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Climbup Bed Bug Insect Interceptors


Welcome to our product page for the Climbup Bed Bug Insect Interceptors, your essential tool for effective help monitoring bed bug activity. Here, you'll find comprehensive product information and details to assist you in addressing bed bug infestations.  This pitfall trap keeps live bugs for early detection.


Product Information and Product Details: The Climbup Bed Bug Interceptors is a specialized tool designed to trap bed bugs attempting to leave the bed, providing crucial insights for early detection. This section covers all the essential details you need to know about the product, ensuring you make an informed decision for your pest control needs.


Live Bugs for Early Detection: Our interceptors are engineered to capture live bugs for early detection, allowing you to monitor and assess the severity of the bed bug infestation in your environment. Learn how this feature contributes to a proactive approach to managing pest problems.


Bed Frame Application: Climbup Insect Interceptors can be seamlessly applied to bed frames, creating a barrier that prevents bugs from reaching you while you sleep.  The interceptors have a well in the middle of the device to place the leg of your bed frame into it.  Essentially creating a pitfall trap.  These interceptors are touching the floor while the leg of furniture or your bed sits in it.  Essentially creating a trap for bed bugs to fall into.


Bugs Leaving the Bed: If you have bed bugs in your mattress and they attempt to leave via the bed frame, they will be trapped within the bed bug interceptor.  Giving you a chance to monitor for bed bugs.


Mattresses and Box Springs, Beds, Sofas: Our interceptors can be effectively utilized with mattresses and box springs, offering a comprehensive solution for protecting these key areas from bed bug infestations.  This can also be used effectively with chairs, beds, sofas, tables.


Bed Bug Treatment: If you're seeking a reliable tool for bed bug treatment, Climbup Insect Interceptors can be an integral part of your pest control strategy.


Aids in Protecting Furniture from Reinfestation: The interceptors contribute to safeguarding your furniture, particularly mattresses and box springs, aiding in the prevention of reinfestation after treatment simply by keeping them on the legs of furniture and beds.  When cleaning thoroughly and getting things to not hang off the bed, the interceptors do a fantastic job!  Furniture may still be infested and its wise to use these devices, even if the legs are square legs or wheel castors.


Pitfall Trap Functionality: Delve into the mechanics of the pitfall trap design, understanding how it enhances the efficacy of the Climbup Insect Interceptor in capturing and containing bed bugs. Whether you're dealing with an existing infestation or taking preventive measures, our interceptors give you the peace of mind you need in your pest control arsenal.


This package comes with (4) climbup insect interceptors to use on any leg of furniture to help prevent and identify bed bugs and other smaller crawling insects.  For similar items be sure to check out our buy diatomaceous earth page.



Climbup Bed Bug Insect Interceptors

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