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How to Use Diatomaceous Earth For Pests

This page is solely dedicated on educating users on how to use diatomaceous earth and some of our applicators for insect control.  We have always gotten a lot of questions regarding how to use diatomaceous earth for certain things.  We wanted to give a good guide for users of diatomaceous earth and people looking for information on how to use it.  After looking at the information you need and still have questions, feel free to contact us!  Otherwise feel free to visit our shop page to get your diatomaceous earth.

bed bugs

Bed Bug infestations are no match for this natural product!


Roaches are disgusting!  Use something natural instead of spreading poisons.


Fleas infestations can be a headache for your home and pets!


Whether indoors or outdoors, ants have a hard time dealing with diatomaceous earth.

demodex mite

Demodex and scabies mites are no match for diatomaceous earth!


Keep them out of your home and keep them off your foundation!


Reduce the population for your kids and pets!

Lice on a Lice comb

Natural Remedy you can do at Home!

Fungus Gnats on Plants

Kill these pesky insects once and for all!

Thrip on a Leaf

Natural Remedy you can do at Home!

Boxelder Bug

Natural Remedy you can do at Home!

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