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Our diatomaceous earth powdered face mask is a proprietary blend of an internally-developed face mask that aids in tightening, firming, moisturizing, detoxifying, and restructuring the skin all in one jar. This is an aesthetician approved face mask which comes in an 11 oz. size — approximately 15 applications.  We have a face mask that is not store bought and excells in quality.


Additionally, natures face mask contains a unique combination of natural ingredients carefully chosen to enhance your skincare routine:


  • Diatomaceous Earth (fossilized algae) (cleaning, firming, and lifting): Known for its natural cleaning properties, diatomaceous earth helps in firming and lifting the skin.

  • Coconut Activated Charcoal (cleaning): Effective in drawing out impurities, this charcoal aids in cleaning the skin.

  • Cucumber Powder (moisturization and firming): Adds a refreshing touch while providing moisturization and firmness to the skin.

  • Comfrey Root Powder (restructuring): Contributes to the restructuring of the skin.

  • Camilla Leaf Extract Powder (firming and restructuring): Offers firming properties and aids in the restructuring process.

  • Natural Vitamin E powder (complexion and to hold the good stuff in!): Supports a healthy complexion and helps retain the beneficial ingredients.

  • Hemp Flour (omega fatty acids for restructuring and complexion): Rich in omega fatty acids, hemp flour contributes to skin restructuring and complexion improvement.

  • Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (detoxing, firming, and lifting): Known for its detoxifying properties, this clay also helps in firming and lifting the skin.

  • Ground Oats (exfoliation): Provides gentle exfoliation for smoother skin.

  • Aloe Vera Leaf Powder (moisturizing and restructuring): Offers moisturizing properties and aids in skin restructuring.

  • Honey Powder (restructuring): Known for its skin benefits, honey powder contributes to the restructuring process.

  • Coconut Milk Powder (moisturizing): Adds moisture to the skin for a hydrated and refreshed feel.


Our diatomaceous earth face mask is specially formulated to remove microscopic deposits of dirt, oils, and dead skin cells. Incorporating natural facial scrubs, it delivers a rejuvenating experience, leaving your skin refreshed, tightened, and revitalized after each use.


Diatomaceous Earth Powdered Face Mask

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