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This is our food grade diatomaceous earth 1lb jar size. For a starter size, our 1lb diatomaceous earth contains (approximately) 80 tablespoons and is a great size for a big family and pets. Please call 1-800-228-5836 for more information on special pricing. If you are looking for a little larger size to start with, we have the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 2.5lb Jug.


Ingredients: 100% food grade diatomaceous earth is totally organic and safe. It is important to have a consistent shape diatom and no unwanted sediment. The ingredients include 100% food grade diatomaceous earth that is totally organic and safe, sourced from the purest fresh water source in the world.


Recommendations from nature’s wisdoms show that food grade diatomaceous earth is beneficial for livestock feeding. Our furry friends come in all shapes and sizes and we hope all livestock and pet owners find this incredible product. It reduces annual vet bills and supports egg production with stronger eggs with poultry. Cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, and cattle can all benefit from the inclusion of diatomaceous earth in their feed.


As in mines of diatomaceous earth, only 4 are considered food grade by the FDA standards. Salt water deposits contain a mix of diatom species, which can form harder and less fragile shells. The analysis of that weight in diatomaceous earth shows that it is highly effective for improving the overall condition of livestock. Customers are satisfied with the weight and quality of our diatomaceous earth.


For optimal benefits, it is recommended to add 2% of that weight in diatomaceous earth to the daily ration of your animals feed. Whether you are feeding horses, cows, pigs, sheep, or goats, diatomaceous earth is a valuable addition to their diet, helping to reduce annual vet bills and improve overall health.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 1lb Jar

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