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We get many questions asked to us every day -- KEEP ON ASKING--we want to answer all your questions.  Here is a list of FAQ you might want to look over 1st to see if the answer is here:

1. How can something that kills bugs not be harmful for me and my pets?

Remember--Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth kills insects by PHYSICAL action---not chemical.  Hundreds of the microscopic particles get all over the insects body.  As the insects move, it scratches the waxy coating off of them and they dehydrate and die.  Because the particles are so small--they cause no harm to people and pets.  It is a simple mineral---silica.           

2. Is the same product used for killing bugs and helping people?

We sell both Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth with the approved EPA label. If you are going to be using Diatomaceous Earth for killing insects, you need to buy the EPA labeled Crawling Insect Control. The Food Grade DE is for comsumption by people and pets for health purposes and for other non EPA uses around the home.

3.  How much Food Grade DE should a person take each day?

Myself, my wife, and everyone I know takes 1 heaping tablespoon per day in liquid of their choice.  I use juice, but many just put in a glass of water.  I know some who take 2 or 3 tablespoons a day, but that is usually for a severe problem they are trying to correct.  I also know some who just take a teaspoon per day to start out with and work up to a tablespoon.

4.  I have heard DE is dangerous--especially breathing it in.

Food Grade DE and Crawling Insect Control DE often get confused with filter grade DE.  Filter grade DE starts out as food grade, but it is heated to about 1,000 degrees and chemicals are added to crystallize it.  This works great for filtering but is dangerous to people and animals. Breathing the crystallized product in over long periods of time causes a disease called silicoses.  The world health org. has said that DE needs to be less than 2% crystalline silica in order to be considered safe.  The filter grade DE is 60% crystalline!! -- Stay away from it --- it is dangerous!!  Perma-Guards food grade DE and Crawling Insect Control DE on the other hand is less than .50% crystalline silica.  As you can see, that is more than 4 times less than it needs to be to be considered safe! Daily use of Food Grade DE for people, pets and around the home is perfectly safe as is Crawling Insect Control DE for all your bug killing.  Both products should be treated like any other dusty product, if you are going to breath it in over long periods of time, wear a dust mask ---- but it should in no way be compared to the dangerous crystallized filter grade.

5. Will Food Grade DE interfere with any medication I am now taking?

 Diatomaceous Earth is a mineral---silica.  We have never run into a situation in the thousands of orders sold over the last 8 years where anyone has had a problem or reaction to taking DE.  If you have any questions as to interactions with medications you are taking---ask your doctor or pharmacist if taking a silica supplement will cause any problems.

6. If this stuff is so great, why have I never heard of it before?

You have to remember that it is always "all about the money."  No one is going to spend millions of dollars and years of research on a product that you dig out of the ground and that cannot be patented.  Diatomaceous earth is one of those hundreds of natural products that get shunned by most doctors and drug companies.  Most DE is sold and used by someone who has a friend or relative that has used it and gotten results.  You would think that is would be just the opposite---that a natural, safe, non-chemical and drug product that is inexpensive and has so many uses would be in every home in the country, but chemicals and drugs are where the big money is, so that is what gets promoted and used.

7. Why are your prices so much less than others selling DE?

Two reasons --- 1st is because we buy Perma-Guard in such big amounts --- we get 50,000 pounds at a time.  This gives us the lowest cost available.  2nd--because we sell so much, we take a much smaller markup per item.  Most sellers of DE buy just a few bags to a pallet at a time and take bigger markups per item. 

8.  Do you have pricing for large amounts of DE?

Yes!!  We have discounts starting for as little as 5 bags.  Of course the more you get the less the product is and the less the freight is.  We have several that buy a pallet at a time. (36-50# bags)  Depending where you live, you can get a pallet delivered for around 900-1000 dollars total cost.  Call 1-800-228-5836 for exact pricing.

9.  Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we will ship anywhere.  Since the web site is not set up for international shipping, you need to call us at 402-371-6111 to get a quote.

10. Can I pickup DE myself to save shipping costs?

Yes.  We are located in Norfolk Nebraska.  We can also arrange for pickup in Omaha Nebraska or anywhere in-between the two.  If anywhere close, this is a big savings!!

11. What is the total analysis of DE?

Click here for Perma-Guard Analysis

12. Does diatomaceous earth ever get old or expire?

No, diatomaceous earth is a mineral and will never expire---remember--it is already thousands of years old!!

13.  Can I get a MSDS sheet on DE?

Click here for Perma-Guard (Fossil Shell Flour) MSDS sheet

Click here for Perma-Guard (Crawling Insect Control ) MSDS sheet


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