Mites have always been a nuisance for the pet owner and causes the owner to spend more than needed on medications.  Furthermore, veterinarians seem to misdiagnose mites for hot spots or allergies.  This causes the pet owner and the pet itself more grieve.  Crawling Insect Control Organic Mites Treatment (Diatomaceous Earth), however, can be used as a NON-GMO and Organic way to kill off the infestation of the mites.  Targets both full grown and developing mites which in turn will take out the gestational period and will add a prevention for the future.

Follow these steps below to help fight them off Using NON-GMO & Organic Mites Control With Crawling Insect Control (Diatomaceous Earth)

How to control mites using diatomaceous earth

  1. Clean bedding and food area

    Clean pet areas like bedding, around food dishes, and any kennels or again bedding.  Be sure wash thoroughly and replace any straw or hay they may have used if they have an outdoor dog house.  For cats, you want to make sure the food dishes and around them are cleaned.  The cat box is another breeding ground for mites so be sure to clean the litter often and apply this product in and around the box to help prevent further spread of the infestation.

  2. Apply diatomaceous earth to the affected area

    Apply the product in a light and even fashion to all locations stated in Step 1 of the instructions.  Be sure to give it 5 days before cleaning and reapplying for another 5 days.  This is long enough to see a dramatic reduction in population of the mite.

  3. Apply to diatomaceous earth onto your pet

    Most importantly is to get this product on your pet to help kill off the already embedded mites.  Mites will burrow under the skin and feed on it causing a rash or redness called mange.  Take a look at the rash on a cat and dog quick.
    Cat with Demodex mite mange
    This is what will happen to them if we do not kill them.  From mange, comes skin infections and rounds of steroids and antibiotics.  So before this happens please apply the powder onto the fur coat of the animal, being sure not to miss a spot other than the face and eyes.  Be sure the application is visible and then rub that down to the skin, even the infected mange skin.  When the mite surfaces, they will come into the application and because DE absorbs moisture so well, they will be dehydrated to death.

  4. Apply diatomaceous earth as prevention 

    (Optional) After you get rid of these nasty mites be sure to keep a light and visible application on bedding, cat boxes, kennels, and the grounds in which they love to play on, outside.  During the warm months this can prove effective against not only mites but fleas also.

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Andrew Hemmer


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