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Pets and Animals Testimonials

Here's where we put the feedback we've received from YOU about the benefits you have seen using both Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for human and pet health and Crawling Insect Control DE for all your insect control needs.  Please share your experiences with us via e-mail at with what these wonderful products have done for you!

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All of these testimonials are backed up by a physical e-mail from the person giving the testimonial.

Sleeping better after DE

I was awaken during the night to my little dog (who sleeps in the bed with me) being agitated and not sleeping as normal. I turned the light on to inspect him to see if he may have a tick or flea. To my amazement I saw which appeared to be fettuccine noodles wiggling from his back side. I almost cried. I had never seen this before. I immediately got on the internet to find out what these were and how to eliminate them! I ordered D.E. and kept him (AND ME) on it for 30 days. His coat is shiny, his eyes gleam, he has so much more energy. I feel and sleep better and my lower back pain has disappeared. I will never stop telling people about D.E. or stop giving this to my pets! You can spend $thousands on conventional wormers and drugs and this natural product not only helps everyone - It does not hurt or have side effect of ill nature! Thank you!!

Marie, North Carolina

Works great on German Shepherds

We got our 9 week old puppy in May, 07. For the next 9 months we fought a constant battle with intestinal roundworms. Over-the-counter & veterinary treatments helped for a couple of weeks, then she would be infested again. I searched the web for worm treatments when I found your website in February, 08.

I put 1.5 level tablespoons in her food twice daily. The next day after the first treatment she passed a huge number of worms. She passed worms for the next 3 days. After the fourth day there were no more worms in her stool. Her stool was no longer wet & soupy but solid & firm.

8 months later she is still worm free. I put DE in her food & water occasionally now, not every day. Your product has eliminated intestinal parasites from her life. Every vet should know about your product.

Thanks from Mike Love, Joe & Belle.

I am SO glad i found this product

Just a note to say...your Diatomaceous Earth product is FANTASTIC!!! I've been mixing a quantity of this to my cats dry food for about 2 weeks now and the stubborn worms are GONE, and his coat is beautiful. He even seems happier! I am SO glad i found this product, thank you for having this available.

tom (valleycamper)

I love your product

Hello, I love your product. I have been giving your DE to my horses, dogs, cats and myself. I have replaced my horses chemical dewormers. Giving DE to my horses for a few weeks now. I needed proof it was working so I had my veterinarian spin test the manure for worms and worm eggs. Not one egg or worm . Chemical dewormers are hard on a horses gut but I must keep them worm free to avoid colic . Thanks for a wonderful web page . All the information is very helpful.

Katrina Turnage

A very happy dog

I adopted a dog from a shelter that had heartworms.The meds they were giving was not helping her--she had severe coughing with blood present as well. As soon as I got her home I threw the meds in the garbage and started her on DE daily. After 1 month she was free of heartworms, no more coughing, and lots of energy, a very happy dog. I have 5 dogs and they all get the DE, and they are very healthy. Peggy from Florida. Note added by Earthworkshealth: DE works wonders in the digestive system, but we are not sure if it works or not on all heartworm infestations. To be 100% safe, it would still be good to use your current heartworm control program.

No More Tumor in Dog!!

Hello, I wrote you last fall and told you my dog had a cancerous tumor on her front chest (Hermangiosarcoma) that was removed last Aug and started growing back in November. I thoroughly researched your product and with little hesitation started my 18 year old Cotton and her half a golf ball sized tumor on the DE in December. As of 07/07/2014 the tumor has shrunk down to nothing. Our Vet was amazed! I am so grateful that this product is available to us and is non toxic and actually good for us. Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge and you food grade diatomaceous earth!!

Rain Rot Gone!

"Amazing rainrot solution! After Southern Oregon's first long rain storm, my 13 year old Tobiano mare ended up with a horrible case of rainrot on her entire body, legs and face. I bought Earthworks Health food grade Diatomaceous earth and applied it (using an old nylon stocking) all over the horse on a Sunday and again on Weds. All but one scab had cleared up in about 10 days!!! Hooray!!!! Could it be that the diatomaceous earth is the secret ingredient in a thrush solution too ;-) "

Rash Gone!

Our dog was wandering through some brush and came up with a red rash on her tummy. It looked to be poison ivy. So I mixed some DE with some organic apple cider vinegar and made a mud mask for her skin. She behaved very well and let the mud mask dry. She was then bathed in a lukewarm bath and in two days the rash was totally healed! Such a wonderful product. I'll always use my Diatomaceous Earth (food grade).

Rids Tape Worms!

Gratitude to the great folks at Earthworks, and for their wonderful, natural product DE. We inherited a Boston Terrier, Bella. After a couple of months, I noticed that Bella had live worms in her poop. I was horrified. Told my husband to feed her 1-2 tsp of DE in her wet food per day. After several days, the worms in her poop were not moving. A few more days later, she pooped twice and then had an "accident" on the sidewalk. When I went closer to see what she had done, there was a pool of liquid and a really long specimen of a tapeworm. It was horrifying and fantastic at the same time! DE had worked its way through our dog's system and killed and eliminated those danged worms. At the first sign of cold or flu, we drink 1-2 Tbsp of DE in juice to rid ourselves of any intestinal bacteria which may be harmful to us. Harmful bacteria in the gut are the cause of many illnesses. DE is a blessing and a Godsend, as I believe most all of God's solutions are simple and uncomplicated. "

I Love This Product!!

"I have been using DE for over a year now. I feed it to my horses and my cats. I have used it as a stall deodorizer and drying agent. I ingest it myself and I brush my teeth with it. I always keep some in the 100 gal. water tanks for the horses so they consume it through their water as well as put it in their feed. I love this product!!

Great for Horses and Dogs!

I've been giving DE to my horses, dogs, husband and myself for a couple of months now. We've had a very, very wet summer here in Florida and my farrier said my horse's hooves are in great shape, not soft or chipped from the constant wet conditions. My dogs coats look great, and my husband and I just feel better!


A Testimony--I went through a jug & a half when I thought this isn't doing anything. I stopped a few days & thought I should give it a try again. So glad I did as I expelled pin-worms which I was totally clueless that I could even have such a thing. They were definitely dead which thrilled me but I knew that from that day forward, I'll never go without my DE again. Works even when you don't know it's working. Be patient because for some it takes a little longer, like it did with me. Thank you for answering all my silly questions while I was adjusting to taking it, Ellie

Love it for my Animals!

I want to thank you for offering such a wonderful product! I use Diatomaceous once a month on all my farm animals and my dog. A neighbor of mine suggested it two years ago. She uses it with her dogs, sheep and goats. She told me to use it as a wormer and it would improve feed consumption and growth. Using something natural and non-chemical on my horses, cow and goats is important because the chickens and turkeys forage in the manure. Chemical wormers are something I do NOT want to end up in my eggs or poultry meat! I also discovered that my hens lay eggs more consistently when wormed regularly with diatomaceous earth in their feed. I?m interested in the comments that are posted by human consumption?..Animals all see happier and healthier, so I may be sending a new message soon, letting you know how it works on me and my family! Thanks again! Diane

No More Worms!

"I started giving this to my two puppies when they were 6 months old and the one came to me with a bad case of worms. I tried the conventional dewormer from the vet but it made my cattledog/lab extremely sick and did not get rid of the worms. Looking for an alternative that was natural I came across DE.. I have given it to my girls mixed in yogurt everyday for the last 3 months... no more worms.. i drink a glass of it everyday myself for good measure!

Dogs Are Now WORM FREE!!

Our oldest dog he was hobbling around so bad in his back legs that he could hardly get around and he was constantly chewing on himself and whining and yelping but when he was put on the "dirt" his chewing and whining and yelping stopped and he gets around now with no trouble in his back legs at all just like he was a new dog...what a relief,,,and he gets the "dirt' in his food and water now and so do all the other dogs...the two pups , male and female..started giving it to them in their food and water ,,,and gollee!!! I didnt know that they had worms that bad,,the female on the 2nd day she was trying to pass what i thought was elastic,,,it was nasty,,but they were worms and I had to get toilet paper and help her get them out,,,they were one big long glob stringy mess,,,I had never seen that in a dog before,,and the male had worms but not bad as her but he passed them in one big blob and today is the 3 day and they are worm free...which is a relief,,at first their little bellies were so big,,I thought that it was because they were eating so much but it was because of the worms,,,,and the two outside dogs are also benefiting from the dirt is put in their food and to be sure that they are worm free,,but they do come in at night... but all the dogs are so full of energy now and they just run all over the house and here is another testimonial for you to publish when you want to ...thank you for your time and kindness..hope to hear from you soon,,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,Cassie

Tapeworm Gone from Cat

Hi! I ordered a 50lb bag from you last year- SOooo glad i did! Cured my cat young cat of tapeworm and EVERYONE comments about how he is so lively and healthy!

Beagle Healed!

I am one of those not so easily convienced individuals. Two years ago a friend of my had a very sick beagle. This dog was a great hunting dog and was special in his abilities. However, his dog had become very ill and he had over the period of one year spent $5,000. at Vets. office trying to find out what was wrong with his dog. He was intoduced to DE by a friend of ours who trains and handles beagles and has about 60 hounds in his kennels. He put his hound on DE and within 2 weeks noticed a difference. He no longer had bowl problems, his energy level increased, no more worms kidney's began working at a full level. This is not just a story. He took his dog back to the Vet. after a month and the Vet. couldn't believe the improvement in the dog. They took the dog off of all Vet. meds. and now two years later the dog is breeding, running, and he has been given a clean bill of health from the Vet. I had been told of this DE product by the same friend that told the above dog owner. I have been using a heaped up tea spoon on my hounds feed for over a year now and all are healthy, no worm problems, hair slick, eyes bright and clear, energy levels are above average even for the 10 year old that had teeth cleaning problems constantly. Like Jess said, "I will never be without DE as long as I raise dogs." Yes, I have taken it myself and I tested it. I do not have a lot of health problems but arthritis and a diabetic (adult type 2). I began using it and after about 6 weeks my sugar level was down about 20 points and my pain in my hands subsided. Thanks for advertising this great product.

Like Nothing I have ever seen!!

I have been an Independent Animal Rescuer in Louisiana for over 20 years. I have spent more money on wormers than I can even begin to count and this I experienced first hand just over the last 4 weeks. There was a family of feral puppies that I was determined to catch, but in the mean time of coming up with a plan, I put out Puppy Chow mix with DE. The first puppy caught, had only been eating it for maybe a week so he had some roundworms. The next week the second puppy was caught and there was very few worms, the third puppy the following week had no sign of any parasites what so ever and the fourth, NONE! Absolutely Unbelievable! My husband and I witnessed this with our own eyes! The puppies are inside since it is so hot here this summer, so we know! lol lol. Here is another thing we have noticed and by the way, we have 30 rescues and now 4 feral puppies and still trying to catch the 5th one, but anyway, we have a special needs dog with Epilepsy. She is on compound med's from the compound pharmacy and even though she is on med's twice a day, we still experience seizures at least once a month, but since she has been on the DE, I sprinkle it on everyone's food every evening, there has not been one seizure! The coats my outside dogs are beautiful now! You have to experience this for yourself to see the difference it makes! Its truly incredible! I take it myself twice a day and have recently ordered it for another rescue to try. I guarantee she will never be without it, just like myself! My husband calls it "Magic Dust" and I have to admit, that's an excellent way to put it! Give it a try! I promise you that you will ask yourself why you have not used it sooner! : ) Peace * Love * Paws

No More Bald Spot!

I found out about DE accidentially at the feed store. They didn't sell food grade. Fortunately, I found Earthworks. My Beagle puppy had started getting bald patches on one side of her little body. I thought, perhaps, she had an allergy to her collar, so I removed it. The patches got larger, and reddened. After some investigation, I found that it was perhaps psoriasis. I don't like the chemicals that are always associated with salves and whatever the vet might prescribe, I ordered my first jug of DE. We started taking it on March 3, and as of today the patches have almost disappeared! Hair is growing back, and her coat seems to be thicker and shinier. My hip pain was virtually gone within a matter of days! I had a patch of grass that was browning, and the nursery told me that I may have parasites in the soil. Rather then spreading chemicals on the lawn that my birds & squirrels eat on, I tried DE. Grass is coming back! My mom is in a nursing home with all the aches and pains associated with being 90 years old. I am starting her on DE, and will pray it works as well for her as it did for me and Daisy the Beagle. THANKS DE......You will remain a staple in our happy & pain free home. Can't even being to think of the money you saved me, and it's organic. Thanks, again! Cathi Florida

Several Dogs More Active!

This stuff is great!! It has helped me in so many ways, and my cat that for 6 years had a limp and a lot of pain. He could only walk 10 to 20 steps and then have to sit or lay down for a bit, then go again. Now he chases our little ferril cat arount the house! She also takes DE--they are both very healthy now. His name is Jake, hers is pepper. I also told my best friend about this wonderful stuff--she has a sheep dog named fancy. Fancy could hardly get up when she sits or lays down and was on meds that cost 100 dollars each month! Fancy has been on DE since the 1st of Oct. and now chases birds and runs through the house. After seeing how Fancy was not in pain anymore, her husband said to order more of that "dirt"--we never want to run out!! Thank you for this wonderful stuff!

DE for All Animals

hi my name is margaret. i am using this product on all my animals and myself. i have horses dogs a goat cats. i work at a vets office. i work in the kennel. i have shared your product with my coworkers and doctors. i am ordering my fourth bag.i am impressed on what it has done for my colon and joints.i would tell everyone try for yourself. the results speak for themselves.thank you for a wonderful product. margaret TEXAS.

Worm Free!

DE has worked wonders in our horses. We have large draft horses and the chemical level can get pretty high when trying to de-worm them on a regular basis. We purchased a young horse and he was full of worms. We found DE and started adding it to their feed. After a month I took a stool sample into our Vet and had it tested. The Vet confirmed that the worms were gone. She was very impressed that a horse would have so few parasites. DE is here to stay for us!

Both Dogs Helped

After starting my entire family (dogs and all) on DE several months ago the results have been just amazing. Our 2 ? year old Mastiff has suffered from pancreatitis since she was six months old. When she went in for her latest checkup the vet was thrilled to see that her numbers are coming down and she is within 5 points of normal enzyme levels. I told him I had her on DE and he told me to keep doing what we are doing. Our ten year old arthritic German Shorthair takes it and has been able to get up and down with greater ease. I believe this is a true gift from God and I love to tell anyone who will listen to me all about it.

Dog is Healed!

I have a two year old Boxer and Golden Retreiver mix that got really sick. She went from being really playful, jumping around, and a very happy dog, to being totally lifeless. For about two months she got to where she wasn't eating very good, started loosing weight, coughing all the time and had no energy. All she would do was just lay around the yard. She also got to where she didn't want to play with us or our three other dogs. Every time she did get up and move around, she would start coughing really bad. This really had us worried thinking that maybe she could have heartworms or some kind of parasites or maybe even valley fever. So I talked to a lady that I knew about my dog's problems and she told me about the DE and how it was really good for worms and parasites and humans and animals could take it. So I did some research about the DE on the internet and I came across your website. After reading all of the human and animal testimonials, I was just amazed at how good this stuff really was and how resonable the price was. So I ordered some from your website. I have been giving all of my dogs a tablespoon a day of the DE and my family and I have been taking a heaping tablespoon a day also. It has been about three months since our dogs and my family and I have been taking the DE. And just to let you know, after three months of taking the DE, our sick dog is healed!!! She isn't coughing anymore, has lots of energy again, eating a lot and is jumping like crazy. She is like a new dog again and back to her playful ways. I will continue to tell everyone I know about this wonderful stuff. I am a believer in the DE and its truly a miracle from God! I am really thankful for your company and getting my happy, healthy dog back. May God bless you and your familes. Lorie

For Myself and Pets

Just a few lines to add to the growing testimonials. I just placed another order to send to my daughter and ordered four jugs for my friends in Fl. that believe what I told them about the DE. I am a one of the believers in treating the body naturally all my life. I have been taking the DE for three weeks now and I can feel the difference already. My dog (a lab) has been suffering with itching and had a smell so bad you couldn't sit next to her. We spent tons on Vet bills to no avail. I mixed a batch with water and soaked her after her bath. Today she is free of the bad skin odor and the vet is now a believer. Keep spreading the word for a great product. PS. My BP has dropped 15 points in three weeks. I dumped the pills the Dr. gave me months ago.. One of the side affects was anemia and when I went for my blood test six months ago, I had it. Thanks doc. When I am ready to die it will be at my own hands not yours. Gino

Acting 10 Years Younger!

I came across your website when I was looking for help with my dog who had kidney disease. My other dog had been to the vet and had a injection for itching, loosing his hair, plus the other vaccines. He was falling down outside and having a very hard time being stable on his feet after that day. I started giving him diatomaceous earth ( 1 Teaspoon 2x's a day. ) He is like 10 years younger now. He dances in circles ready to go outside in the morning now. No more falling down. Then my husband and I started taking it. He lost 10 lbs, I have fingernails that grow over the tops of my fingers. It's great for constapation. I sent some to my sister and she now has great fingernails. Something so cheap and simple. And so natural. Nancy

Works for so many things!!

Dear friend, The DE has been remarkable....having lupus, it has taken the symptoms away.....our dog Beau has been free of intestinal worms for over 5 months now. Every morning I make up a protein fruit smoothie and add a heaping tablespoon for the hubby and me. It has helped his shoulder pain and he sleeps much better. When we ran out, the pain came back with a vengeance and he began the insomnia again. One day after getting the DE, he was back on track again. Thank you for selling a most marvelous product. We are your customers for life!

No More Eating Poop!

I have tried every product for and everything recommended to stop dogs from eating their Poop. Nothing worked. Once I started to add D-Earth to my dog food on a daily basis, that problem has been taken care of. No more eating Poop. Thanks!! South Carolina

Happy Rott again!

My name is Leo. I live in South Texas and I have a 7 year-old Rottweiller that was diagnosed with intestinal and heart worms in August 2009 during his check-up that year. The vet gave me and my wife a poor prognosis for our dog and that he would probably only live a couple more months. We took our dog home and began researching treatment options. A very dear friend of mine who was a farmer, sadly died in a car accident shortly after telling me about DE. He told me that I should sprinkle about 1 teaspoon of DE in my dog's food at least once a day and that the DE would take care of the worm problems. I fed DE to my Rott religiously. Well, my wife and I took our dog to the vet just last week for his yearly check-up and the vet was astonished to find that, not only was our Rott alive, but also found that the intestinal and heart worm tests came back completely negative. He asked what we had done to treat our dog and we related that we had been feeding DE to our Rott. The only explanation he had was that the DE had cured our dog. I swear by this stuff!

Itching Gone!

thank you and I have already dusted my dogs and the itching is gone in 20 minutes! Jackie

Joint Pain in Dogs

I feel great and so does my husband. But the story does not end there. I have tried it on my Boxer dog and on my cats. Boxers are known for joint pains and hip issues, needless to say our boy is running like a champ and looking awesome. I also apply it to his coat and he no longer itches and scratches. Thank you! I have recommended your product to many.

Like a puppy again!

My MinPin dog is over 7 years old and since eating the dirt is playing like a puppy again! It is a joy to see! Thanks so much.

Many Pet Benefits!

I am a customer of yours and am very happy with your product. We have 8 dogs and 2 cats. All of us have benefited from DE in various ways. Less flies (way less), poop scooping is a less stinky job, dogs and cats all have shinier coats, cat has not had allergic reaction which produces bare spots in fur, dogs seem happier and more lively. These are all wonderful things.

10 Year believer!

I am so a believer now!! I am a breeder of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs and have been using your product for at least 10 years to keep my dogs free of parasites. I have a now 11 year old male who had been getting stiffer over the last few years and I was not looking forward to the time when I would have put him out of his pain. Right after I started giving him the DE for internal parasites, I noticed he was not having as much trouble getting up as he used to. Over time, he got better and better, and while he is not running around like a youngster, his quality of life has improved enormously. After running across your site and learning that humans can use DE also, I started using it for my arthritis ... not really expecting any difference for a few months. After taking DE for less than 3 months, I can now walk up stairs easily without dragging myself up by the railings. I am losing weight gradually and didn't even realize it until a friend asked me what kind of diet I was on because I was so much thinner than the last time she saw me. Since I had not been dieting, but had been eating the same as in the past, I was surprised when I got on the scales and saw I had lost 11 lbs in 3 months without changing my eating regimen in any way!! And, the one thing I really like is the texture of my skin has improved drastically ... used to itch all the time ... not anymore and it feels so much softer. I just cannot say enough about DE ... I tell all my friends and, of course, I am a walking advertisement since I have changed so much and they can see the difference in me. All I can say is ... thanks so much and God bless you for making something so good affordable for those like me (I just turned 65) who are on a fixed income and cannot afford expensive arthritis meds. I don't know what I would do without you.

Acts Like a Puppy Again!!

I heard about DE from good friends of mine. They give it to their dogs and horses. So I finally broke down and ordered some. I have been giving it to my 4 dogs for the past few months. They are 21 months, 10 yrs, 11 yrs, and 12 yrs old respectively. My senior dane had slowed down a bit due to arthritis. But with the DE, she has the energy of a puppy! She and my dane pup play rodeo and nascar in the living room every evening after dinner. My old coon hound is wide open, just like when I brought him home from the shelter. All of their fur is super soft and velvety, like rabbit fur. It's amazing. I am going to start taking it myself, too. Can't wait to see the results ! Thanks for offering such a great product ! Jill

Helped our cat!

Hello, Love your DE! I bought it for our cat who was a rescued cat at a shelter. The whole litter was found in the dumpster at 4 weeks old. On antibiotics from the start. Then when he was 3 he fell out of a third story window and had surgery to put him back together again. And another surgery. Lots of digestive difficulites and on special foods, sneezing and throwing up. And he had a mean streak to him. Now on DE no more digestive difficulties at all and he does not seem to have the mean streak at all any more. Used to hiss around other animals and sometimes people. No more. It seems to be very calming. Also he would get these raw sores by his ears. The vet would put him on antibiotics and a steroid cream. They would always come back. I put some DE in a healthy skin cream and put it on the sores and in 3 applications the sores were gone! He usually hates me to put stuff on him and hides and will hardly come around to eat. Would eat in the middle of the night to avoid me treating him. But with the DE he seemed to know immediately that it felt good and let me do it. Amazing. I give him about 1/2 tsp in his dry food and another 1/2 tsp in his canned food every day.

Works Great on Horses!

I have horses of my own that I have been giving DE to for approx. a year now and the transformation is amazing, I have not had to worm them withconventional wormer since giving DE and they have had no worms. Their coat and hoofs are in super shape. I have two horses that are older-one is in its 20s and he shows no body ache even after we ride for 7 to 8 hours. We also use it on our chickens for mites and it works great. Alison from VA

Less Odor

I have new young chickens that I've raised from baby chicks. While they were in the house in a cage in my office, I used DE on the shavings daily and it totally eliminated the odor, which was wonderful. Before I purchased DE, I had to totally clean out the cage every day or the odor would drive me out of my office! Since using DE, I only had to change the litter every four or five days. Now the chicks have moved to their new "home" in the backyard, and I use a sifter and ?sift? DE all over their coop and run, and I haven't yet smelled any odor. I also use it for my dogs and I take a tablespoon of it myself every day. I'm planning to discontinue my dog's heartworm medicine and go strictly with DE. Kathleen

Great for Horses

I stumbled across your website over a year ago while looking for horse wormers. I called every farm supply store around and no one had even heard of it. After reading about it I decided to give it a try and the results were very good. I noticed the horses hardly had any flies around them and when we would ride trails with others I noticed their poop was not smelly or runny like the other horses, plus they just look good. I will continue to use this stuff as well as keep telling others .

16 Year Old Dog

I started taking diatomaceous earth 3 years ago for arthritis.My hands were so bad that I couldn't hold on to a coffee cup and could not sleep because my hips would hurt so bad and my friend told me about an article she read telling about DE. Within 2 weeks of taking it 2 times a day my pain was gone.I also gave some to my sister for her 16yr. old dog that could hardly walk and 2 weeks later she called and said that he was almost like a puppy again.I am sold on it .

Horse Benefits!

I stumbled across your website over a year ago while looking for horse wormers. I called every farm supply store around and no one had even heard of it. After reading about it, I decided to give it a try, and the results were very good. I noticed when we would ride trails with others, their poop was not smelly or runny like the other horses, plus they just look good.

Dog more energetic

My mom is disabled and no longer able to care for her aging Min Pin. I started him on 1 tsp. of DE per morning in his food. It has only been a week and he has switched from "hard to get off the porch for his walk" to yesterday HE WALKED ME!! to the neighbor's property 1/2 mile away!! He even ran part way across the neighbor's field. I don't do testimonials, but THIS IS CRAZY! I had to tell you. Mom is so happy the his health is no longer in decline. "Zeus" is very visibly happier and so much more energetic. I know he thanks you too. Paul in NV

Diarrhea in Cats

My cats have been having problems with diarrhea for so long. We used worm medicine from the vet several times. Their diarrhea would clear up, only to return again. I was searching the internet looking for an alternative to what my vet was prescribing and came upon your web site. I am a medical transcriptionist and have suffered for the last several years with severe back pain, from sitting at my computer all day. I also have hand and knee pain and low energy levels. Most of the time, I just want to sleep and after sleeping, I wake up feeling worse---more pain and no energy. I am only 52 and this just doesn't seem normal to feel so tired all the time. I decided to try your DE. My order arrived early Monday morning---today is Friday. I opened it right up, put a tablespoon in my OJ and drank it down. I also mixed it into my cats food and fed them immediately. I am giving it to them once a day. My mom and myself are taking 2 tablespoons a day, morning and evening. It has been 4 days since I started DE and I CANNOT believe the change in my mom, myself and my cats. Their diarrhea has stopped completely. Even though some of them are getting up there in years, they are all playing like kittens. I mix the DE in their canned food and they inhale it--almost as if they are craving this stuff. But for me, the most remarkable effect is that I have no pain. I just can't believe anything can work this fast and this well. I just cannot believe it. My mom also suffers from chronic diarrhea, which her physician can find no cause for, or effective treatment for. She has just accepted that she will have to live with it the rest of her life. She also suffers from arthritis. She also started on DE last Monday and cannot believe the changes taking place in her body. She has had no diarrhea in the past week and she says her joint pain is gone. Neither of us has had any ill-effects from taking the DE, only positive results. i can't help wondering if both of us feel this good after only a week, what will a month on DE bring? And, my skin, it is getting so soft and shiny! I know I've said too much, but I've been mislead on so many other products that promise so much and do nothing, and this one is so AMAZING! I'm telling everyone that I know about DE---I think it is a miracle from GOD! Carol from IN

Horses Look Great

I have been using diatomaceous earth for the last 8 months as a natural wormer for my horses and dairy goats. As we go into spring, my horses look amazing! They are shedding out quicker then usual and look as if they have been worked to show shape---even though they had the whole winter off! In the summer, because I have pasture, they normally get grain just in the morning---just enough to give them their vitamins. When the grass is depleted, I up it to 1/2 can in the AM. Once it goes over 1/2 can, I split it into AM and PM feedings. I realized that this winter, I never upped their grain past the 1/2 can point. This is the 1st time in 30 years of horse ownership that my horses didn't get grain with their morning hat in the winter!---But they look better then ever! Also, I have a Mare who is a horrible cribber and she is hardly cribbing at all now! Thank you so much for making this wonderful natural product available! Sherie in WA

No More Chemicals!

Hi, I just ordered another 50 Pound bag and I have to tell you, Diatomaceous Earth is fantastic!! We use it for our dogs, horses and ourselves. We raise german shepherds and have puppies on it as well. We shipped a puppy to California that was on DE from 3 days old until they left at 8 weeks old. The new owners vet frowned when he found out the puppy never had a chemical wormer---the vet said he was sure he would find something. The puppy was totally clear of any parasites. The new puppy owners also bought the Diatomaceous Earth to keep the puppy on the natural wormer. Thank you---it has been a huge, huge, blessing to us. Jane in MO

No More Worms!

Our chihuahua was exhibiting black tar light stools and I had read that that was a sign of worm infestation. In addition, she had started dragging her behind. We started her on 2 tsp. of DE per day mixed in with cottage cheese and fresh strawberries and within the 2nd week she passed two (approx 6 in. long--what looked like tape worms). now at the end of three weeks, her stools look normal light brown color, she's no longer dragging her behind and she even seems more playful and energetic. We'll keep giving her 1 tsp. daily to keep these worms at bay. Renee, Arizona

Horse is Worm Free!

I started using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 4 years ago as a wormer for my horse. I have her tested every 4 months for worms and to date, the results have been negative! No worms! Also, she had a large sarcoid on her side when I first got her and it is now virtually gone! I am now going to take it for my own well-being. Love this stuff!

Pig Preserve Helped!!

As the director for a 100-acre pig sanctuary, we house over 135 rescued pigs ranging from tiny pigs to 1200 pound farm pigs. Our pigs roam the entire 110 acres of woods, fields and ponds. Worming them can be an expensive and time consuming operation. A couple of years ago we started having our feed mill mix 2% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Fossil Shell Flour into our feed mix. The results have been amazing. Using fecal float tests, which our vet does for us, we have managed to keep our pigs virtually parasite-free for a number of years. In addition, a number of our elderly pigs, who are arthritic, have shown a fairly dramatic increase in mobility thanks to the addition of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Fossil Shell Flour to their diet. This stuff really works and is an easy, inexpensive and natural way to kill parasites in our pigs. Rich Hoyle Director The Pig Preserve Jamestown, TN


My daughter has a pit-bull who has had allergies all his life. He has scratched and scratched almost every waking moment of his life. Medication did not help much so when my daughter went on vacation, I started giving her dog Food grade diatomaceous earth in his morning breakfast. the parasitic carnage that came out from his stool was unbelievable. My daughter's dog and mine are so very, very thankful...the relief is indescribable.


I just wanted to let you know about the wonderful effect that Food grade diatomaceous earth has had on my seven year old Great Dane. I originally ordered Food grade diatomaceous earth for myself and my boyfriend and decided to add some to my Great Dane's food every evening. Being a giant breed, Great Danes are often plagued with health problems and their life span is, on average, 7-10 years, so I figured that Food grade diatomaceous earth could not do her any harm and might help her as she gets into old age. She has been on a heaping tablespoon of Food grade diatomaceous earth for about 2 months and I cannot believe the change in my dog! Danes are generally very low energy, so I always attributed her slowness and laziness to her breed, but since she has been on Food grade diatomaceous earth she is running around. Actually running!! It has been years since I have seen her run more than a few strides, but now she is running around and playing with my other dogs and wandering around by herself. I own a 30 acre farm and she used to stay right by the house but now she is wandering off by herself and staying outside longer than she ever did before. Also, she has always had a beautiful coat but has always been prone to dandruff. the dandruff is also gone! Her fur looks healthier and she also looks leaner, whereas before she was a little bit overweight and extra weight can be detrimental to a very large dog with potential joint problems. Overall, she has so much more energy than she has had in years. She looks better and seems happier. I can not say for sure if the Food grade diatomaceous earth is the reason for the changes I have seen in my dog but it is the only change I have made to her diet and lifestyle. So I credit her increase in energy and well-being to Food grade diatomaceous earth. Thank you!

Relief For Myself and My Two Cats

I have started using this product since 2008 after a suggestion from two friends who are nurses and they rave about the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth. My knee is not hurting as bad when I take Diatomaceous Earth but comes back when I forget to take it. I?ve also placed in my cat?s food for her arthritis and I can see that she is able to move better after adding a pinch to her food daily. My second male cat, 18, has irregular heartbeats which cause him to be disoriented and unsteady when he gets up. I started to place some DE in his pate daily and for months now I have not seen him acting like he is about to fall down. My mom and her friends with joint problems also use it and reported back to me that it is helping them. Goof stuff! Thank you earthworks for making it available!

Great product for arthritis!

I've started using this product since 2008 after suggestion from two friends who are nurses and they rave about he benefits of DE. My knee isn't hurting when I take DE. It comes back when I forget to take it. Ive also placed some in my cats food for her arthritis. I can see that she is able to move better after adding some to her food daily. My second male cat, 18, has irregular heartbeats which cause him to be disoriented and unsteady when he gets up. I started to place some DE in his plate daily and for 5 months now I have not seen him acting like he is about to fall down. My mom and her friends, with joint problems, also use it and reported back to me that it is helping them. Good stuff! Thank you earthworks health for making it available!

Heart Murmur and energy returns to our dog!

I wanted to tel you our story about out dog Toby and his experience with DE. Toby, is a Cavalier King Charles dog. He is 8 years old. Our vet informed us in October of 2013 that Toby had a grade 5 heart murmur. This was difficult news because Toby is a beloved member of our family as all out dogs are but especially Toby because he was the first King Charles puppy we bought and he was quite honestly sort of pathetic looking. We decided to choose buying him over his brother because we didn't think anyone would buy Toby because he was so scrawny and timid. We felt like we were supposed to get him. Anyway, a week before this past Christmas, Toby, started having breathing problems. It was not good; he was laboring to breathe, and constantly coughing. We were pretty certain we would lose him very soon. We made the decision to take him to the vet prepared for the fact they may recommend putting him to sleep. I said a heartfelt prayer to God asking that he please spare Toby's life. I told my wife to please ask the vet if there is anything we could do to keep him without him being in pain to please do so. The vet informed us that he has a very enlarged heart that takes up about 90% of his ribcage and he had water on his lungs. his heart was not circulating properly. But the vet said she wanted to give him a different heart medication Lasix. Two days after this Toby started feeling better but a week later is when I drove up to Norfolk, NE to pick up a 50 pound bag of DE. My wife decided to try making natural dog treats with DE in them to give to out dogs. We were giving them 3-4 treats per day and an amazing thing happened to Toby. Just one week after taking the treats, he began running around like he was a puppy! His tri-colored coat has NEVER looked as good as it does now! We are not exaggerating in the least about his turn around. We know God answered our prayer and that DE was a big part of that. We ourselves are benefiting from the DE too. I will share some other time about how I cam across your website. For now I'll just say, the Lord lead me here. Thank you for your part in all of this. Blessings! Don & Georgia L

Cloudy Eyes Gone

Hello, I have a miniature schnauzer of 11 years, her eyes turned a cloudy gray green and she bumped into everything, she was practically blind. At night she needed assistance to find her way outside to pee. I had some DE so I put her dog food that we keep in a 5 gallon bucket. I added several cups, put the lid on and shook it up till all the food was coated white. After about 3 months of feeding her the coated dog food the cloudy eyes cleared up and turned back to normal brown color. Other noticeable differences, nice fur coat, better mobility, moles fell off, and more vigor. I'm not sure exactly why this stuff works but it did for my pet and I am very happy to have my dog back to normal. Brad, Reno NV

Miniture schnauzer back to normal again!

We have a miniature schnauzer of 11 years. Her eyes turned a cloudy gray green and she bumped into everything. She was practically blind! At night she needed assistance to find her way outside to pee. I had some DE so I put her dog food in a 5 gallon bucket. I added several cups, put the lid on and shook it up until all the food was coated white. After about 3 months of feeding her the coated dog food, the cloudy eyes cleared up and turned back to normal brown color. Other noticeable differences were a nice fur coat, better mobility, moles fell off, and more vigor. I am not sure exactly why this stuff works but it did for my pet and I am very happy to have my dog back to normal again.

DE helped my dog's spinal injury!

Just have to let you know, our 15 yr old toy poodle injured her spine. Our vet told us to just take her home & treat her as an injured senior citizen . She was too old for surgery. Started her on your pet product w/ vitamins. We build her a ramp to go out her doggie door. She couldn't & wouldn't climb the steps into our house. We had to pick her up & carry her inside. Within 2 wks, she started walking just around the house. It has been about 4 mos now, she is climbing the steps, walking daily w/us & we are thinking about taking down her ramp. She doesn't limp anymore at all. God bless you for this wonderful product. My husband & I both are taking it. Since God made DC, I am giving him all the glory & thanks.

Performance Horses love DE!

Divine Performance Horses is a training facility located here in Brady, TX. Our ranch has been located here for 5 generations and over time, gone from a strictly sheep industry, to cattle and sheep, to cattle only, but one of the things that has not changed in this family is, training horses. Training has been a side job in our family for multiple reasons, we need horses here as ranch hands, and to sell for extra side money at the end of the year. I am a 3rd generation horse trainer 5th generation rancher. We have horses coming in and out of training every month from all around. We put our horses through intense training, some more than others, depending on what the owner has them being prepped for. We specialize in race preparation, colt starting, ranching, barrel racing, and more. We host clinics and give riding lessons to McCullough county and surrounding counties. We are huge in the Barrel Futurities and travel with our client's horses as well as ours, to events across the states. We put banners in front of our stalls, advertising our DPH business as well as our sponsors. People ask us what we feed, saying our horses look great, and right now we are telling them about one of our sponsors and the supplement they supply us with: EQ Royal a blood builder, which is great, and does wonders for horses under intense stress and competition, but not all of the horses are on it. What all the horses are on in the DPH barn is DE! We have been using the DE powder for the last 8 months, and we love it! DE is easy, does not break the bank, and our horses have maintained the weight they need, even under intense training. Where our journey begins with DE: Part of being a training facility is making sure horses coming and going look great, the process of finding a non chemical supplement that was compatible for horses coming in and out, was a pain to have several different supplements for several different things, when DE does it all at once. While having to feed several different horses. I switched from several high dollar supplements. This resulted with some horses looking great, while others, well, feeding them endless scoops morning and night just to maintain their health and body fat while in training became very pricey. I was stressed but determined to find a supplement that my barn could manage on. I was not impressed with the higher brands nor did I like feeding chemicals and found it hard for horses under training to maintain weight. Needless to say, the horses started dropping weight fast, I was not happy with that product. Immediately dis continued the use of those supplements. After taking equine nutrition classes, for multiple reason so I can better inform my clients and students on proper feeding management with their horses, talking with my 1st cousin whom I have worked under several years and very close to is vet, we started pulling labels and comparing supplements We liked what We read with DE. Long story to short for the last 8 months Divine Performance Horses has been feeding DE. With no colic, weight problems, and horses who have seemed to have sensitive stomachs have also done great on the powder. Like previously stated, horses who are here for a short amount of time adjust to DE beautifully and maintain the weight without breaking the bank, this was just what we needed thank you so much! I have some students who I convinced to switch to it love the price as well as the results.