Diatomaceous Earth in the Cosmetic Industry

Diatomaceous Earth in Cosmetics seems to be gaining an impressive relationship as of recently.  The odor absorption is incredible along with the fact that it is about the size of a red blood cell, lets just say it blends well with makeups, deodorants, and other cosmetic products like bath bombs.  We currently offer a variety of cosmetic products that include diatomaceous earth within them.  We have soap blended with diatomaceous earth, facial masks with diatomaceous earth, and even bath bombs with diatomaceous earth.  Click those links and direct yourself to our product pages.


Diatomaceous Earth in Cosmetics

Many have talked to us about using Diatomaceous in cosmetics but none are better than hearing it from an actual professional.  First in line is from soundbodylife.com and they would like to share some information regarding diatomaceous earth and cosmetics:

Want Better Skin? Make The Switch To Organic Beauty Products

The organic beauty movement continues to grow as more people are choosing natural or organic products over commercially available cosmetics and personal care products. According to statistics, the natural beauty market was valued at about $11 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach $21.78 billion in 2024. There’s various reasons why people are making the switch to organic beauty products, and most of it has to do with your health. Even parents are starting to see the benefits of using organic products as they are more likely to purchase organic lotion and facial skincare for themselves and their children. Using products that contain only natural and pure ingredients are better for your skin and may contribute to your overall well-being. Here are the reasons why you should switch to organic beauty products for better skin.

It’s gentler on your skin

Do you ever wonder why some commercially available skin care products seem to be a little harsh on your skin?  That’s because these products contain artificial ingredients and colorants that can cause irritation or skin dryness. Even soap, which most people use on an everyday basis, contains a potentially harmful ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate which can lead to health issues such as kidney and respiratory damage. Instead of reaching for a highly-fragranced bar soap, choose an organic goats milk soap with food grade diatomaceous earth to cleanse, firm, and moisturize your skin.

It’s less likely to cause acne and other skin problems

If you wear makeup on a regular basis, using organic skin and lip cosmetics may be the key to avoid having acne. If you’ve experienced breaking out after using new makeup, it’s possible that the artificial ingredients in your makeup may be the culprit for your acne. Parabens, alcohol, acrylics, and mica most commonly found in conventional cosmetics.  These ingredients can either be drying or cause your pores to get clogged. Having dehydrated skin or clogged pores can both result in acne which plagues both teenagers and adults.

Before making the switch to green beauty products, do your research to make sure that what you’re buying is completely natural or organic. Look for the “certified organic” label to ensure that the product is sustainable and made from natural ingredients. Going organic not only keeps you healthy and the planet safe, but it can help you achieve beautiful and glowing skin with or without makeup.”

Another testimonial from a DR!

“Because this powder is so finely milled, it is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin,” says Omaha dermatologist and contributor, Dr. Joel Schlessinger. “It is also rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorous, selenium, and zinc.”

Make sure the diatomaceous earth you choose is food grade, which means it’s safe for oral and cosmetic use,” adds Schlessinger. “Industrial-grade diatomaceous earth is in pool filters and it should not be ingested or used in this form.”

Testimonial from a cosmetic product tester!

This testimonial comes from a product tester by the name of Courtney Levia!

“Yes, the idea of using pesticide as a face wash sounds pretty cringe worthy, but the soft and acne-free skin I’ve experienced makes me a believer of diatomaceous earth’s topical benefits.  My skin did not change overnight but the silica-rich formula positively affected my skin. I’m thinking the silica formula surely had something to do with it, as the gentle exfoliation left my skin supple and smooth. So, should you try your hand at diatomaceous earth skincare? Definitely! Whether you use it as a face mask, wash or exfoliate, there are so many benefits to cash in on. Just be sure to use food-grade formula always!”

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