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Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Cats

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Fleas are a persistent nuisance for cat owners, causing discomfort for our beloved feline companions and frustration for those trying to eliminate these tiny pests from their homes. While there are numerous chemical solutions available, many pet owners are turning to natural alternatives to protect their cats from harmful substances. One such solution gaining popularity is diatomaceous earth de, a natural flea prevention and effective way to kill adult fleas on and around cats.

Understanding Diatomaceous Earth

pile of diatomaceous earth

Food grade diatomaceous earth, safe for pets, is a natural substance composed of the fossilized remains of organisms called diatoms, a type of microscopic algae. These fossils are rich in silica, making DE a versatile substance with a myriad of applications. When it comes to pest control, DE is effective at killing fleas and other crawling insects, due to its abrasive nature.

How Diatomaceous Earth Works to Kill Fleas

  1. Mechanical Action

  • DE works to control fleas by physically disrupting the exoskeleton of fleas. The fine particles adhere to the flea's outer layer, creating microscopic cuts that lead to dehydration and ultimately death.

  • The sharp edges of DE is harmless to humans and pets with fur or feathers but deadly for insects with an exoskeleton that come into contact with diatomaceous earth.

2. Dehydration

  • DE has a desiccating effect on fleas, absorbing the oils and fats from their exoskeletons. This leads to dehydration, causing the fleas to perish.

  • The dehydrating action is gradual, allowing for an effective yet non-toxic approach to flea control.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Cats

  1. Choosing the Correct Diatomaceous Earth

  • Ensure that this fine powder is labeled as crawling insect control diatomaceous earth to guarantee its safety for pets.

  • Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth is free from additives and chemicals, making it a non-toxic option for use on and around cats and dogs.

2. Applying Diatomaceous Earth to Your Cat

  • Apply a handful or two of Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth to the pet’s entire fur coat making sure to rub it down to the skin. Do this for a period for two weeks, every day.  Make sure not to miss the legs, belly, or hind quarters.

  • During this two week period take the product and apply in a light and visible coat to pet bedding indoors, flooring around the bedding, rugs, and upholstery.  Leave for the first week, clean, and then reapply for the next week in the same fashion.

  • Clean thoroughly indoors and see where you stand.  In most cases this eliminates the population and cuts off the gestational period.  We do understand that in some cases fleas can get out of hand and we ask if you still notice some to reapply for another week or two both to your pet indoors.

  • Each time you clean, you will be vacuuming the powder up. More than likely you will be vacuuming flea eggs. Please clean the inside of your vacuum well to ensure they do not hatch inside the vacuum. Not taking this step could start over the flea infestation.


So, does Diatomaceous Earth kill fleas? We offer a natural and efficient solution for cat owners looking to combat fleas without resorting to harsh chemicals. By understanding how DE works and applying it safely, you can create a flea-free environment for your feline friend. Remember, consistency is key, so integrate DE into your regular pet care routine to keep those pesky fleas at bay the natural way. Your cat will thank you for it! Get diatomaceous earth for flea control. Kill fleas, live peacefully with your pets.

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