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Indulge your skin with our diatomaceous earth skin care bundle.  This is our Diatomaceous Earth skin care bundle which includes our 4-pack of Bath Bombs, Diatomaceous Earth Powdered Face Mask, (3) Diatomaceous Earth W/ Goats Milk & Activated Charcoal Soap Bars, Natural Hemp Bath Soak, and our Diatomaceous Earth Deodorant.  This is a good diatomaceous earth pack for helping with gentle exfoliating while making your skin glow like it should!  Save when purchasing this bundle compared to the individual product pricing!


With these products, you can utilize the cosmetic benefits of diatomaceous earth, like removing dead skin cells, and they work with all skin types!  Feel free to ask us how to best use these as we are always happy to help you!

Diatomaceous Earth Skin Care Bundle

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