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Our Diatomaceous Earth Dispenser aids in helping sprinkle the Crawling Insect Control evenly.  The powder duster holds roughly 1/4Lb of powder and is handy to help in locations where applications could require another device.  When using the dispenser, for minimal clogging, turn upside down and right side up again to free the powder loose.  When using the side of the lid with holes in it, use light puffs to reduce clogging.  This is great for baseboards, foundations, and most hard-to-reach places, and is a convenient way to store your next application.


  • Must have to spread evenly
  • Large dispenser holds 1/4Lb of powder
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two-sided cap, one side is small holes and the other side is one large hole
  • High-density plastic
  • Great to get powder in difficult to reach areas and places

Diatomaceous Earth Dispenser

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