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Thanks for reading up on the product information for this item as it is important for bed bug problems and bed bug infestations.


The Climbup Insect Interceptor or bed bug interceptor traps are specially designed plastic cups that are pesticide-free and coated with a thin layer of talcum powder.  Some call these pitfall traps or an interceptor trap.  These are specifically designed to monitor for bed bugs and bed bug infestations.  With the product informatation given, this product will be perfect for your integrated pest management.  When bugs are present, these devices give early detection from an infestation and give you a head start on bed bug treatments. 


Bed bugs can smell our carbon dioxide and will be attracted to locations where carbon dioxide can build up.  These locations can be sofas beds, or even chairs.  When a person is sleeping in their bed, sofa, or chair a bed bug will sense that build up of carbon dioxide and head your way to feast on your blood.  The only way for them to get up to you is from the bed post or any post that touches the floor.  Because of the well that this product has and it being lined with talcum powder, it makes it near impossible for a bed bug to get out of the device, trapping it.  You would essentially put the interceptor under the leg of your furniture of bed, where it touches the floor.  Bed bug interceptors are extremely easy to clean and reuse when you need them.


This product is sold as a pack of 4  — 4 interceptors would be needed for most beds or furniture.


We highly regard this product to help control bed bugs in and around beds or other furniture that has legs.

Bed Bug Interceptors

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