an elderly neighbor who had quit eating, only drinking. He seemed to be constipated and had quit doing the things he usually did. The family was worried about him and willing to try the earth. Within a few days, the man was out working in his yard again and the family has subsequently ordered 4 bottles from you, one as a gift to my sister. Your prices allow people to give the gift of the earth to others and the gift keeps growing. My 91 year old father and I each take 2 TBSP per day. I notice that my stools are bigger and very easy. I love that. I have been on the earth about a month. I am waiting to see some of the other gains that others have reported.

Blood pressue dropped and "fuzzy thinking" gone!

I admit, I was a skeptic. I bought DE for use as a flea killer. Then I read the testimonials. So I decided to feed it to my dogs to keep them worm free. Then I read the Human use testimonials. I decided if it would maybe help with psoriasis, what did I have to lose? Nothing else worked. Long story short - as others say, it clears up "fuzzy thinking". It makes you "regular". So far so good! But the JAW DROPPING STUNNER is, when I first started taking DE my blood pressure was mid 140's over mid 90's. (I have a cuff monitor because I am pre-stage 1 hyper tension. I'M NOT on any kind of medication. Anyway, after less than a month my blood pressure has dropped to an average of 106 over 72, 108 over 70, and today was 104 over 72! I absolutely am amazed! I weigh 230 and have not lost any weight. Before, I always had to shed 50lbs. or more to see any drop in blood pressure. To re-cap, it WORKS! No fleas, clear thinking, poop everyday now, and lower blood pressure! THANK YOU!


Found you guys from a YouTube video and got interested. Because I live in Hawaii, and shipping cost is so expensive to Hawaii, I decided to purchase 50 pounds for along term use, rather than many small purchases. Anyways, I became very sensitive to alcohol, lemonade, and any sort of acidic food/drink a few years prior to knowing of DE. Even a little bit of acidic-something consumed can lead me into a horrible case of diarrhea. I primarily used food grade DE to block off ant paths around my room. But one day, I had a terrible case of diarrhea; and having no tums or antacids within my reach, I resorted to just 1 Tablespoon of the dirt. Sim Sala Bim!! Within minutes the dirt began to stabilize my insides. After 30 minutes I could not tell if I still had the problem. So, every time I had diarrhea, it only took me 1 tablespoon of the dirt to put an end to the emergency toilet runs! They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away; but I say one spoon of the dirt a day keeps the doctor away!

Losing weight and Losing Pills

A year ago I weighed a little over 200 pounds and after taking DE since Sept. I have dropped almost 40 pounds! De has also lowered my cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure and wonderful things for my fibromyalgia. I was on 12 pills daily for blood pressure, pre-diabetes, cholesterol, fibromyalgia, heart etc. I am proud to say I only take 2 now and feel great. Love the new me at 52!

Pain is Finally Gone!!

My mom was introduced to D earth, bought it, shared it with me and my sisters. I was OVER taking a bunch of stuff. I was depressed and starting to believe that this is just what happens as you get older, I?m almost 40; this is just the way life is. When I started to really experience severe discomfort from the pain all over my body, I ran out and bought a bunch of remedies and supplements. I was suffering from chronic pain that seemed to be spreading all over my body over a period of just a few months. It started in my right hip and gradually spread to my legs, arms, everywhere hurt. It was getting increasingly hard for me to get out of bed, and it was very difficult for me to walk even just to get things done around the house. I had just met a wonderful man over the summer and we were doing lots of activities together but I was constantly in pain. It got to the point where I would often cry in front of him because I was in so much pain. He seemed super concerned, wanting me to go to the doctor but I didn?t want to go. He never said he would, but I was afraid he was going to leave me because being out and social was getting more and more difficult. On top of that, I seemed to be gaining weight rapidly. The pain was so great I often couldn?t stay sleep, or even fall asleep comfortably. I was also suffering from bouts of depression. I only used it about 5 - 6 times while visiting with my mom over the holidays. I began adding it to my smoothies when I returned from my visit, using one TBSP almost daily. Just last night I realized that my hip doesn?t hurt anywhere NEAR as much as it had. Almost no pain at all. My knees and ankles don?t make popping sounds anymore. I sleep soundly. I feel alert and energized, where I used to just not feel like getting out of bed ever. I normally suffer from debilitating headaches around my menstrual cycle. That has not been the case this month. I?m not bloated or fatigued. My skin appears clearer, smoother, softer, my nails are growing hard and strong and fast and I am a nail biter! My gums don?t bleed anymore when I brush my teeth. I feel as if I have dropped some inches from my waistline as my pants fasten without a struggle now. My hair appears to have thickened up some. My feet are not dry and scaly and my hands don?t constantly need lotion anymore. I am a believer. They worked minimally. D earth WORKS, thanks for my mom learning and sharing and thank you! S. Ingram

Red Vessels In My Eyes are Gone!

When I first started using DE, I noticed the red vessels in the whites of my eyes disappeared! First I thought I was imagining it, but through the years I go on and off the stuff, and each time I go off, the red vessels come back. Each time I go on, they disappear again! If it's doing that on the surface of my eyes, I think it's doing that deeper as well, and not just my eyes, but probably all over my body! I have also noticed improvements in skin, nails, hair, and the quality of my sleep, but the eye thing is the most remarkable to me. I also use it to brush my teeth (just a little!) and feed it to the dogs. DE is good stuff! Adeha

Shingles Relief

Rubbing Diatomaceous Earth on the skin for shingles regularly has been the very best thing to stop all itchy feelings and am confident that it would also remedy any issue involving an itchy feeling including poison ivy, chicken pox, insect bites, etc. As soon as it's rubbed on, the itch disappears immediately. It's truly amazing! Thank you for all the info on your site. We've purchased from you in the past and will continue to support you. We've shared the D E and info with friends and family and they're all amazed and have been using it too!

DE Helped My Family

My ship of Food Grade DE arrived on Wednesday, November 6, 2013. My husband, an extreme cynic, my 16 year-old daughter and I started taking 1 teaspoon, 3 times a day. The results have been nothing short of a miracle. My husband suffers from asthma, fibromyalgia, insomnia, brain fog, severe lack of energy, overweight and has a severe pain in his Left hip that disrupts his sleep every night for 2 years. After taking DE for only 5days, his extreme craving for carbohydrates and lots of late night snacks stopped! He has lost 6 lbs., has so much energy, sleeps much better, is so much more alert. His Asthma has greatly improved and a bunch of new hairs is growing in his bald spot! He was taking up to 9 Motrin a night for his hip/fibromyalgia pain--he has not taken any Motrin for the last 8 days. I have such abundant energy, my cravings for carbohydrates and sweets are gone. I no longer want to snack all day long and have dropped 7 pounds, my once dry, brittle hair has a gorgeous shine. I put a pinch of DE in tablespoon of shampoo and have a double fullness of hair! My night blindness has greatly improved and I can drive at night again. My chronic backache is gone and the severe Osteo-Arthritis in my knees, that kept me housebound and isolated for 3 years, has improved so much I am no longer using a cane! This stuff is a miracle!! Martha Covina, CA

Soft Skin, Now a believer!

Hi All, I just wanted to put a testimonial in here for you. My husband and I have been taking DE everyday for about 6 months now and I have to tell you everything that has been said about it has been true. Our skin is baby soft. My hair doesn't fall out like it use to. My face doesn't break out anymore and for the first time ever I do not need foundation. Also I've had blood work done and my everything is great. He tells all his friends about it but they just shrug it off. Anyway I just wanted to share our joy with you folks. Thanks, Gail

Life is normal again

I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel from your product and how it has changed my life. I had low thyroid, low testosterone, high estrogen and celiac disease. everything I would eat that wasn't gluten free would break me out in horrific rashes which I then started to them with everything I ate. Your product has again changed my life as I feel human again and I can even eat wheat without breaking out and my sinuses are back to normal again. I am also no longer constipated (I have IBD) and my hair and nails have been growing, along with that I longer have insomnia at night. Your product is amazing and I have been telling everyone. Most people who saw all the rashes and nosebleeds are now a true believer and have begun asking me about your product as they cannot believe the difference it has made for me....Thank you for making my life normal again...

This stuff is a miracle for us!

my shipment of food grade DE arrived Wednesday, November 6th of 2013. My husband, an extreme cynic, my 16 year old daughter and I started taking 1 teaspoon, 3 times a day. The results have been nothing short of a miracle. My husband suffers from asthma, fibromyalgia, insomnia, brain fog, severe lack of energy, overweight and has severe pain in his left hip that disrupts his sleep every night for the last 2 years. After taking DE for only 5 days, his extreme craving for carbs and lots of late night snacks stopped! He has lost 6lbs., has so much energy, sleeps much better, and is so much more alert. His asthma has greatly improved and a bunch of new hairs are growing in his bald spot. He was taking up to 9 motrin a night for his hip/fibromyalgia pain--he has not taken any motrin for the last 8 days. I have such abundant energy, my cravings for carbs and sweets are gone. I no longer want to snack all day long and have dropped 7lbs. My once dry and brittle hair has a gorgeous shine. I put a pinch of DE in a tablespoon of shampoo and have a double fullness of hair! My night blindness has greatly improved and I can drive at night again. My chronic backache is gone and the sever osteo-arthritis in my knees, that kept me housebound and isolated for 3 years, has improved so much I am no longer using a cane! This stuff is a miracle!!

Helped our skin and hair!

My husband and I have been taking DE everyday for about 6 months now and I have to tell you everything that has been said about it has been true. Our skin is baby soft. My hair doesn't fall out like it used to. My face doesn't break out anymore and for the first time ever I do not need foundation. Also I've had blood work done and my everything is great. he tells his friends about it but hey just shrug it off. Anyway I just wanted to share our joy with you folks!

No more Hot Flashes!

I have been on your diatomaceous earth for 1 year and 5 months now and I am very well pleased with it. I used to have very severe hot flashes and carried a handmade fan with me everywhere I went. Now I hardly have hot flashes at all. My hot flashes were so bad that even in the wintertime I would wear summertime clothes and short sleeves. I never wore a coat or sweater even where it snowed, which is hard to believe. I used to look at the other ladies in my church with their pretty winter clothes and sweaters, coats and boots and wished that I could wear pretty winter clothes. This past winter I was able to do just that. I bought up sweaters, winter clothes, and boots and didn?t have to worry about hot flashes. I was just overjoyed about this. The ?dirt? is also good for fever blisters or bumps that come upon the face. I had a fever blister come upon my lip and I made a paste out of the ?dirt? and put it on my lip and the next morning it was almost healed up. The red bump came upon my cheek on my face and it kept getting bigger and more red and got very sore. I also made a paste out of the ?dirt? and put it on the bump and left it on overnight. The next morning the swelling had went down and redness was gone and the soreness had left. Very soon it was gone! Before diatomaceous earth, every winter I would get a real bad cold and got sick, even after getting the flu shot. But this past winter I didn?t even get sick or a stuffy nose. I still wash my face and hair with the ?dirt? and I like the way it makes my hair and face feel and my hair is growing longer. I no longer get ?winded? or ?tired? since I have been on the ?dirt?. I have benefited greatly by using diatomaceous earth. Thank you for such a great product. Take care, God Bless you and your loved ones.

Type 1 Diabetes

I want to inform you that 1 tbs a day has made a huge difference in the blood sugar numbers of my 14 year old daughter. She was diagnosed as a type one diabetic when she was just 6 years old. Most people may not be aware that type 1 and type 2 diabetes are very different from each other. There are MANY things a person can do to treat and even cure type 2 diabetes, but type 1 is a whole different story. We have found over the years that all the products and supplements that are helping type 2 diabetes for people do NOTHING at all for type 1. BUT.............Diatomaceous Earth DOES!!! She would daily wake up with high blood sugar and no-matter what we tried, nothing helped. Even her BS through the day was awful. Even a completely raw diet didn't help. Now that she takes one tablespoon of DE in the morning she wakes up with PERFECT blood sugar, and even through the day her numbers are WAY better. At first I didn't connect the two and was thrilled her numbers were better but didn't know why. Then it occurred to me that it all began when she started the DE. I put my children on it to rid them of parasites since they all have their own little dogs and I figured they would have some parasites, but I had no idea it would affect her blood sugar so positively. On another note it has also taken away my own arthritis in my hands, and made my debilitating fybromyalgia a lot better.

Sense of Calm

I have been taking DE for 2 weeks now, 2TBS a day. The biggest thing is I just feel a sense of calm, I don't know how to explain it, just feel serene. The last 2 days I have been coughing up a lot of phlegm, I have asthma, but I feel great! The asthma was the main reason I chose to try DE. Also for the last 6 months I have had veins that have been sticking out on the top of my arms and now they seem to have gone back under my skin, if that makes sense to you. I work in a factory where we extrude aluminum so there is a lot of dust from the aluminum and we breathe it in and then we wrap insulation around the wire and that leaves a dust also that we breathe in. There is a lady at work who wants to try it also. Also I have no sugar cravings anymore since I have been taking the DE and I have not had any starbucks vanilla frappacinos since I have been using DE....I love my frappacinos. I will keep you posted on anything else that changes using DE. Teresa

Menstrual Cramps

The only word I could describe for DE is Fabulous! It has passed about 2 months since my first order, and I just did my second one yesterday. I have done my own diary from the first day my daughter and I began to take the tablespoon of DE each day. I'm not going to write everyting I wrote in my diary here, but I MUST tell one very important thing that happend to me and my 14 year old daughter. Since ever, we both suffer from really bad monthly M cramps. I'm not talking about the little pain, I'm talking about the pain that makes you faint and when you don't faint, you puke. My daughter has school absences one day of each month since 6th grade. Our doctor has tried everythng with medication, and nothing works. Now comes the magic...taking one tablespoon of DE during our bad time, we don't need to take ANY pain medication---but I mean, nothing at all, even the sensation of discomfort during those days is completely GONE. Do I say tat all symptoms are gone? Well-they are, and we are not afraid of that time of the month anymore. I have noticed so many great changes on myself by taking DE, but I think it is very important that every girl should know about this benefit too, because I wish I would of known about this 30 years ago! God bless you all--Miriam in TX