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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 50lb Bag


Introducing our premium Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 50lb Bag – the ultimate solution for a multitude of applications. Sourced from the fossilized remains of microscopic aquatic organisms called diatoms, this remarkable product is a versatile and natural powerhouse that serves various purposes, making it a must-have in your arsenal of household essentials.


Key Features:


Natural and Safe: Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is derived from the fossilized remains of diatoms found in fresh water. It is 100% natural and safe for use in and around your home.


50lb Bag: Packed in a convenient 50 lb bag, you get an ample supply to tackle a range of tasks, from pest control to enhancing the quality of animal feeds.


Anti-Caking Agent: The diatomaceous earth in our product acts as an effective anti-caking agent. It keeps stored goods free-flowing and prevents clumping, ensuring that your supplies stay in optimal condition.


Pest Control: Harness the power of diatomaceous earth for effective crawling insect control. The microscopic particles in the powder create a barrier that is lethal to pests, making it an ideal and natural solution for pest management.  Be sure to purchase our crawling insect control for your pest control needs.


Animal Feeds: Elevate the quality of your animal feeds by incorporating Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Rich in essential minerals, it promotes the well-being of animals while serving as a natural supplement.


Fossil Shell Flour: Also known as fossil shell flour, our diatomaceous earth is finely ground to a powder, making it easy to incorporate into various applications. Its microscopic particles provide multiple benefits without the need for harmful chemicals.


Whether you're seeking an eco-friendly pest control solution with our crawling insect control product line, looking to improve the quality of animal feeds, or require an anti-caking agent for your stored goods, our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 50lb Bag is the answer. Embrace the power of nature with this versatile and essential product that brings together the best of pest control, animal nutrition, and storage maintenance. Order your bag today and experience the natural benefits of diatomaceous earth!

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 50lb Bag

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